Reddox Time?

I think it’s time for the Oilers to correct a mistake they made in training camp. It’s time to recall Liam Reddox from the minors.

Reddox is having a strong season in Oklahoma City. He sits one point back of Alexandre Giroux for the team scoring lead, with 27 points in 31 games. He leads the Barons in goals (15) and in the plus/minus department (plus-12). He’s also a key member of the Barons’ successful penalty kill. We’re familiar with Reddox’s work ethic, and his willingness to play a defensive game.

Taken against that is the fact that Reddox is undersized, that his scoring touch probably isn’t going to translate to the NHL level, and that he plays wing when ideally he would play centre.

Putting that all together, one thing should keep Reddox in the conversation: he’s a hockey player with a range of skills. The lower end of the Oilers’ forward corps is littered with one-dimensional players: Zack Stortini, the most versatile of the lot, a player who appears to have fallen out of favour with the coaching staff, Jean-Francois Jacques, a strong skater and hitter who lacks offensive touch or defensive acumen, and Steve MacIntyre, a true heavyweight without other skills.

There isn’t a situation where all three should be dressed at the same time, given that their skills overlap and that none of them have shown ability to play above the fourth line.

Further, I wonder whether Stortini/Jacques would be more effective if they spent less time as members of the same line. Certainly, the highlights of Stortini’s NHL career have come on lines where he’s the least talented member – he had success with Glencross and Brodziak, as well as when paired with Nilsson and Stone.

I suspect there’s a little too much redundancy when Jacques and Stortini form the bookends of the same line.

The addition of Reddox would give Tom Renney some options to mix his forward group. As it stands, if Renney wants to scratch an underachiever – say Cogliano or Brule – he is forced to ice a line that has two of Stortini, Jacques and MacIntyre. None of those three are realistic replacements for a player like Cogliano or Brule, while a player like Reddox could take their spot.

The Oilers penalty kill has employed seven forwards regularly this season. Two of them – Horcoff and Hemsky – are injured. Two more – Penner and Eberle – are playing upwards of 18 minutes a night, and it’s possible the team would benefit from having them spend more of that time at even-strength or on the power play.

Reddox, along with Ryan O’Marra, have been successful in a penalty-killing role in the AHL, and Reddox has previously spent time on an NHL penalty kill.

If I had my way, this move would come at the expense of Jean-Francois Jacques. The oft-injured forward has not had a strong season, but there was a time when his AHL performance indicated a player who could do more than crash and bang. I’d like to see what Jacques could do with heavy AHL minutes; it’s been a long time since Jacques was asked to be that player, and the coaching staff in Oklahoma City seem very capable.  He might surprise us.

Postscript: This was meant to be a two-part article, with an emphasis on both Reddox and Devan Dubnyk, but I didn’t have anything of significance to add to Robin Brownlee’s take on the Oilers’ young goaltender.

  • reaperfunkss

    Just can’t leave the Reddox thing alone? Why not bring back Toby Peterson as well? I am sure he can be pried away from Dallas. I have nothing against Liam but it seems to be some tunnel vision around here when it comes to him.

  • “[..]he is forced to ice a line that has two of Stortini, Jacques and MacIntyre”.

    Funny how Stauffer said we absolutely should line two out of the three in each and every game before the Maple Leafs game. That said, I absolutely don’t agree with him. I’m on your side.

    With Hemsky and Horcoff back though.. It will be hard to keep all of Omark, O’Marra, Reddox, Brule and Cogliano on the roster.. which is why I would do everything in my power to see if a trade is possible to ship our underachievers. As much as I’ve liked Brule and Cogliano in the past, especially Brule seem to have done everything in his power to not making it easy to keep him ahead of other players.

    • Brownlee loves the word meow

      Meow your just making yourself look bad…I think crash & bang is what the fourth line is for JW.

      Thoresen. Peterson. are players with no ability, and no crash & bang.

      Potulny. was replaced by any rookie and or free agent pick up for the same reason why Giroux is in the minors.

      Next thing you will say is that Pouliot is better than Omark and this thread will get even more ludicrous that in already is.

        • Thoreson has ability… just not in the NHL game. He has been alot more susessful in the KHL, but he did, after 2 straight years in the NHL with the OIlers and then Philly… go to play in the Swiss A league. Not exactly the top league in Europe.

