As the only Nation writer that picked the Hawks to beat the Canucks in the first round of the playoffs it is only just that we give them their props for taking the series to a G7 despite being down 3-0 in the series. Try as they might the Canucks could not completely cock up the entire series although they looked shakier than the dude in the picture above.

Who allows a short handed game tying goal in Game 7 of a series with 1:56 remaining in the third? When Captain Serious potted that goal you could almost hear the collective cries of despair clear across the Rocky Mountains. We certainly saw it on twitter – which explodes hilariously with every turn of the Canucks fortunes.

Still, we suppose one has to give the Canucks some props for bouncing back in OT, although we would rather wear a beard of bees than give Burrows props for anything.

Luongo not starting in Game 6 and then allowing that late short handed goal in Game 7? Hardly the confidence building play one would expect from a player earning approximately $32.6 million dollars this season.The invisibility of not one but both Sedins? That has to be unnerving for the faithful followers of the Canucks.

The number 1 seeded Vancouver may have beaten the 8th seed Chicago Blackhawks after blowing a 3 game lead. But given the level of problems that appear – um just about everywhere one cares to look right now – we can`t see them getting out of the second round alive. Believe that.


We would be remiss to not give the Habs their props as well considering they have forced a G7 with the Bruins tonight. The series doesn`t have the same driving-by-a-car-accident level of horror as did the Canucks and the Hawks series but this too has been a dandy to watch.

The Habs claim to be ready tonight, as do the Bruins. The City of Montreal is ready too, deploying their police forces just about everywhere they can expect more than two Habs fans to congregate. Looking to avoid the annual torching of the Downtown Core, the police are closing down massive stretches of the downtown area and a "festive zone" will be set up for fans adjacent to the Bell Centre.

Assuming you find hundreds of riot gear wearing police to be festive, it sounds like a good time. Montreal police are also asking journalists to conduct live reports in designated areas in order not to stir up the Habs fans who have been known to beat each other senseless in the background of John Lu cut ins with terrifying regularity.

Ah the playoffs. We do love them so.

Not to be anti-Canadian or anything but we are going to stand by our original prediction in the series and call for a Boston win tonight.


  • Wax Man Riley


    Out of the 200 or so forwards playing up to last night, 6 little guys are good spread through 3 teams or so.

    So you are fine if we try to have 6 or more on our one team? Has having a lightweight top 6 worked for the Canuckleheads so far out of the reg season?

    Does any team other than the Habs have loads of small forwards? Don’t say the Wings because they aren’t small. Are they contenders? Are Giroux and Briere backed up by skill players with size and Pronger?

    How many Cups have those players you listed won between them?

    Why did Montreal say they wanted to get bigger after last year’s playoffs? Why did Trotz say they won their series this year because they had bigger forwards than last time?

    Why are the Oilers constantly polishing ice, getting hurt and getting manhandled by other teams? It’s not because we don’t have an enforcer that can play.

    Small players with extreme grit, speed and skill are fine, it’s just that there aren’t very many of them. Maybe 10 really good ones in the whole league. We maybe have 1 of those 10 (Hemsky) in our 6-8 little guys. 2 consecutive last place finishes. This is the worst the team has ever been. I think I can see a pattern here.


    • Mantastic

      there are way more then 6 good playoff “small” players, those are just some off the top of my head. dats, zetty and there are probably way more, i don’t know what’s the weight and height of all the players in the league but your arguement is an ultra fail. it’s also probably the same % of “small” players that have won a cup as “large” players.


  • Hemmercules

    Everyone is quick to trash the Canucks and their city for the celebration that went on following the win but I have a feeling the next time Edmonton wins a playoff series it wont be much different. That said, Sedin needs a punch in the junk for that comment.

  • D


    I hope you and everyone that seems to think being small doesn’t matter are right for the Oilers sake.

    For me, the fact that every NHL team but 2 don’t agree with that means something. And the two that don’t think it matters aren’t very good teams, although one at least makes the playoffs.

    The fact the Holland in Detroit said that everyone wants the big skilled Canadian players but that Detroit couldn’t get them because they always have late picks means something. It means Detroit would want them but they’re the first players taken.

    As for “fail”, your reasoning that as many small players have Cups as bigger players can’t be true because most NHL players are bigger, always have been, always will be until it’s not a contact sport anymore.

    The fact that most NHL players are bigger supports what I am saying by definition – bigger is better for contact sports. The average size of top 30 scorers is 6’1″ 204 lbs post lock out. “Bigger” just means not really short (lose reach) or light (too often forced to perimeter or knocked over). Gretzky has often mentioned Lemieux’s one great advantage over him – his reach.

