Ryan Whitney: Go to the FRONT of the Line!

Ryan Whitney has a lot going for him. He’s a quality NHL defenseman (an endangered species in our town), a wonderful twitter author and is generally well thought-of by those "in the know". However, I think he’s about to spike in popularity among Oiler fans. Why? Read on.

According to this article, Ryan Whitney put into words what most (or all) Oiler fans are thinking about the Vancouver Canucks this spring:

  • “I’d say 90 percent of the guys in the league want nothing to do with seeing them win. There’s no doubting their team’s pretty amazing. But who makes up that team makes them so tough to like that it’s frustrating to see them doing this well.”

If Ryan Whitney has to pay for a beverage in any public place in Edmonton from this day forth, it will be a dark day. His twitter is here. Future captain, Ryan Whitney. What a breath of fresh air.