We told Gregor we’d handle the GDB today on account of the fact that we have had just about as much of this garbage hockey as we can stand. Cheaper than therapy, yelling on the interwebs about the Oilers is way more fun anyways.

We haven’t seen crap this lame on a sheet of ice since we attended the Rabbit-Monkey Ice Dancing festival back in ’08.

Khabibulin hasn’t won in 14 starts. Now, we don’t have a PHD in Goalieology but wouldn’t logic dictate that you banish him to the land of wind and ghosts? Nevermind looking old, he looks a lot like a terrible goalie. A terrible goalie who is probably looking forward to serving his sentence in one of America’s toughest prisons once this season has come to a close.

That last abomination of a game against the Senators could barely be considered ice hockey. It simply cannot continue if this team is going to be anything other than garbage next season. It can’t be good for Hall and Eberle to be exposed to this level of shitanusly bad hockey for this long in their rookie seasons.

So few Oilers are competing right now, we find ourselves wishing that Patrick O’Sullivan was still on the roster. At least he would skate across the blueline and wrist a muffin into the chest of the opposing goaltender every now and again. These Oilers?



The Oil are so far behind everyone else in the Western Conference that it doesn’t even merit looking at the standings going into games anymore. The Oilers would be considered underdogs in an Atom Tier 12 Minor Hockey Week game. So of course the Ducks are going to come into Rexall Place full of swagger knowing that it is going to be point night.

And you know what? It probably will be point night.

For God’s sakes Oilers. Start Dubnyk. Pull up your socks, drop your nuts and give a 60 minute effort.

Oh and by the by, that NationRadio show was awesome. Lowetide is the m-a-n. We should have the audio up on the site mid week once we figure out exactly what we need to do. It’s first thing on the list of to dos at Nation HQ tomorrow morning. Promise.

  • Chris.

    What I worry about is when I saw OIL-Change 3 Is how Eberle and Hall are Living. They watch TV, Play Video games and go to the rink. Where is the mentoring of future superstars by knowledgeable MEN. I really Can not Expect as much from young minds that grow up on Guitar Hero and CSI. They don’t even make their beds LIVING FOR SUCCESS breeds success! It is a state of mind. I really wish I saw some mentoring of the young players away from the ICE!

    • Does making the bed really matter all that much? Seriously? I don’t make my bed unless someone is coming over to me house and I’m not that young. I don’t think it matters all that much.

      If there was a suggestion that Eberle or Hall were out of shape and phoning it in at the rink and all they did was watch TV and play video games then I’d be concerned. Between practices and games I’m gald they spend a bunch of time at home rather than hanging out in some bar.

      Poor nutrition is something to keep an eye on but I’m not expecting that a few clips on Oil change tells the whole story.

  • I hope we lose every game this year. We have to finish last, there is no alternative, there is no upside to finishing better. We need to get as top of a pick as we can any season we wont make the playoffs.