Is There Anybody Out There?

We’re at a point in the free agent season where teams are either set or almost there. A few stragglers will sign, but it’s on to arbitration and then we’ll see you at camp for most of the league’s 30 teams. Do the Edmonton Oilers have any business to finish? Are there any UFA’s who could help? 

The Oilers could use a goaltender, either to push the top 3 on the depth chart (Dubnyk, Khabibulin, Danis) or to force young Olivier Roy down to the ECHL (where he could play every night and find the range as a pro). Glenn Hall (in photo) is the best available free agent goalie, but coaxing him out of retirement in the 60’s was difficult–by now it would be close to impossible.

Steve Tambellini has some nice options at the position. Ray Emery posted a .926SP for the Anaheim Ducks a year ago after coming back from hip surgery. Emery should be considered a solid gamble for a building team like the Oilers, and reports suggest Emery has matured over these years. At 28 years old, he’s certainly young enough to hang around awhile.

On the blue, Scott Hannan remains available and would certainly improve this club’s top 4 defensive depth chart. His boxcar numbers aren’t anything special but the secondary (read: Desjardins) numbers show someone who can still play. Hannan and Ryan Smyth played together in Colorado for a couple of seasons, perhaps the Oilers can recruit Hannan for the Oilers using a former teammate. There are lots of interesting players, like Jack Hillen (not qualified by the Islanders) but if the Oilers were to line up with a top 4D of Whitney-Hannan, Smid-Gilbert I think we could agree that things are getting much better.

Adding Ray Emery and Scott Hannan would be considered huge moves at this point of the season. They would also advance the cause mightily and give the Oilers an opening night lineup that could look like this:

  • Gagner-Smyth-Hemsky
  • RNH-Hall-Eberle
  • Horcoff-Paajarvi-Omark
  • Belanger-Eager-Jones
  • Whitney-Hannan
  • Smid-Gilbert
  • Peckham-Barker
  • Dubnyk (Emery)

Could that team make a playoff push? 

  • Who dat

    i’d really love to see the kid line. but is it wishful thinking? will RNH really make the team, and if so, will he be paired with two sophomores, or perhaps a veteran instead?

  • I guess I am the only person in the entire oilogosphere that believes it is still Nicholai’s job to lose. Wait! Wait! Wait!

    *waves a stick with a helmet on it to check for sniper fire*

    This year our defense core is a little better, and I am not one of those who believes Dubnyk will necessarily reveal his superman pajamas and lead the team into the future.

    Khabibulin is the most experienced, the veteran, and as such should be given the chance to prove that he can turn his game around. Respect your elders….. but only so far.

    The key here is if he doesn’t prove he can turn it around, then give Dubnyk a chance, or failing that, Danis. Let experience dictate who gets the first crack, and thereon let play dictate who gets the most recent crack.

    Speaking of crack, we don’t need Emery the lunatic, just let Khabi continue to mentor Dubnyk, and don’t wear him out.

    *ducks back behind cover*

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    One thing to not overlook is that MPS and Omark apparently look up to Bulin as their vet leader type in the dressing room (believe it was mentioned in the journal a few weeks ago). Not that that is all important, but it seems that the org is trying to keep the Euro kids happy and comfortable. So, like with Strudwick, the good in the room guy will be here a few years too long.

    As for Lander, I expect him to be our 4th line centre to start the year. He outplayed RNH, and for that reason i expect the Nuge to be in the WHL next year and for the Org to give Gagner one more year to prove he belongs in our top 2. If not, he is out and the Nuge take his place. If he plays well, then the Oil can either deal him (he would be an RFA) or shift him to wing, and possibly move Hemsky. Gagner playing well gives us more options going forward and it will be interesting to see how he approaches the year. Cogs will be gone, and next year Gagner will take his place in the “on the block” roster spot.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Not sure that I am on board with signing Emery but it would be nice if we could get somebody to push Khabby and keep Dubnyk from thinking that the job is his to lose. I think that Hannan would be a solid signing if the price is right.

  • Who dat

    As for Hannan. It makes almost too much sense to offer him a 2 years deal, at around $4 mill (overpay, but he fills a huge gap in our D). his money comes off when we need it. If Barker pans out then great, but if not it is no big deal as Petry slides into that spot with Peckham as our 3rd pairing next year. In 2 years Hannan can stay at a discount as the vet dman. Smid will either be allowed to walk, or will be a true top 4 dman. And Petry slides into the spot opposite Whitney. Peckham and Hannan become our 3rd pairing/shutdown PKers, and Marincin, Teubert or the Bomb is our rookie 7th dman who splits time on our 3rd pairing. If Petry doesn’t work out as a top 2 option, then you hope for a teubert or the Bomb being able to step in.

    We still possibly lack the all around top 2 guy, but we have some depth in the Org for once, and from all indications at the rookie camp, Teubert may be better then we thought. We’ll see what happens this year, but I expect he may, by the end of camp, be on par with Petry when it comes to a call up. If a banger goes down, teubert gets the call, of Gilbert or Whitney goes down it becomes Petry.

  • MaestroFreshMess

    I don’t understand why everyone wants to bump Petry to the minors. He appears to be ready for NHL minutes now.

    also- can we quit assigning numbers to the defencemen? you’re in the first, second, or third pairing and play special teams. That’s it.

    • Crash

      I agree with you…I don’t understand all this we need Scott Hannan talk….

      Scott Hannan is not going to make any measurable improvement to the Oilers defense core…signing him would just be a waste of cash.

      The group is ok as it is. Unless you are adding some high end guy then having:





      Looks fine to me.

