During the first intermission of game three Don Cherry brought up an interesting angle when discussing the crushing Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton. Clearly Rome hit him late, and he’ll likely get suspended, although with the NHL’s track record you never know. Grapes brought up an idea that I think has some merit.

Grapes mentioned that the Bruins shouldn’t be punished by only having 17 skaters for the rest of the game due to Horton’s injury. He admitted it would be massive change in the rules, but it makes sense.

If a team loses a player due to a hit that results in a major penalty, should the team of the injured player be allowed to dress one of their extra skaters?

I say yes.

Now before you start pounding your keyboard harder than some "unbiased" scribes in Boston and Vancouver have been pounding their chest during this series hear me out.

We are talking about dressing the 13th forward or 7th defenseman, both players that the coaching staff felt prior to the game weren’t good enough to help their team win. It’s not like the team has their first line player in the pressbox and they forgot to put him in the lineup.

If a team loses a D-man due to a dirty hit, you can argue that playing five D-men for an extended period of time is worse punishment than killing off a five minute penalty, so it could help the team whose player was on the receiving end of a dirty hit.

Do you honestly think a player is going to fake an injury so a guy who has been sitting in the dressing room or pressbox, and might be cold (muscles) can come downstairs and play better?

Outside of this being a massive change to how we are used to watching hockey, what negative do you see happening? Keep in mind I don’t buy into the "faking an injury" argument, since this change could only occur on a five minute penalty. The likelihood of this happening isn’t very high, so it’s not like we’d see this every week, and that’s why I don’t think it is that bad of an idea.


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  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Why not let each team dress two more players per game. They can dress one more forward and one more defenseman. Who cares if they end up being a grocery stick the entire game. The team has to pay them whether they’re on the bench or in the press box.

  • Travis Dakin

    In general I think it’s a good idea. Particularly in the playoffs when games may go into multiple overtimes and having an extra skater can make a huge difference – 13th forward or not.

    The only potential problem i see with the rule is a HS like SMac coming into to settle the score, but the likelihood of that happening is extremely remote, since I’m not sure you want him on the ice in double OT anyway. I expect if a team did bring in a puncher the league would have something to say about it.

  • Jason Gregor

    I think the NHL could end these cheap shots immediately.

    Change the suspension rules for the playoffs to the injured team being able to choose which player off the offending team gets suspended.

    That would be the end of bottom roster guys taking out top players.

  • Ender

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    Hitting head on glass wouldn’t fall under the umbrella. It is ONLY on a major penalty call. That is it.

    Arrrrgh! I get that! I understand; really, I do.

    Ender wrote:

    If you had a bum ankle and you were nursing it and you got rocked by a questionable boarding major . . .

    I’ve said that in every post. I’ve reread the posts. It’s kind of clear . . . I understand here that we’re talking about players who are on the receiving end of major penalties.

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    you are talking about a WHAT IF, and it is so small is it not a reason to fret over.

    I think I said that too. More than once.

    Ender wrote:

    I completely acknowledge that the odds of a sick or hurt player being the object of a 5-minute major penalty remain pretty low. A scattered few times each season, though, you’re going to get a guy whose ankle was bugging him before the game drawing a 5-minute major and electing to leave the game in favour of a replacement. It’s not likely to have a significant effect on the game’s outcome and I don’t think it’s going to be so common that the rule shouldn’t exist; I’m just saying it would be next to impossible to police so people had better be prepared to accept that kind of scenario happening in advance. . . .

    Ender wrote:

    It’s not going to happen a lot. I’m not saying that abuse will run rampant. I’m just saying that the scene I’ve just described is going to happen a handful of times each season . . .

    I’m not fretting. I think it’s a good rule. I think it should happen. I also think that it’s going to get bent a time or two here and there under very special conditions. It doesn’t change that the proposal is good, just that there remains a small window of potential for misuse and I don’t know if there is a realistic way to close that loophole. Why the grief for expressing that?

  • paul wodehouse

    …IMO i don’t think this warrants a FOUR GAME suspension…Hortons’ pass wasn’t being admired, he was passing the puck to the left winger who should be thinking to get the puck back to Horton as Horton is “giving and going” when Rome simply starts to react…way too late …he didn’t take a run at Horton, he was simply stopping up to prevent Horton from going further into the zone just over the blueline… a very bad place to be sometimes…when Horton stops looking and just keeps going forward and is going over the blueline, he’s still looking for a pass to come back to him…when…most unfortunate that Horton doesn’t look just a little (head-on-a-swivel) because with the drop of his right shoulder at the last second …and there would’ve been time enough … he could have avoided ‘contact’ altogether…imo Horton’s the dumbdumb here…4 games…bah!chicken sh!t NHL… shoulda been 2 and the other two shoulda gone to Horton for being a dumbdumb…

    I love Don Cherry but his ‘sub in player for major penalty’ proposed rule change is about as outlandish as some of his clown suits…


    left coasters still win this thing in 5 !