Hockey 5-0

Happy 50th to the kid in this photo. And thanks. For everything. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I was there to see it.

There will be an ocean of words and video today on 99’s 50th birthday. I just want to say that for me it was an education. Up in the bleeders at Northlands watching him pass to an open area taught me about the game played his way.

It must have seemed a little unusual at ice level until Kurri arrived to take the pass. From high above the plays became more obvious and predictable but no less sensational. He really did see things no one else could see, and because of it was always several steps ahead of the rest.

I’ve given up on seeing another Orr and don’t even entertain the thought of another Gretzky. Expecting two in my lifetime is not possible, I’m just thankful he played for the Oilers. Thank you, Wayne Gretzky. We will always remember you and the game you played so beautifully.

  • ubermiguel

    Unrelated, but Flamesnation has an interesting poll that asks “At this point – what is the move?” where “Try and make the playoffs” and “Tank this baby hard” are neck and neck.

    Related, Happy Birthday Great One!

  • We are of a similar vintage LT. I did hold a soft spot for the complete domination Lemieux brought to the playoffs a couple years. That had potential.

    Beyond that… for me. Orr and Gretz…. best ever. Great people as well!!! Given the plethora of douche bags (tiger woods etc. ) that populate sports, when total packages exceed the standard and raise the bar, that makes them even more worthy of the adoration they receive.

    The foundations of the love that canadians have for hockey is deeply rooted in the character of these great men. They were exponentially better at this game than anyone before or since…. thats cool…..because….. we were there!

    Merry gretzmas!!

    • D-Man

      Good post… We can’t especially forget to mention about Orr – he’s Hall’s agent… We don’t want to piss him off..

      Thanks for the memories, Great One… Hope the next 49 years are as good as the first 50…

  • Souby

    “I’m just thankful he played for the Oilers. Thank you, Wayne Gretzky. We will always remember you and the game you played so beautifully.”

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself so I just say, Ditto!

  • Vanguard

    On a totally unrelated note, after confiming that I was all that is man in the Nationdrafts pool this week, I later recieved this to ruin what was once a glorious day:

    Unfortunately, we sent you a notification that you were the weekly winner for the The Pint’s Hockey Pool in error. Weekly winners for this week have been announced previously and you have not won a prize.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    NationDrafts Support

    Dirty pool Wayne, dirty pool…

    Oh and Happy Birthday to the Great One, I am forever in your debt for celebrating my birth with the Oiler’s first ever Stanley Cup!

  • Vanguard

    Props to an entire article!

    A lot of us old farts were spoiled watching Gretz and the rest of the Boys on the Bus do what they did so well and so often. The late 90’s were (almost) unwatchable…

    Happy b-day, Wayne.

    • Spydyr

      Must be from someone who never saw Orr play before the injuries. Only defensemen to ever win the scoring title. Revolutionized the way defense plays the game. All respect to Sid but he is not even arguably the best player of his era.