Nation Radio – February 19, 2011

We have had some pretty positive reviews of NationRadio to date. Many folks are shocked at how awesome Lowetide sounds on the old radiola and others still are shocked that NationHQ was able to stitch this baby together.

Well prepare to have your collective pants blown off by Episode II.

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Segment 1

Talking to Jim Hughson about the Heritage Classic and fond recollections from days gone by.

Segment 2

Discussing the Atlanta Thrashers successes and the trades leading up to the Trade Deadline.

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Segment 3

Chris Vivlamore from the Atlanta Journal Constitution dissecting the Thrashers Franchise from bow to stern.

Segment 4

Gabriel Desjardins from talks advanced analytics and their impact on the game among things.

Segment 5

Lowetide looks ahead to the 2012 draft, discusses the genius of Stu Macgregor.

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Segment 6

Dustin Nielson from the Team 1260 discusses the World’s Longest Hockey game.

Full Podcast