Fasth Train

It doesn’t matter where they come from, all they need to do is stop the damn puck. In Canada, more phone calls have been made in search of goalies (all the way from pick  up games to rec league to pro hockey) than the search for girls. Well, maybe not but it’s close.

Viktor Fasth is not a huge goaltender by today’s standards (6.00, 198) and he’s no kid (born in 1982, he can see 30 up the road apiece) but he’s as hot as hot can be right now. Fasth is coming off a quality SEL season (42gp, 2.26 .925SP) and has gone supernova at the World Hockey Championships (4gp, 0.50 .983). He won the "Honken" trophy as the SEL’s best goaler this season and NHL teams are circling.

The Edmonton Oilers have a few things they can offer Fasth. One: NHL employment. With NK’s legal situation on the docket for this summer the Oilers will no doubt do the prudent thing and protect themselves with a suitable replacement. Should said player win a job outright (not impossible based on Khabibulin’s Red Light Racicot moments this past season) then the Russian may spend next season in the Sheldon Souray "richest man in the minors" seat. Two: they can pay him very good dollars based on their cap situation.

Any number of NHL teams have been associated with Fasth. If you google "Fasth-NHL" you get over 1 million results including this one that has Steve Yzerman interested in the suddenly popular Fasth. He has a contract for next year, but these things have a way of working themselves out.

Viktor Fasth could be the most important free agent signing the Oilers make this summer. Seriously. Goaltending is miles from being adequate despite a very fine showing by rookie Devan Dubnyk. The elephant in the room is the Russian goaltender. Viktor Fasth could change all that in a heartbeat.

  • John Chambers

    Although the Oil are still over a season away from having any chance at competing for the playoffs, I do think they need to start making a few moves to position themselves for ’12-’13 and beyond.

    Like LT suggests, one of those key moves is in goal. Waiting Khabbi’s contract to expire or hoping that Dubnyk turns into a solid #1 just isn’t an option.

    LT makes a good case for Fasth. Prying one of those ‘tenders out of Washington is intriguing. I do highly doubt however that Ilya Bryzgalov is willing to pen up to play for us given his delicate skin and sensitivity to non-tropical climates. What a puss.

    • Ender

      The Oilers are still over a season away from competing for 14th in the division.

      As long as they employ management who believe Khabibulin is MVP material, JFJ is an actual hockey player and the best way to raise kittens is to drown them, 12-13 is just a pipe dream.

      Why would any straight thinking UFA want to walk into that mess?

  • hoil

    @ Lowetide

    Can you see a scenerio where we sign Fasth and then ship Khabby to Philly for a guy like Scott Hartnell.

    I think the deal makes sense for two reasons: (1) Philly sheds about 500K in cap space and (2) They then have a vetern “Russian goalie” to help out their young Russian goalie Bobrovsky.

    I pick a guy like Hartnell only because he was rumoured to have waived his no movement clause to come here for Souray….then something happened….”sigh.”

  • hoil

    Does it really matter if we sign Fasth? What will make us better is replacing Khabibulin, with whomever.

    Fact is, if they were willing to demote Khabibulin, we’d be signing Gerber up to actually play in the NHL, he was perfect for us last year. A tandem of Dubnyk (1) – Gerber (2) would be a HUGE upgrade over Khabibulin (1) – Dubnyk (2), and they said no to that.

    I just don’t see how they go after Fasth with any conviction, I think we’re dreaming here.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Good topic to read, props on you all. Some very good ideas and insight. I got a goalie for ya all. What about trying to pry Josh Harding out of Minny? I read that he was an unhappy camper there and wanted to be moved. I’m too lazy to look up stat’s, but I recall him being a very good goalie. He’s NHL ready, proven and cold winters apparently don’t bother him.

  • Fans need a goat. A witch to burn.

    Remember before the season started the ideas being tossed around in the blogosphere of a straight up trade of Khabibulin for Tim Thomas? Bruins fans seemed keen on the idea as well.

    Roloson is showing what an old-timer can do with determination on his side. Thomas picked himself off the floor, wiped his bloodied nose, and then proceeded to Chuck Norris™ the crap out of the leagues best scorers.

    Khabibulin had a bad year, but so did everyone on the team. We don’t need a goalie. We need some healthy defensemen who can cover the wide open man tapping pucks in the net all season on our poor goalies. The Oilers could splice the DNA of Patrick Roy and Terry Sawchuck with some Jesus H. Christ sprinkled in there for good measure and stick that creation in net and they would still be 35+ points out of a playoff spot! This is a team game and our team was shitaneously horrible. Barring health or legal problems, it should be Khabibulins job to lose next season, with more responsibility given to Dubnyk. This would be a more prudent plan than chasing him out of town with torches and pitchforks.