    It amazes me that so many Oiler fans don’t get that bigger players are better if skill is equal, while watching the league’s smallest team win 2 “Lottery Pick Championships” in a row. Out of hundreds of players, there just aren’t that many really good size challenged NHL’ers. There are some, but not many. If you disagree, try to find 20 dominant lightweights. Good luck.

    It amazes me that management talks about it and does nothing while their prized rookies get pounded.

    • Mantastic

      i’m not saying that being small doesn’t matter.

      but you saying the reasoning behind the sedins sucking the playoffs because they are small is utterly rediculous. the reason they suck is because they are soft and have no heart.

      so yes, your point is an ultra fail. there are in fact small players that preform well in the playoffs and that have won cups


  • Peterborough

    Buffalo and Vancouver both entered the league the same year, and for 40 years have enjoyed the same level of success, ie, next to none. Yet most of the hockey fans I know think rather positively about the Sabres, as lovable losers that they would have no trouble supporting if they ever could make a serious Stanley Cup run (assuming the Oil weren’t involved). Heck, the idea of a Sabres Stanley Cup run is made fun of in the movies (see Bruce Almighty). The Sabres are seen for the most part as a humble, hard working, hard-luck team. Which brings me to the question of why the Vancouver Canucks are, by contrast, so hated. They have accomplished as much as the Sabres in 4 decades (nothing). Yet they are everything the humble Sabres aren’t. Smug. Arrogant. Whiny. Entitled.Self-aggrandizing. Unoriginal. The worst uniforms in the western world. I even read that their fans, the most ungracious and hypocritical in the league, are now referring to their team as the “Interim Stanley Cup Champions” because they beat Chicago. (Thanks, Pelhem-Grenville)
    Please, please, please, Nashville, let justice be served.

  • John Chambers

    Doughtheslug your my new best friend. Same level of hatred for them damn Canucks.

    I cant pin point when I became to discusted with the thought of the canucks but it was basically the second I came out of the whomb. Grew up in BC, in an Oilers household pretty much did it for me Im thinking

  • Charlie Huddy

    I am moving to Vancouver in two days and was looking forward to being greated by a million moping Canucks fans. Their collective tears rolled out for me like a soggy red carpet and I’m Lindsay Lohan, welcomed to the big show, but there to get drunk and steal your car.

    Instead I’ll be accosted at every turn by canuck fans convinced the cup is theirs and educating me on why. Then questioning my decision to support the lowly Oilers when I have ample opportunity to support the greatest sports franchise in the world.

    But on the bright side how many times do you get to see a canuck fan’s face go from the kind of extreme joy only found in blissful ignorance to the utter rock bottom that inevitably follows ignorance realized.

    Oh did I mention, I hate the canucks

      • It’s easy – I have lived in or near Vancouver for the last 28 years. I can’t stand the Canucks…watching the Sedin sisters pass the puck around the offensive zone on a string makes me want to punch a kitten in the face (twice).

        • Shaun Doe

          I sympathize. I’ve got 30 years of, “Why don’t you like the Canucks? It’s your home town team…” under my belt myself. Its as if people have no ability to grasp the concept of liking teams from other provinces or states around here.

          • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

            can so relate I was born in Calgary and I get people asking why I don’t like Calgary and I tell them. Oh the Sewer system is fine and the view of the Rockies is great but some thing in the water just does some thing to humans that leaves them with a desire to… (Fill in the Blank) and I have never been drunk or drugged enough to try to fit in to that whole life style.

  • With our team getting worse each year and prospect of dumping Hemsky looming this off season , what makes anyone confident we will not end up deadlast again next season ? I see nothing in play as yet that shows we will even be on parallel with this season – from owner , upper management , coaching to on ice players .

  • lateralus

    Well the worse case scenario happened to me just the other night.

    I live in Vancouver and a die hard Oilers fan (grew up in Edmonton/small town).

    Game 7 between the Hawks and Canucks, I prayed so hard that the Canucks lose, and lose badly.
    That same night we had our round 2 game (best of one) for my ASHL hockey team the Don’s Cherries, (you think the name is awesome you should see our logo).

    By the time our game was done so were the Hawks. Then the real heart breaker happened, the Don’s Cherries lost in OT, 1-0, our season over just like that.

    I figured the best plan was to start punching Canuck fans, starting in Victoria and make my way up to Prince George. Oh the things anger can make you do.

    Please Preds, make the bandwagon empty and the bridges full.