Behold the Canadian Male. Full swing into the Christmas Season of Hibernation he shan’t leave his couch for days. The big morning is now behind him and there ain’t not nuthin’ to do until the New Year but watch WJC, eat wings and – oh what’s this?

The Oilers play the Canucks tonight.

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Thanks the Gods the game isn’t in Edmonton and would require the intense effort required to go to RX1. Get dressed, find way to game, go into game, take off jacket, stash beers under seat for third period. No thanks.

For that there is a time and place and this is neither the time nor the place. We will stay home at Wanye Manor where we are safe in our festive squalor thank you very much.

But for the Oilers it is both the time and the place. Bo-jillionaires don’t get Christmas breaks. Nay! They are forced from their 5,000 count sheets, loaded into their chauffeured Maybachs and driven to their waiting private jets.

Because the show must go on.

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The Oilers have been doing a damn fine job of staying in lottery pick territory while enthralling the masses of late. Sure, they aren’t in last place in the league but they are sitting comfortably in 15th place in the West. If that is too successful for you at the Christmas Break then we tip our hat jauntily in your direction Sir.

The stupid Canucks on the other hand are pushing a 20-8-5 record. The Sedins are ever so identical and continue to put up points. Luongo and Co have let in a piddling 86 goals – to the Oilers eye raising 113 – and things out on the coast can be described in one word:


Rainy and winning.

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Meanwhile the Oilers are in fighting condition and looking for trouble anywhere they can find it. The in house production crew has taken note and produced a ground breaking take on the Oilers Secret Santa plans this holiday season.

Lengthy statements by Devan Dubnyk. Zach Stortini jobes, Steve MacIntyre threats.  Save some for the ice Oilers. Spicy!

We hope that Santa treated you exceptionally well this year and might see fit in his infinite wisdom to bring our beloved Oilers a victory tonight. Perhaps a Jordan Eberle hat trick if he has time. 

 Happy Holidays.

  • DK0

    I’m somehow able to handle rookie mistakes but coaching mistakes are a different matter. Rennie would have been much wiser to keep his big trap shut about the play-off comments a week or so ago. After listening to Quinn run off at the mouth last year to make himself the focal point of the media I don’t want to see Rennie waxing stupid in front of cameras for all the world to see. Is Tambellini intentionally allowing the coaching staff and players to spin in the wind while the toilet flushes on another season?

    I think this team could still rebuild while anchoring the team with a couple of veterans to bring stability and grit until the rooks get it together. How about the over and under on how soon Taylor Hall gets his knee(s) destroyed because there is no one on the roster who has the balls to back him up when teams like the Canucks continue to run him? I can say I don’t believe it is a matter of if but…when.

    • From what I saw last night, both sides were smashing each other pretty good. Problem is, Taylor Hall is 30 or so pounds lighter and a whole lot younger than the Sedins.

      It was men against boys last night, plain and simple.

  • Is it just me or are Sportsnet telecasts the worst? Something exciting happens right before a break, they dont catch it on the original camera but decide to show a replay of something that happened 5 minutes ago before going to commercial then dont decide to show the replay when the breaks done. And quite frankly I dont care about logistics and home teams or any of that crap. After I watch an oilers game I want oiler commentary before and after the game. None of this flames or cancuks B.S.

    Edit: Note Gene does not recieve any of that sportnet criticism, pure gold.

    • O.C.

      There’s lots worse.

      Listen to most US broadcasts. Listen to SNet Flames. Watch NFLNetwork. Watch AHL. Watch WHL. Watch University hockey.

      They are decent. Not everyone is Jim Hughson.

      There’s lots worse.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Pretty much went as well as could be expected. Starting Khabibulin and getting 0 points is just a bonus, this sort of makes up for the point Dubnyk got against the Kings. Stay the course, 28th place here we come!

  • Horcsky

    Props and I agree. They didn’t show Smid’s hit on Burrows, or Theo’s penalty live or on replay. They are definately the worst for never showing replays of plays I want to see.

  • DK0

    NOT UNEXPECTED . Rookies tailing off from steady progression as season marches on . A temporary levelling off process , due a lot to injuries to Hemsky and Horcoff and other rookie talent bought up to fill voids in lineup . Rookies can be expected to carry our team in fits and spurts only .

    Even with a full lineup hard to think Oilers have enough to climb out of basement of Western Conference this season . If rookies shine again when we get a full lineup back in play , then maybe we might avoid the basement . Eastern Conference basement may yet finish above our Oilers as ISLES starting to get healthier and finally winning a few games . Jersey should see an upside with LeMaire back coaching .

    Despite our losing ways of late against better clubs the distant between us and them is less visible than first 20 games . We are gaining , but in a valley until Horcoff and Hemsky return . The top lines offensively and defensively of the top teams are now focussing in on our rookies as our top lines , and a turn down is to be expected when that happens ! They are doing well considering , and taking the odd bashing in the process .

  • Dan the Man

    Per Oilers eNews:

    General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have recalled defenceman Jeff Petry from the Oklahoma City Barons of the American Hockey League.

    I thought Vandermeer was close to coming back but this is a nice surprise.

    Edit:Just read from Spector via Twitter that Gilbert is out day to day with a knee injury.

    • Dan the Man

      I think you’re right, the Sportsnet broadcasts have been brutal, they cut away at horrible times and then fail to show replays.

      I really started noticing it after they cut away during the Avery brawl.