One might think that with 93% of the Oilers currently languishing on the injured reserve list the platoon of AHL call ups might try making an impact on a shift or two against the Coyotes last night. We suppose they can’t all snipe a goal top cheddar or make a sick backhand saucer pass over a sprawling defender – but finish a check? Play with some emotion?

Is that too much to ask for AHL players flown in by the grace of Kay-Z on a private jet?



In the GDB yesterday Gregor noted the Oilers “lineup” against the Coyotes last night. Injuries have obviously taken a catastrophic toll on this team and that is evident looking down the forward corps:




MacIntyre-Vande Velde-Hartikainen

Then Photoshop Champion Ender did a little digging and found last year’s line up down the stretch. Different year, same injury problems. It looks like a different brand of gross, but certainly similarly distasteful:





Boy is this nasty. We would still prefer this years injury riddled lineup to last year’s injury riddled lineup but only because Eberle is on the squad, dazzling us all with his awesome. Who would you prefer? We will put it to a poll.


Buried deep within a 3-1 loss there were a handful of players who deserve special note last night. Hartikainen collected his first NHL point, which must be a thrill.

Reddox had an excellent game. This guy competes hard on each and every shift, as though it were his last. Some of the other players who could be playing their last shift in the NHL on any given night might do well to take note. We are beginning to see what Lowetide sees in 85.

Pajaarvi also had an excellent game and tallied a dandy goal as a result. The fact that he can keep on keepin’ on down the stretch shows another reason why he will be a sterling NHL’er for years to come.

And finally Ryan Jones had a great game in our opinion. His single shot on goal might not reflect it on the scoresheet but he was finishing checks and competing all night. We have to agree with Gregor and slap the Jones haters across the grill. For a waiver wire pickup, this guy is bringing it. The Oil would do well to sign him for a couple years and not let him walk over a couple hundred thousand in a Glencrossian type scandal.

Oh yeah – Jordan Eberle had 6 shots on net and was dancing around guys all night. But that should be expected from a beast.

    • WTF in his instance referred to the fact that O’Marra and Vande Velde played as though they had been sent down, not called up.

      Considering one team is pushing for a playoff spot and the other is in 30th only because the NHL doesn’t have 31 teams – perhaps they are right to be sad to be here.

      • Crust

        Yeah, I would tend to cut them some slack. How many games had they just played? And really not ideal conditions for being called up. Hopefully, they are all better next game.

  • OttawaOilFan

    Don’t know if this was posted in any of the other stories but according to TSN’s sports centre this morning, Shane Doan has more games played then then (I think it was) 9 of the Oiler forwards combined …. 🙁

  • Maggie the Monkey


    Take note that this was the third game in three nights for the group called up from the AHL. They played two intense games with playoff implications in the two nights preceding coming to the Oilers – a hell of a way for Hartikainen and Vande Velde to prepare for their NHL debuts. I suspect we’ll see more energy from all of them on Saturday night.

    Edit: I was beat to the punch by Crust.

  • Ender

    There are always positives to be found if you look hard enough. Heck, just reading this article almost made me smile enough to get off the IR.

    It is so humorous reading those line-ups side-by-each; I can’t believe that of twelve forwards only a year apart, only one guy played on both squads. Cogs the (uncalibrated) bionic soldier, and he’s somehow worked his way from the fourth line to the first. Who saw this coming?®

  • Please take this for what it is because I know the kid can play, but how funny looking is Taylor Hall?*

    When you can put im next to Sloth in a lineup and Horc starts looking handsome that is one funny looking dude.

    *I say this well aware that Hall has likely been pulling more hot action in the last 3 years than I would in 20 (or will ever again for the rest of my life for that matter).

  • Quicksilver ballet

    someone with wisdom beyond my capacity tell me how to sign up? it tells me my e-mail is recognized but won’t let me reset my password. What the heck my password is a secret even to me thus the problem.

  • Let's Rebuild

    I had a thought completely unrelated to the above discussion but it might warrant further discussion.

    The new rule that any player with a potential concussion must go the dressing room to be examined by a doctor; it was discussed that some hometown doctors might not allow star players back on the ice at crucial time.
    I think there is an ever greater concern: what stops an opposing player from directly targeting a star players head during a key moment of a game, say tied game 5 minutes left. The player (most likely a goon) would get his penalty or misconduct suspension but the Star player would also be off the ice during a crucial time. It is the same principle as a goon getting a star player to fight, they both go off for 5 and the star player is missed far greater than the goon during those 5 minutes. Except this time the star player could stay off for 15 minutes without have to get them to fight. I think this new rule might encourage targeting star player’s heads more than it might help.

    I haven’t been following the threads on this so if this has already been discussed please disregard.

    • the game is much farther gone than i had previously suspected if this actually happens. if this is something that occurs, say, ever then the turtle process (the NHL currently endeavors to subscribe to on change) must be amped up to ludicrous speed.

      dark helmet better talk to the rest of the a$%holes (captain A#$holes that is) and correct the course.

    • Let's Rebuild

      If it’s is a tie game late, do you really think having a goon attempt a headshot and getting a 5 minute major would be a smart way to try and win the game?

    • Ender

      While the theory sounds plausible, I don’t see this actually being much of a concern. Let’s look at it with real names for a second to put it in context.

      Scenario: In a late-season must-win game for the Minnesota Wild, Colton Gillies decides the best way for his team to pull out a win from the current 2-2 deadlock is to make sure Henrik Sedin spends a large chunk of the third-period off the ice. Two minutes into the period, Gillies leaves his feet and levels Sedin with a vicious shoulder to the jaw.

      Multiple choice: what happens?

      A) Sedin is taken off the ice for examination for 15 minutes, and following the major penalty-kill the Wild have the opportunity to down the weakened Canucks.

      B) Gillies is handed a 12-game suspension, effectively ending his season and possibly endangering his roster spot.

      C) Air Canada threatens to offer discount fares to everyone in the country except NHL players. Bettman sends them an e-mail with an upraised finger and tells his press conference that he’s already negotiated a new deal with all the airlines that were scared of an NFL strike anyway.

      D) All of the above.

      How many times do you think it’s going to happen?

      • Ah 7 Dollars, we hardly knew ye. I think it’s time the nation fires that up again soon. Just in time for summer! LET’S ALL GO!!!!

        *Charges down the street screaming, “forgetting” he’s not wearing any pants*

  • The Farmer

    I think we should give our guys a break here, I mean honestly, can you imagine where pittsburgh would be right now if you took out their two top forwards…..

    • Kodiak

      I’m hearing Toronto will most likely be the host city. If that’s the case it should be very good. Lots of hot chicks, nightlife and the HHOF.

      And yes, the 2012 draft is supposed to be a lot deeper than this years.

  • Jodes

    Better add Collin Fraser to the above list and subtract Theo.. He’s injured for tonight’s game and Pecs is back.

    The amazing offensive threat that is known as Jason Strudwick will be playing on the fourth line with Smacintyre and Chris Vande Velde.