    Khabibulin is done? Try and tell HIM that face to face over a bottle of vodka.

    I’m taking a page from Wanye’s book and standing up for my goalie. Khabibulin isn’t done. Not like that.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    A lot of you are commenting how Nucks Nation is a bit slow. It is an easy fix During the next series and the final if some how they pull off a shocker. Go to the Nucks Nation website and spew a few comments. It will produce action then Nucks fans will show up and shoot back. I am not saying you have to be nice or pretend you are not Oil fans just create some heat. Why Because when we get in to a Western Final with the Nucks it will be fun to go over there and RUB IT IN THEIR FACES when we go to the Finals and Win the Silver! Besides Rivalry’s are Good and Calgary could be a while!

    • positivebrontefan

      Waxman and myself went over there during game seven of the Chicago series and i think we had the comments over 35 with just the two of us. We had a field day with the the one guy that shot back at us but alas he had the last laugh.

      • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

        I was just over and Replied to an “12 Questions post it was such fun giving my unbiased opinion on why I feel Vancouver is not Canada’s team. OilersNation Show some rivalry spirit! Go over there.

  • Who is responsble for throwing the entire team under the bus ? Who drove down their worth , and why we are stuck with downgrades and AHL players for fill ins because of it. Who over reacted and sent to many packing at the same time , at a low cost to other clubs because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the toxic environment here ? One thing to try and save your own ass to maintain a job here , but another story to trash your team and thus it’s value to get even money , etc. when you try and rid them away . One mistake after another followed because someone other than a player couldn’t keep things inside until after they tried to deal off those veterans he wanted to despose of . Who screwed up far more severely in his vendatta against his own players ?

    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      Of the players that were let go last year or were sent to the minors,who exactly did we miss?Moreau?O’Sullivan?Pisani?Or was it the slow footed,injury prone Souray?Surely you don’t think he would have made a big difference if only the Oilers could have got him in the lineup for 30 games.
      When you are a last place hockey team and you are getting rid of bad players what exactly do you expect in return?A first round pick for O’Sullivan?By putting Souray on recallable waivers Tambo was giving him away for FREE and pay half his salary.NOBODY wanted him.

  • Ender

    Wanye wrote:

    SWEET LORD – I wrote that?

    Indeed you did. Even if it were unsigned, the use of the word ‘shabby‘ is a dead giveaway.

    You were also pretty snarky that day. The good kind of snarky – the kind that makes milk shoot out of people’s noses. In the interest of keeping the peace I left that stuff out, but it’s a great read someday if you’re bored and want to remember the good ol’ days when you didn’t care what people thought.

    Wanye wrote:

    Oh is that how the draft works? Thank you for taking time out of your busy day at MENSA to explain it to me. Perhaps you could clearly articulate this inconsistency you mentioned without any supporting fact yet again.

    You know, if you can put down the two rubiks cubes you are simultaneously solving.


    Sooooooo . . . I guess nothing’s changed after all . . .

    Edit: Arch had some fire back then too. Couldn’t help but chuckle reading nuggets of solid gold like “A monkey with a learning disability could have figured out that MacT should have been fired years ago.” Fantastic stuff. I may have to go away from reading the new articles and just start poring over the archives.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    We were all testy having almost won Stanley to living in the bottom of the cesspool again can make any person whom expects winning to be the norm to get a bit testy.

  • hoil

    I’d love to see Khaby go to Europe or Russia like Huet did this season.

    As for adding NHL vets this offseason, I’d say it’s a bit more likely we’ll be discussing Nail Yakupov with our 1st pick this time next year.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Just add the Roli/Khabby decision to the growing pile of gaffs, goofs and blunders. We are sticking to “the plan”. Alrighty then!! Where do I sign up for my season tickets?

  • O.C.

    LT. Nice shot of the recently defeated Liberal. I still say his book “The game” was one of the best hockey books ever written.

    Smartest goalie… Ever. Invented the value of position play.

    DD hasn’t sold me as the future. Apparently he didn’t sell Team Canada after watching him in practice. He doesn’t cover across the slot passes well enough for my taste.

    The Oil better draft Perhonen or Gibson.

  • striker777

    Probably a good time to start looking at our lottery pick analysis for 2012-13 season . Oilers expected to be a competitive team for next year , and they probably will , but for how long – 10-20 games ?

    Move unwanted contracts into management positions till contracts are up . Besides, they cannot do any worse than incumbents have done .