“Few Ventured to Communicate”

There are rumors from far away places that there’s interest in free agent Steve MacIntyre. There’s a big difference between interest from another team and MacIntyre signing with Chekhov.

Tom Renney likes his  tough guys. While behind the Rangers bench, Renney employed end-of-the-roster fighters/coke machines/goons who routinely averaged less than 6 minutes a game. In 06-07, Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg were regulars and fought 16 and 15 times respectively.

In 2006-07 alone, Tom Renney devoted 642 minutes to Hollweg (8:42 a night) and 282 to Colton Orr (5 minutes a night). It is important to remember that these men dressed for a lot of games. Hollweg was an everyday player (78 games) and Orr played a lot too (53 games).

This past season, Renney also employed some tough guys:

  • D Theo Peckham: 10 majors, 1320 total minutes
  • R Zack Stortini, 8 majors, 227 total minutes
  • R Steve MacIntrye 7 majors, 120 total minutes
  • L J-F Jacques 5 majors, 360 total minutes

I don’t think Renney has found his Colton Orr; we know it isn’t Zack Stortini (I doubt he’s with the organization come the fall) and we suspect it isn’t J-F Jacques based on all kinds of things (including durability).


This is not a Mack Truck (it’s a Peterbilt 351, one of the most famous vehicles in movie history–not. But it should be) and there’s plenty of intimidation when it comes to Steve MacIntyre. I think maybe Tom Renney would like to coach him up to the point where he’s Colton Orr, but might be thinking he can’t get there from here with this player.

The Russian rumor is just that–a rumor. If Mr. Google’s translate works then this is a manager talking about his wish list. I suspect Steve MacIntyre will be back in the fold come autumn–unless there’s a Colton Orr out there.

  • I wouldn’t so much say that “Tom Renney likes his tough guys” as I would say that “Tom Renney likes his tough guys, as long as they bring other elements to their game”. If you can’t bring something to the table other than fighting, than Tom Renney wants nothing to do with you.

    The first quoted statement would make me believe that Renney would love to have MacIntyre around. The second quoted statement makes me think that he wants nothing to do with him.

    Really, I think he just hasn’t figured out how to use him (perhaps). I think the best thing to do with MacIntyre is to give him a Boogaard-sized (god rest his soul) raise. Give him free reign out there to do what he needs to do. I loved what I saw in that final Minnesota game where he went after Stoner. Really, the only way he’s going to be effective is if he doesn’t have to worry about the lost paycheque funds due to sticking up for teammates. That, and he’s going to have to do his damnedest to initiate stuff like Boogaard used to. I mean, hit their stars like Boogey used to do to Hemsky and other guys here. Intimidate!

    But that said, in order for him to even catch a star, he’s going to have to become a better skater. So I kind of see Renney’s hesitation in a sense… but I still think he has failed to use him to his max potential.. maybe because of the problem of MacIntyre not being able to afford the suspensions that might come from it.

    Now that I’m done that rant, I’d actually prefer what Jimmer said.. I’ve been on the Konopka bandwagon for at least 2 years now

  • justDOit

    Mac is my boy, he will be back. I really hope.. But i love the idea of Evgeny Artyukhin. Love it… He is perfect. Bring him and mac (yes i know) Mac has the desire to improve, he isn’t even close to NHL standards of hockey. But, he can fight. Top heavy weight in chel now (god bless his soul.)

    I hope tambo intends to bring mac back, let him have a chance to improve… see where it leads. Bring in Evgeny Artyukhin because he is an animal.

  • Blue Blooded

    Smack is the number 1 heavyweight in the league. Argue that? Hall, Eberle, Omark, MP and RNH will be part of the top six forwards in the coming years.Do we really want to trust thier health to anyone other than the number 1 heavyweight? Really? Ask Gretzky the importance of a Semenko, a Brown, or a McSorley. The hits are harder, more severe, more dangerous,and certainly cause longer term injury. Even if Smack plays 3 minutes a night and adds absolutely nothing in goals and assists he’ll still be worth the money they pay him. Why. Because the other team will not even think of wanting to play the kind of game where they will have to fight. Peckham. What did we like about him last year. I liked him because I knew that when he was out on the ice the other team was checking behind them. The Oilers will have superstars. But they will also have the RJ and TP and SM. They won’t win without them. It will not happen. Ask Tom Renney. Ask Klowe. Ask Tambo. You need that physical prescence in the lineup. It ain’t Stars on Ice. Its the NHL. And baby Winnipeg isn’t going to go to war with popguns. When the Jets come calling full time in 2012-2013 they’ll come loaded for bear. And I for one believe that were better off having Smack than not having Smack.

    • Right…. except you failed to address any of the points that counter this argument that have been made in dozens of posts before yours.

      Consider ALL of the following:

      How did he help last year? There were at least 2 occasions when he dressed, was on the “4th line” and yet played a grand total of ZERO minutes. How does that discourage the other team?

      He doesn’t fight anyone but other fighters. He doesn’t just beat on guys who play a dirty game, he only fights when other people want to fight: NEWES FLASH: THEY DON’T WANT TO FIGHT. The result is that he doesn’t actually end up getting into many fights.

      He can’t hit, because he can’t skate. A little physics: Force = Mass x Acceleration. He has mass, but no acceleration. More importantly, he’s too slow to be in position to hit, people just skate right around him. Peckham and Vandermeer both hit harder than Smac does.

      He is a terrible hockey player. The team that scores more than the other team wins, and when he is on the ice we get scored on, and don’t score ourselves.

      He doesn’t line up against the top opposition of the other team, so he can’t retaliate by going after those guys.

      There are more reasons, I’m sure. Please try to respond to some of these comments instead of making ridiculous statements backed up with absolutely no facts like “I believe we are better off with Smack, this isn’t stars on ice”.

  • Bucknuck

    I can’t understand why they don’t use his Smac’s huge shot more. He has a 100 mile an hour slapshot and he never uses it. With a hammer like that you’d think he could let loose once in a while.

    His foot speed is poor, but as a winger you would hope that a speedy centre like Brule or Cogliano could be third man back and give him time if he could rush the net a bit.

  • Bucknuck

    Good for Terry Jones, though in my opinion he’s not even close to Jim Matheson in the Journal, or Brownlee for that matter. They must see something I don’t.