          But hey… lets pick up that kid that used to hang out behind the rink all the time, maybe he’ll inspire our 4th line softies to play harder.

        • Brownlee loves the word meow

          meow I hope thats sarcasm lol
          Just in case it isnt

          2006-07 EDM
          68 4 12 16 -1

          2007-08 EDM
          17 2 1 3 -4

          2007-08 PHI
          21 0 5 5 -6

          and ya..that is his entire career
          I think that is deserving of some hall of fame ballots tho, u?

          • Ender

            Out of over 700 skaters in the KHL, Thoresen finished 6th last season with better than a point per game.

            He’s on pace to do even better this season, currently sitting 4th in league scoring overall.

            ~Yeah, the Oilers are way better off without that guy.~

          • Brownlee loves the word meow

            Meow i will agree that we are better off with out a guy that can’t and doesn’t play in the top league in the world.

            You think that we should pick up Federov and Yashin too?


          • Ender

            Thoresen is 28. Yashin is 37. If your question is “Do I think a 28-year old Yashin or Federov could add anything to the current Oilers roster?“, I think I’m going to go with ‘Yes”.

            Thoresen has turned into a super-elite player in the KHL. He is not the Patrick Thoresen you remember. He’s making decent money over there and so has little incentive to come back, but he’s easily NHL quality now.

          • Ender

            Define ‘success’ as you will; I say simply that Patrick Thoresen is better than many players currently playing in the NHL in general and for the Edmonton Oilers in particular. If your contention is that every player in the Oilers current top-9 could be one of the top-5 overall players in the KHL, then we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • Oh i’ll agree that not all top 9 Edmonton Oilers forwards would crack the top 5 in KHL league scoring. All i am saying is that being Top 5 in KHL scoring does not guarantee success at the NHL level. Thoreson already tried to make the jump.. and it didn’t work out. If I were Thoreson… I’d stay in the KHL and make millions over trying to crack a lineup in the NHL, which is exactly what he would be trying to do.

  • Scuba Steve

    I think Reddox is a good AHL player,and that’s about it.

    You can spin it any way you like using all kinds of fancy numbers, but he just is flat out not good enough to be an NHL regular.

    A call up here or there for maybe a maximum 20 games, but any more and you’re in trouble.

  • O.C.

    Roster moves frozen yet? Tradesies are off for Christmas. JFJ has made the next logical choice of calling up Ginger, very easy.

    JW… After RB stole your thunder by posting a DD story right before you, hence the edit, I’m guessing he didn’t email or text a great big “Writer’s Fist!” to you?

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    With Robin mentioning Brule potentialy sick, why don’t we try Vandermeer’s IR spot with Reddox?

    They obviously have no intent of calling up a d-man, so why not call up Reddox for the road trip?

    • Brownlee loves the word meow

      Meow, Nobody wants either of them, they are both giant butt plugs!

      This article is embarrassing, calling out Brule and cogliano? Reddox replace one of those two??
      hmmm let me think about that for a second…

      * What is the stupidest thing i have ever heard for 1000 alex *

      * Hits Daily Double FIST *

      Question: Is Reddox half as good in any area of hockey as cogliano or brule?

      Answer: No to speed, no to hands, no to smarts, no to experience, no to NHL 11 stats, no to anything.

      And before panties get knotted up, The context was that he is a better option to replace the position than JFJ? agreed JFJ is a huge BUTT Plug…but I think we called up O’Marra for that did we not?

      So before I get ahead of myself, I am generally just confused to the point of writting and article saying we need to call this bust up.

      Anyone thats playing on the team right now is better than Reddox. That would be a fact. That is why they are here. If you would like to throw both Reddox and JFJ under the bus cause they tie for being horrible, then I would agree to that.

    • D-Man

      When JFJ is playing like he can (which is a big “IF”), I’d take him over Ginger, Smak and Stortini… Unfortunately, we haven’t seen that type of play from JFJ at all (asides from a couple of decent hits)… Gregor has asked him a couple of days ago if his back has subconsciously affected his play… Apparently, his answer was a very emphatic ‘No’…

      Hopefully, he figures what he needs to do sooner rather than later…

  • Crackenbury

    Reddox has proven himself to be a more than capable AHL player. On the big club he’s just another mid-skilled under-sized forward on team ripe with them. I agree about swapping him out with JFJ though. JFJ has been playing like an undersized no-skill forward that doesn’t like to hit. Some serious AHL minutes should determine whether or not his career as a hockey player has any future.

