Smyth Denies Reports Of Trade Request

TSN hockey guru Bob McKenzie is one of the most solid sources out there, so when he reported earlier today that Ryan Smyth had requested a trade back to the Oilers, it’s understandable that many people got very excited.

Unfortunately, Ryan Smyth has since told the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson that no such request was made.

From Matheson’s article:

“Holy cow … that’s the first I’ve heard of that,” Smyth said in an interview. “I have not asked for a trade. I have a year left on my contract. We’ve got some good things here,” said Smyth, who wouldn’t rule out a return here in the summer of 2012 as an unrestricted free-agent, but that’s if the Oilers wanted him.

Is that the end of it? Hardly. McKenzie is too reputable a source to run with something like this without something behind it. I’m not saying that Smyth made the request – I’m more than willing to take him at his word – but somebody told McKenzie that he had. Presumably, that somebody is a higher-up in the Kings organization.  For his part, McKenzie is standing by his report:

"For the record, I stand by my story 100 per cent. Totally accurate in every regard. Not much else I can say beyond that. Speaks for itself."

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

    • Ender

      David Staples wrote:

      Some folks don’t believe that the Oilers can get Ryan Smyth for a middling prospect or draft pick. I believe this to be the case.

      Arch, if you and David are right then I have no further objections. I am somewhat of the mind that we might be able to make the money go farther in another direction, but I love Smytty too and I’d look past the contract for a year. It was trading the future in order to hang on to the past that I took exception to. If we’re talking about nothing more than Katz’s bank account and some cap room we don’t desperately need next season, then welcome home Smytty.

  • VMR

    If it’s true they want to trade him to free cap space then we’re doing them a favor. Tambo should hold out to get him for as little as possible and maybe get a prospect thrown in, the Kings still have a ton of potential d-men that they’ll never be able to fit into their line up.

    Smyth and Hickey for Brule and a 4th.

  • Hemmertime

    The Kings dont have a pick until 49. Im thinking the 49th pick + Smyth for the 31st.

    Almost tempted to say they have to include a 4th or 5th rounder in the deal but I wouldnt mind this if we got a D at 19. The Kings almost get a first round pick then, we only slide 20 spots (though at that point its a pretty big slide) and get our 2nd/3rd line LW that can play PP. We know Smytty would likely re-sign for less too if we wanted him.

  • hamzinoilcntry

    *takes out smitty jersey from closet, dusts carefully. runs to sporting good store to have “A” removed and replaced with a “C” starts to grow mullet again and talks about the old days with a reflective tear!!*

    • Hemmertime

      We may give him an A right away again but theres no way he gets the C. Thats Horcoffs, he’s worked his butt off and deserves it. His contract makes him difficult to trade (if not untradeable for at least this year and next) so hes going to be around awhile.

      I didnt like when SJ did it to Marleau without trading him and I wouldn’t like it if the Oilers did it. Horcoff is a good captain, player, and presence in the room. I dont care that hes 750k-1 mil overpaid neither do the players that look to him for leadership.

      • Cowbell_Feva

        LOL.. Horcoff wouldn’t fetch a 3rd rounder right now, regardless of salary Hemmertime. Saying he is a good captain is debatable. He is not a good hockey player. He is a third line grinder on a mediocre team at best. And seeing as you have never witnessed his presence in the dressing room, I find your points to be fruitless. Smytty would be 100 times better a captain than Horc could ever be. Heart and the ablility to put the puck in the net. Horc only has the heart aspect of that equasion.

        I’m sure the rookies that are better players than him, at half the age, and 1/4 the salary really look up to him….only if they want to see how to lose a draw and/or turn the puck over.

          • Cowbell_Feva

            Would it be the guy that had three bank in off his shin pads, and kick in the game winner against Florida, all on the powerplay? Probably the same guy who finished below Kurtis Foster, Eberle and Hall in PP scoring this year for the Oilers….not sure where you dreamed up this so called “wide margin”??

            Stick to the Dungeons and Dragons

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Oops, I meant power play points per 60 min.

            And ya, he lead in that catagory by a wide margin.

            Did you check out Crosby’s wingers production yet?

            I’ll make it easy for you, Kunitz scored at a better pace with Crosby on the IR then he did with Crosby on the ice.

            Crosby isn’t increasing his linemates numbers and niether are Eberle/Hall… sorry man.