ST. PAUL, Minnesota — One Ryan or two? Maybe none?

Those are the two obvious storylines for the Edmonton Oilers heading into the 2011 NHL Entry Draft today and Jason Gregor and I are going to be all over them as the answers unfold at the Xcel Energy Center.

Will the Oilers use their second consecutive first overall pick to select centre Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of the Red Deer Rebels? That’s the shot we’ve been calling here are Oilersnation for weeks now, and despite some speculation that’s in doubt, it’s the likeliest bet.

The second storyline, one that’s developed rapidly in recent days, is the buzz that Ryan Smyth of the Los Angeles Kings has let it be known he’d like to return to Edmonton. That’s a wish Los Angeles GM Dean Lombardi has indicated he will try to accommodate — perhaps as early as today.

Might the Oilers leave the draft floor today with both Nugent-Hopkins and Smyth in the fold? We’ll be on top of that, as well as tracking GM Steve Tambellini’s stated efforts to move up and get a second high pick in the first round, as the day unfolds.

I’ll be talking to scouts and GMs on the floor at the Xcel Energy Centre and keeping tabs with beat writers from other cities as the proceedings begin today and I’ll be posting regular updates starting at about 3 p.m. Edmonton time, so check back regularly.


— 12:45: We’re hearing, and TSN is reporting on its website, that Winnipeg has been received permission from the NHl to reinstate the name Jets for next season. The question now, did the Winnipeg group anticipate this and will they have a Jets hat and jersey for whoever they take with the seventh selection?

— 1:02: Smyth to Calgary rumours rampant, as per Gord Miller etc., but no confirmation on a deal yet.

— 1:04: As per Stauffer: Oilers scouting staff said to be unanimous on taking Nugent-Hopkins.

— 4:01: TSN will have a shot of the top prospects, including Nugent-Hopkins, casually strolling into the Xcel Energy Center together as part of their coverage today. I know this because I watched them set it up . . .

— 4:50: Time flies. Just ran into Harold Snepsts, who was one of my favourite players during his days with the Vancouver Canucks. For all my travels around the NHL, I haven’t seen old Hammerin’ Harry in 20 years. He’s sporting the shaved dome now and has to be pushing 60 years old. He was a tough SOB back in the day.

— 5:07: Just had a quick chat with Nugent-Hopkins on his way to do another interview. He says the nerves are holding up pretty well. Said he  had a chance to talk to Hall today and he seems to be happily taking in everything around him. Pretty calm and cool customer, this kid.

 — 5:22: Former Oilers chief scout Kevin Prendergast on Nugent-Hopkins: ‘He’s a special player."

— 5:28: Mike Gillis holding court with Vancouver beat writers . . . Hall doing an interview with Stauffer  . . . a bunch of fans in a section up in the nosebleeds have been chanting "Go Jets Go" for the last 30 minutes . . . Ken Wiebe, a Winnipeg hockey writer, tells me it’s doubtful the Jets will have a team jersey for their first pick because no design has been approved by the NHL and it’s not a given the new outfit will be the same as the new one, even if the name is the same.

— 5:35: I’m told by a scout the Avs are taking Landeskog.

— 6:05: Just waiting on The Count to get festivities rolling . . . once the Oilers make their pick, I’ll be posting comments from RNH here as soon as I get back from his availability . . .

— 6:10: If the Oilers can move Brule in the Smyth trade that at least takes a little bite out of the overpay on Smyth’s salary. That’s a deal I’d be shaking hands on right now.

— 6:15: Smyth deal done, according to TSN.

— 6:17: Standing ovation for the family of E.J. MaGuire. Classy.

— 6:22: Tambellini calls the shot — NUGENT-HOPKINS. Big smile from the kid.


7:28 (After 35 minutes of computer malfunction and language you don’t want to hear . . .)

  — "It feels amazing. I can’t even describe what I’m feeling right now. I mean, all the nerves are finally starting to go away and it just feels great."

— "When my name got called, it definitely didn’t hit my until I got up on stage and shook Steve Tambellini’s hand again. I’m just very excited about this opportunity."

— "Just from what people were saying I had a rough idea, but I mean I really didn’t know what was going to happen. I’m really just relieved."

— 7:30: Will be getting Tambellini and Stu MacGregor for their comments after the first round. Stay tuned for that . . . it as KP who called Colorado and Landeskog . . .

— 7:55: Some action around the Oilers table, but I can’t see who Tambellini was talking to . . . nice eyesight, Brownlee . . . still guys available Tambellini would be very happy with 19th . . . Jamie Oleksiak and Oscar Klefbom. 

— 8:10: NY Rangers have Aaron Boogaard make the 15th pick for them in honour of brother Derek. It’s J.T. Miller. Nice touch by the Rangers.

— 8:17: Hearing again, this time from sources close to Oilers, the Smyth deal involving Brule is done. Still no official word from the team.

— 8:37: Chicago takes Mark McNeill, who the Oilers really wanted at 19th. That’s Oleksiak and McNeill gone, which leads me to Klefbom.