  • Crackenbury

    Reddox, when called up, has always played well for us in past in a limited role . I don’t recall him ever costing our club bringing him up . He is one fillin that always seem to benefit the club when bought up , which is a lot more than i can say for others . His enthusiam is infectious , and he does not play soft either !

  • Ender

    Oh good grief. I can’t believe I am about to agree with madjam. Well, only partly, so there’s something . . .

    Reddox’s contribution to the team is not solely through his own statistics. While he plays well enough in his own right (which is to say better than JFJ now, not usually as good as Brule) the biggest thing he does is make the players around him want to compete harder. If he inspires half-a-dozen teamates to put forth a bit more effort in order to not get shown up by the temporary help, then he’s done FAR more than JFJ is doing right now.

    Make no mistake; Reddox isn’t going to come up here and score a bunch of goals. That’s not what he does for you at this level. What Reddox does is provide you with 10-15 minutes of quieter ice while your scoring lines are catching a breather. That shouldn’t be undervalued on a team with this many questionable defenceman. While Rudy doesn’t hit effectively or provide much beyond an ugly rebound or two on offence, he doesn’t bleed goals-against either. Look at our team-goals-against. I think he’s worth having up right now. Why keep him around if you’re not going to take what he offers when you can use it?

  • Ender

    Off topic somewhat – PLUS MINUS DISASTERS THIS YEAR BY SIGNIFICANT PLAYERS ON SEVERAL TEAMS ! Seems to me a lot of these big names need new residences ! Starting with tonites opponents the Sharks – Marleau (-15) and Thornton (-5) stick out like sore thumbs on their parent clubs . Heatley on the other hand is a +3 .

    BUFFALO – VANEK and POMINVILLE (-11),CONNELLY (-10) . Chicago- KEITH and SHARP(-7). DALLAS- OTT(-8). EDMONTON – COGLIANO(-12). DETROIT- HUDLER(-7) . L.A- JOHNSON(-6). MINNESOTA- MADDEN(-12). NEW JERSEY- a complete team disaster being lead by KOVALCHUK AND GREENE (-21) . ISLANDERS- WISNIEWSKI (-21) and TAVARES (-18) . OTTAWA- GONCHAR (-19) and PHILLIPS (-11) . PHOENIX- MORRIS (-8), YANDLE (-7) and DOAN(-6). PITTS- MALKIN (-5) . TAMPA- MOORE(-17), GAGNE(-12 in 14 games), and MALONE(-10) . TORONTO- VERSTEEG (-15), KESSEL and LEBDA (-12) . WASH. CHIMERA (-11) . Most of those are pretty significant players on their respective clubs, that have those stats that are significant sore thumbs on their parent clubs !

    • S.Tambellini

      “Most of those are pretty significant players on their respective clubs, that have those stats that are significant sore thumbs on their parent clubs !”

      Couldn’t have slurred it better (after 25 pints and a kick in the face from a bull) myself.


  • Ender

    I say we trade back for glencross. I don’t understand why Willis loves Storitini so much. He Is a plug. He can’t score, thats evident. He definantly cannot fight, no arguments here. Can’t put him out on the pk. Haven’t seen him line up anyone in a long time. So what is the point of having him around? Doesn’t he defeat his own purpose? Trade for glencross because he can do all of this.

    • Glencross eh?

      1) He plays for Calgary, which means any contract signed by the Flames includes a blank cheque and no movement. I am actually surprised Sutter didn’t sign him 3 years for $12 million (facetious, he probably doesn’t have a NMC, but again, Sutter’s stupidity will never cease to amaze me)

      2) The Oilers didn’t want him when they had him, do you really think he would ever come back here?

  • NastyNate

    Thorsen and Reddox are cut from the same Mould, undersize hard workers who have finish at the Minor pro levels, but not the NHL level. Players like them are a dime a dozen, if we could get rid of Cogs/brule Reddox would be a nicve fill n, but certainly not an improvement

  • Brownlee loves the word meow

    Meow Stop whining about your drunken Thoreson Jersey purchase…rip the name bar off your jersey and throw Jones on it instead…cheap easy fix bud

  • S.Tambellini

    I don’t think either of 22 or 33 belongs on this team when neither of them are even decent players and can’t even help us out on the PK so anytime they’re dressed they are a waste of a spot.

