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Good afternoon, Oilers Nation. We have a very special announcement.

The powers that be are always looking for innovative ways to reach out to Oilers nation. Edmonton Oiler fans are not only plentiful but also possess a strong appetite for information on the copper and blue. It is an extremely powerful group of people, with research suggesting the visitors to our site are employed, enjoy a higher than average income and have very little fear of being caught spending countless hours on this site during work hours (we peak just before noon many days).

One day not long ago, Wanye asked the question "where do we go from here?" The response was "pay your tab and get out it’s 2AM" but it started Wanye on a journey that would pay off. Eventually, he was struck with an idea: move Oilers Nation to radio! Oiler talk from Oilers Nation every week! Wanye bought a suit and took the #43 bus to the studios of Team 1260 Radio. Once there, he gave brand director Ross MacLeod an overview of his idea: a weekly talk show that married the Oilers, the Oilers Nation web masses and Team 1260 Radio.

Nation Radio was born. Saturdays Noon to 2pm starting February 12th on Team 1260 Radio Edmonton. Oilers, NHL talk and a chance to share your opinion. Every week.

This is Allan Mitchell. He will host the weekly, two-hour show. The show will rely heavily on interviews and give fans a chance to re-live the Oilers glorious past, take a close look at the Oilers now and spend time looking forward to what will be a wonderful hockey club in the future. The major stories in the NHL each week will also be featured in the show’s second hour. I sat down with Mr. Mitchell earlier today in order to get more information about the show and its format.

  • Lowetide: What are your qualifications for hosting the show? 
  • Allan Mitchell: I’d prefer an easier question.
  • Lowetide: Okay, what are you going to be talking about each week?
  • Allan Mitchell: The show will be a work in progress, but there are three main areas I’m hoping we can cover each week. First, the Oilers have a rich history and with each passing year there are more fans who don’t know the legendary stories surrounding this team. The night Gretzky’s plane took off for Winnipeg or Edmonton, or the 4,000 Boris Mironov stories that made the rounds back in the day. Lots of young Oiler fans don’t know those stories, we’ll make an effort to inform them while reminding old guys like me of the glory days. I bet there aren’t 100 Oiler fans under 30 who know the legend of Tony Hand.
  • Lowetide: Plus you’ll do stories on the current team?
  • Allan Mitchell: Sure. Actually, if you look at the current headlines on Oilers Nation over the last few days you’d get an excellent idea about the subject matter for the current team. Jason Gregor’s Renney interview, or his insight on Dean Lombardi or even the painful Andrew Cogliano story. Or Robin Brownlee’s item on the Kings being a possible trade partner for Steve Tambellini, that could be a portion of the show.
  • Lowetide: Will there be a chance for calls and emails?
  • Allan Mitchell: God, yes. Otherwise, you’re going to be hearing my wife’s apple crisp recipe by the third segment. It’s excellent by the way.

  • Lowetide: Will you get into the "math of the blogosphere?" 
  • Allan Mitchell: If you mean will we talk about the issues that come out of Devan Dubnyk’s save percentage making Nikolai Khabibulin’s look like the Oilers are playing the wrong guy, yes. Yes we will. But you don’t have to bring a slide rule to turn on the radio every Saturday at noon.
  • Lowetide: I asked this at the top, let me rephrase it: what makes you a good fit to host the show
  • Allan Mitchell: I believe the powers that be might be thinking that my blog posts (here and at Lowetide) cause people to express their own well thought out opinions. I’ve always tried to make sure people were respectful and have been rewarded with splendid posts from countless people over the years. Seriously. I view the game of hockey differently than I did before the internet arrived at my house because of the people who post on blogs. Lawyers, guys who own car dealerships, men, women, children. The blogosphere is still horribly misunderstood and I think the MSM remains very cynical about it. There are some very smart people out there who will make intelligent comments if given the opportunity. Maybe this new forum will be that outlet and maybe MSM will take notice about the wealth of quality input coming from the Oilers fanbase. I’ll be the host, but the guests, calls and emails will be the star of the show.

  • Lowetide: Is this just an attempt to get a media pass to Oilers games?
  • Allan Mitchell: O God no. I’m an outsider. I don’t belong with the main stream media. I’m a fan.

Mr. Mitchell appeared relaxed and composed during the interview but did not offer to pay for his drink.

  • Congrats LT. Lookin forward. So is this something you were looking for (to take a break from ad sales & jump back on air) or did Wanye have to really twist your arm? I had assumed that if you wanted to be on the air before this, you could have been.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    “Congrats Mr Lowtide Mitchell! All those years working in the radio station & now you get to have the “glory” job ;)”

    aka known as the lowecash side.

    Two more hours without fox ‘personalities’ screeching like they’re in a bar everyone would avoid. Cool.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    This Oilersnation radio program, will it be a regular season/playoff thing or is it intended to be a 50’ish week a year show?

    Would be great if it expanded to a 3 hr program in time for next season, be nice to have something to listen to till Hockeycentral starts at 3 on Sportsnet.

    Any truth to the rumour swirling that guests appearing on Oilersnation program will receive a 4oz bottle of copper and blue Glitter?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Can’t resist the Costello reference in the title:

    “I wanna bite the hand that feeds me
    I wanna bite that hand so badly
    I want to make them wish they’d never seen me.”