Usually we’d be starting to talk about training camp around this time. Instead, the focus is still the possible lockout, the summer’s activities by Canada’s NHL teams and advanced stats and how they enhance our enjoyment of the game. We explore these topics and others with guests Harrison Mooney, Terry Jones and more.
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Terry Jones talks about Oilers over the summer, what we can expect of them and Dubnyk’s importance to the team this season. Terry also discusses his upcoming series on coach Ralph Krueger (first installment today in the Sun and online).
Next up, Harrison Mooney of Pass It To Bulis and Puck Daddy talks about the Olympics and then shifts to CBA discussions. LT and Harrison then slide into Canucks matters, including Luongo, Kesler and Mike Gillis. 
LeafsNation’s main man Cam Charron drops by to discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs and their summer. LT and Cam get into a conversation that ends with both openly wondering about Brian Burke’s long term future in the city.
Our own Jonathan Willis has interesting opinions about the Oilers in 12-13, the CBA negotiations and the strength of the OKC Barons with or without the Nuge.
Eric T. of NHLNumbers and Broadstreet Hockey explains his take on the Flyers season, their injuries and Ilya Bryzgalov. Eric then explains the concept of "A Competition Metric Based on Ice Time" and how it can improve our enjoyment of the game.
Finally, regular Thomas Drance stops by for a quick discussion of the Canucks and Shane Doan. Drance and Cam Charron have been going back and forth on Shane Doan and LT asks Thom if the Canucks should bite the bullet and sign Shane Doan to a big 35+ contract. You may be surprised by his answer. 
Whole thing.
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