  • Ender

    OB1 – Team Hall wrote:

    If that were the case, I’d think he would be here.

    Soft Hands McSteeley – Team FIST wrote:

    If I were Thoreson… I’d stay in the KHL and make millions over trying to crack a lineup in the NHL

    I think your confederate just responded to your argument. Thoresen is good enough to play in the NHL now. He’s just not going to get as much money to do it as what he’s making over there. That is a very motivating factor, wouldn’t you say?

    Lead Hands McLezy – Team FIST wrote:

    i will agree that we are better off with out a guy that can’t and doesn’t play in the top league in the world.

    Gilbert Brule plays in the top league in the world and has 6 points and a minus-8 in 30 games. Patrick Thoresen plays in the second-best league in the world and has 36 points and a plus 9 in 34 games. If anyone seriously thinks that Brule is the better player and could do better than Thoresen in the KHL, well, I just don’t know what else to say. If that’s where you set the bar for NHL-calibre and you insist that Thoresen doesn’t measure up, I guess we have nothing left to discuss.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      He’s been waived multiple times by multiple teams. He’s a fringe NHL’er at best….He put up 0 goals and 5 assists with a -6 in 21 games on a good Flyers team in his final season in the NHL…. so I don’t think Brule’s numbers are a far stretch from that.

      Some of the other KHL top scores were in the NHL at one time. Marcel Hossa lead the league in goals, his last year in the NHL he put up goose eggs in 14 games. He scored 30 goals total in 237 NHL games, he has 57 goals in 108 KHL games. Mattias Weinhandl has 92 points in 97 KHL games, he had 56 points in 182 NHL games. Branko Radivojevič has 99 points in 105 KHL games and 120 points in 393 NHL games…. I think you get the picture.

      Sure he could probably slot in on one of the worst team in the NHL, but lets not pretend he’d be somewhere other then fighting for a 4th line spot.

      if he’s here, fine. If he isn’t fine.

    • Brownlee loves the word meow

      Meow that your comparing him to Brule, your points are so flawed it is not even funny.

      2006-07 EDM 68 4 12 16 -1

      2010-11 EDM 30 4 2 6 -8

      So stacking them up, Brule ends the season (if he were to miss 14 games) with probably to the same as Thoreson’s most productive season in the NHL…the only season he actually stuck on a team long enough to be mentioned.

      No doubt Brule is in a rut, and on the worst team in the west…and one of the worst in the league for that matter. Brule had 17 goals and 20 assists last year on the worst team in the league and was 22 years old bud. He eclipsed Thoreson’s Nhl career totals by 13 points in 40 less games lol.

      Then you can add in intangibles like ohhh penalty kill, toughness, grit, determination, hits etc. etc.

      Thoreson is playing against marginal players including might I add weak goaltending, in a ridiculously less physical league.

      so to answer your question, I would assume Brule would dominate over there even more so.

      • Ender

        I was comparing Thoresen and Brule today. You have chosen to compare Brule to the Ghost-of-Thoresen past. I have already come right out and made the contention that Thoresen is playing heads-and-tails better today than he did 4 years ago. In addition, I picked Brule as one example among many.

        Lead Hands McLezy – Team FIST wrote:

        I would assume Brule would dominate over there even more so.

        I’m going to let you have your fantasy then.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          Please comment on other former fringe NHL’ers that are dominating the KHL. Are they also head-and-tails better today than they were in the past?

          From the 5 minutes of checking I did it appears lots of PPG guys in the KHL were .25PPG guys in the NHL

          • Wanyes bastard child

            So the guy leaves work, goes home, has dinner with his wife and kids and doesn’t check ON in 2 hours because, hmmm, he has a family life. Now all of a sudden you feel vindicated because you haven’t had a reply in 2 hours and think he is hiding from you?

            Weak sauce dude.

            After getting home myself and reading through the comments, yes you and others that are arguing with Ender are comparing apples to oranges but Ender is straight up saying apples to oranges. His comments and his insight are spot on.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            1. I was joking around with the last post – ie the winky face

            2. My post with all the meat in it that essential disproved his position was put up *before* his last post in the blog.

            3. How on earth are his comments “spot on” he’s claiming Thoresen is a far better player now then he was a few years ago because of his production in the KHL, yet their are multiple players ripping/ripped up the KHL that were fringe NHL’ers just like Thoresen.

            Weak sauce dude.