We’re getting early indications, via Twitter from Edmonton council member Don Iveson, that council has voted 8-5 in favour of a motion "to approve a framework" for an arena deal. While this vote doesn’t constitute a "done deal" by any stretch, it’s a significant step in seeing the project move toward the day shovels go in the the ground.

Here’s the original tweet from Iveson: "#yegcc just came back in public – voted on a motion to approve a framework for #yegarena deal – details to be kept in private. Passes 8-5. 45 minutes ago."

As of 9:45, we’re expecting Mayor Mandel to issue a statement at a news conference in 10-15 minutes.

Here’s the story from The Journal link above:

"EDMONTON — The City of Edmonton and the Katz Group have reached a framework agreement to build a new downtown arena.

Under the agreement which will keep the Edmonton Oilers in the city for a minimum of 35 years, the most that can be spent on the arena will be $450 million.

The City of Edmonton will own the land and the building.

Among the key highlights:

– The price for the arena building is set at $450 million

– The city’s contribution to the building is $125 million

– The Katz Group will contribute $100 million

– $125 million will come from a user-paid facility fee

– The Katz Group will operate the building and be responsible for all maintenance, upgrades, operating and capital expense costs

– The Oilers will remain in Edmonton for at least 35 years

This framework does not constitute a final and binding agreement, the city said in a news release. Both parties will now begin to work on the master agreement to advance the project further, including by working to secure the remaining funds required, the city said."

 Much more to come . . . .

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  • Rob...

    That extra 100 million should be in the bag. Sure the Province and the Feds won’t fund an arena that will mainly benefit one individual, but they’ll be all over funding an LRT station that’ll just happen to be built into the complex, and just happens to reduce the overall costs of building the arena by approximately 100 million.

  • Zamboni Driver

    @ Tigerunderglass

    @ Robin

    In retrospect you’re right. Unnecessary dickness. Mea culpas all around.

    I will, however, stick by the ‘no chance’ on the province angle. It won’t, and it shouldn’t and I will thus forego the dancing the the streets.

  • NastyNate

    Is the $450 million for for the Arena alone? or does it include the adjacent entertainment district and surronding business area?

    After doing some quick research i made note of some of the newer arenas in the NHL and their varying price tags. I’ve never been to any of these Arenas, so if anyone has, could they comment on them and give their impressions? Just wanted to see what seperates the nationwide arena in columbus from the AAC in Dallas. I’m also wondering what gives the American Airlines Center in Dallas such a high price tag. I’ve heard the Katz group hired the same people who developed the Staples Center in LA and that we should expect something similar to the that arena and the adjacent LA live entertainment district, can anyone comment on this? Im sure not everyone here has had the oppurtunity to visit any of these arenas and the only NHL rink i’ve had the pleasure to see is the dull and dreary rexall place.

    Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh (2010): $321 million

    Prudential Center Newark NJ (2007): $375 million

    Air Canada Center Toronto (1999): $265 million

    Staples Center LA (1999): $321 million

    American Airlines Center Dallas (2001): $421 million

    Nationwide Arena Columbus (2000): $175 million

    Bell Centre Montreal (1996): $270 million

    I understand construction costs are at an all time high and wonder wht type of Arena to expect with the 450 million dollar price tag. maybe there was some Journal article i missed so any links would be great to those who are not “in the know”. thanks

    • Been to them all. Too much variation in costs of land, labor and the timing of each build to draw parallels.

      Staples Center was easily the most magnificent until the new building in Pittsburgh opened. It has the best surrounding area with L.A. Live, although Nationwide Arena has a great condo/restaurant district as well, although most of downtown C-Bus is no bargain. The Newark building is in a cruddy area.

      The Bell Centre is the best building to watch a game in. The building in Dallas is huge, almost monolithic. It’s set up for basketball. You need to use binoculars from the press box.

      Building expenses aren’t at an all-time high. They’re relatively low right now.

  • I heard the 35 year time frame on the Oilers staying is so we can allow Tambo to build a winner. 35 years straight of 1st overall pick, 35 years of 30th place finish, and Katz can then sell the winner to another city and retire.

    Klowe comes on the next playoff game and announces that is not true, it is a fourty year plan

  • striker777

    Did somebody say it’s only going to hold 18,500 seats? Better not build a facility that will be the smallest in the NHL from the start. Make it at least 21,000 seats that can be upgraded to 30,000 in 30 years.

    • Gilmore Tuttle


      Think about that for a minute. Almost twice as many seats as there is now? Considering the ice is only so big, you will have to add a couple of more decks to the design – at which point you will need oxygen and a telescope to watch the game.

      Besides, King Daryl needs to keep some scarcity in tickets if he hopes to keep having “sell outs” and have the handful of people left on his waiting list shell out 50 clams a year for the privilege. Supply and demand dude.

    • Little Buttcheeks

      A capacity of 18,500 isn’t even close to the smallest in the NHL. Where are you getting your information?

      The Staples Center doesn’t hold 18,500. You think Edmonton needs a bigger building than Los Angeles?

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Sounds like a good deal. For those who find 18,500 on the small side, the new arena in Pittsburgh which is widely considered to be world class seats even less than that. I think that’s a solid number.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Bury the LRT station under the Arena. Wouldn’t have to freeze my ass off. Heck, here is an idea. Incorporate the who thing into the winter garden. You get off into the winter garden and pass by the restaurants and bars on your way to to an event of your choice. Kinda like how the grocery stores are set. All the junk food is at the end of the line where the little brats have got you by the you know whats. The current Alberta Conservative government is a lame duck. There is not a chance Stelmach is going to hand over a hundred million. But the next guy. Thats a whole different story. Whoever will be the front runner will be looking for a little grease. Mandel and the whoever runs Calgary will probably be having a secret pow wow about just how they are going to go about to work together to find funds for a premier who will scratch a couple of checks for “infrastructure development”. Politics is what it is. Really whats 200 million dollars worth in terms of political capital? Goes along way when you are looking for reelection. Remember Ralph Bucks?

  • O.C.

    The RBC is amazing. Five levels. Big balconies to the outside. It was high 80’s for the cup final… Not a big benefit in Edmonton. Wide wide concourses.

    Even van cover got the wide concourse part wrong at the Rogers.

    Edit… On second thought, I like the Van Cover typo.

  • O.C.

    I don’t give a damn what the outside of the building it’s all about the bling and amenities on the inside that counts. That’s where all the time is spent anyhow.

    And if they did revise the shape of the outside I think it would be cool if it was shaped like the Oil Drop.