— 8:40: Tambellini up on stage with Bettman early for the pick . . . it’s KLEFBOM


— 9:05: We’ve read the scouting reports on Klefbom. I asked him to provide Oilers fans will one of his own, Here’s what he said:

"Now, the have a really big, strong defenseman. A really ambitious guy and a very competitive person. I try to be better every day. I have some good leadership, as well. I’ll try to give them that."

 MORE FROM NUGENT-HOPKINS, courtesy of NHL transcripts

— 9:55 Q.    Did anybody say anything in that moment to you?
     RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS:  I don’t know if they did, I don’t think I could
even remember right now.

     Q.   You talked yesterday a little bit about the possibility of going
back  for  another year at Junior.  Now that you know it’s the Oilers, have
they talked to you at all about their thoughts in that regard?
     RYAN  NUGENT-HOPKINS:   Not really.  But I mean from what I’ve heard,
Steve’s  in  no  rush  to get me playing.  But if I do go back to Junior, I
won’t  be  disappointed at all.  It will be a great opportunity for us, Red
Deer, as a team to hopefully to get to the Memorial Cup.
     Personally  it  will be a good year of development for me too, but my
goal now is to make the Oilers right now.

     Q.  You’re in with a group of guys that are all coming up at the same
time.   Can  you just speak to the excitement about being part of something
that seems like it’s building pretty well?
     RYAN  NUGENT-HOPKINS:   Yeah, definitely it’s going to be great.  I’m
definitely  going  to be able to relate to all the young guys in the system
already.   So  just  joining  a group like that is very exciting for me.  I
just can’t wait to get started.

     Q.  The World Juniors are going to be in Edmonton in Calgary.  I know
the NHL’s dream, but on the same token won’t it kind of be neat considering
where you’re located?
     RYAN  NUGENT-HOPKINS:  Yeah, definitely, if I didn’t make the Oilers,
hopefully  I  can  make  the  World  Junior squad, and that will be a great
opportunity for me as well.

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  • #94 sized hole where my heart used to be...

    Today I am one happy man, the 2 biggest eye sores in the last decade on the oilers were the Pronger and Smyth deals, and through the Pronger trade we got Eberle, and i love Eberle and he may not ever be as elite as Pronger was for us but he has miles more character than pronger ever will so I’m happy in the long run about that one.
    The Smyth deal we got fleeced but Smyttys back home so the books closed on that one.
    The sucking the Oil did due to the departures of those 2 have turned into Paajarvi/Hall/Nugent-Hopkins among others..

    So as we close that final chapter of being scourned Oiler fans for the past 5 years, where Pronger bolted, Smytty was forced out, and Hossa and Heatley refused to come, Oil fans start fresh with the Prodigal Mulletted Son returning with a fresh crop of young guns to lead, the smile that I thought was permanantly wiped from my face when Smytty was traded is back and I realize.. FINALY.. It is an amazing time to be an Oiler fan again..

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Well it’s days like today that I’m proud to call myself an Alberta boy. On the flip-side, I’m glad I’m not one of the die-hard Jets fans out there, or I’d be pretty choked that Cheveldayoff whiffed on his first pick as a big boy hockey team GM.

    In honour of today, boys, I’ve recorded an Edmonton classic.


    I was hoping McNeil would drop down to 19th. We need a solid, in your face and willing-to- drop the glove guy who can also score. Unfortunately, Chicago got him at 18th.

    I hope we can get a big and very skilled right winger- Tomas Jurco (6’3″- 200 lb)(GP-60, G-31, A-25). He is an excellent offensive player who was a memorial cup winner with SJ Seadogs. Could be a sleeper pick at 31.



    Welcome back Mr. Smyth. You were my favorite player when you left, and it just feels right to have you back. I don’t care how many points you get, steal of a trade even if it’s only 30 – expecting 45-50 btw… Good day to be an Oil fan! Here’s to us. Good job to Tambo for not messing anything up tonight.

  • Slapshot

    Last year Tambellini said he would do everything he could to move up in the draft and did nothing,this year same thing.The Oilers should just train a monkey to do Tambellini’s job,other GM’s are making deals and as usual or GM is doing nothing.

  • paul wodehouse

    ~S~K~…RNH is ours and that IS a good thing on this …a good day…BUT

    …our GM is STILL a dough headed winker toss and IMO your Dr.Claw Cat widget coulda done a better job…i say he and his team shoulda pulled their sh*t together with what might have been an emergency contingency plan ready to go in the event a Couturier began to slide LIKE HE DID!!!…they could have done something to get the eighth pick from Holmgren…sorry sheople…

    i’m calling that part of that good day a massive fail…

    … fire the dough head and get a real GM…

    • Peterborough

      Its not that easy dude! Look what To gave up to move up a little bit, same for Ottawa . . . way to rich for my blood. The best trades are often the ones you DON’T MAKE. Taking bullets away from MBS = stupidity.