      Same thing with the goaltending…it’s fine the way it is…why waste cash on another guy like Emery…Emery comes with no better guarantee than Khabibulin…this team “DOESN’T” need yet another 3 headed monster here and it makes “ZERO” sense to farm out Khabibulin. From all accounts it sounds as though Khabibulin is a good teammate which is good for Dubnyk and why couldn’t it be possible for Khabibulin to have a better season this year than last in more of a reduced role?

      No to Hannan and some other seasoned question mark goaltender.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        It’s so bizzar that you wouldn’t want to add a good NHL’er. Why would you want a defense that looks ‘fine’ when you could have a better one. Also as it sits right now that’s still one of the worst defenses in the league… And is an injury to Whitney away from being an absolute disaster again.

        • Crash

          It’s bizzar that you think Hannan is that good of an nhler….it’s bizzar that you think he would make much of a difference….Scott Hannan doesn’t guarantee you have a better defense…Scott Hannan doesn’t bring what Petry can possibly bring…it’s bizzar that Washington would just let him walk if he was that good of an nhler…it’s bizzar that if he was that good that he’s still unsigned…it’s bizzar that you’d want Hannan to take Petry’s spot in the lineup…it’s bizzar that you think anybody that has a different opinion than you is bizzar.

          That the Oilers will still have one of the worst defenses in the league is something we will find out. Petry is another year older, Barker could be gold or a bust, Sutton could make it more difficult for other teams to establish net presence, a healthy Whitney will make a big difference, Peckham is another yr older with a full yr of experience behind him, same with Smid…adding a 32 yr old journeyman defenseman that other teams aren’t clamouring over right now guarantees you “NOTHING”

          I’m not against improving any area but adding Scott Hannan doesn’t improve squat…

          • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

            Signing Hannan gives us someone more capable of handling minutes once one of our top 4 defensemen goes down. He has more experience than anyone on our blueline and brings a game that isn’t exactly duplicated throughout our lineup. He isn’t the perfect option but he does his job, and can take pressure of guys like Petry who most likely will go through hot and cold streaks. As far as Journeyman goes he’s played 830 games with mostly two teams, before he was traded last year for a top 6 forward in Fleischmann.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            As of right now Hannan would be arguable our 2nd best dman, almost certainly our 3rd best and inarguable our 4th best.

            Adding Hannan would improve our defense just like adding Belanger improved our depth down the middle.

            If you want to be a good team, you add better players, Hannan is better then at least half our defenders.

          • Crash

            That’s your opinion…I don’t think Hannan is as good as you say he is…he’s now 32 yrs old, he’s one dimensional…I think the Oilers stand a better chance of being better with Petry in the lineup instead of Hannan. Petry would likely be the odd man out with Hannan being in. Petry brings a game Hannan couldn’t dream of bringing. Hannan doesn’t bring any offense to his game, he’s also not a tough guy…he could quite likely be yet another big soft 225 pound defenseman not unlike Gilbert only with no offense to his game.

            So no, Hannan would not be our 2nd, 3rd or 4th best d-man.

            I agree you make the team better by adding better players…I think one could argue that Hannan isn’t better than anyone of the Oilers current top 7 and judging by the number of teams that are lining up to sign him right now I’m guessing you might be overvaluing him.

          • Crash

            What’s wow about it OB? Because you believe it to be otherwise?

            Why is Hannan still available? If he’s that good, why in the hell is he still sitting there for any team to sign? With regards to the Oilers D, is he as good offensively as Whitney, Gilbert, Petry, Barker? Who has more upside, a 25 yr old Barker and Smid or Hannan? Who is tougher, Sutton and Peckham or Hannan? Just what is it that has you clamouring over this guy while he sits waiting for someone to sign him?

            Yes I think it could be argued that Hannan brings nothing to the table that would make the Oilers defense better.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            It’s “wow” because it’s quite possibly the most ridiculous, statment I’ve ever read here (and that’s saying alot). It truly does bring the “homerism” to a whole new level.

            Claiming that a guy that played top 4 minutes on the team that let in the least amount of goals in the whole conference…. and had so much faith in their tending that they went out and brought in a new one wouldn’t even *make* the worst defense in the leauge…. that was ~bolsterd~ (though I do like the additions) by the addtion of a guy that was bought out by another one of the worst teams in the league and a guy that played the *11th* most minutes per game on a team that let up the 10th most goals in the conference is … well bizzar.

          • Crash

            What’s ridiculous about it? It has nothing to do with homerism…I look at what Hannan brings. Tell me why Washington didn’t resign him? Tell me what he’s going to bring that’s going to make things so much better?

            You cherry picked one season on a powerhouse team…it’s easy to cherry pick numbers from different seasons….how’d he look on a bad Colorado team the year before Matt Duchene was drafted? Have a look at 2008/09 the year Hannan played on a bad team in Colorado…what would you have been saying about him that year if you were a Colorado fan…you would have been front and center with your self proclaimed words of hockey wisdom about him being useless. He played the most minutes per game on that team and was a team worst minus 21. The team was also the worst defensive team in the entire league that season…if the Oilers are still as bad as you say they are is it possible that Hannan could end up a team worst here too? It sure as hell is possible.

            As far as the Oilers being the worst defense in the league? This year coming is a different year, this years defense has different personnel. Sutton and Barker are new, Petry would be too. Do you think it’s possible the defensive numbers can be better with the addition of that faceoff man this year, by having new personnel on the forward ranks, and by the younger players having another yr of experience to draw on? Maybe they are still going to be the worst, time will tell but Hannan has a past that shows he doesn’t necessarily perform to a very high level on bad hockey teams.

            The evidence suggests Hannan’s not as good as you are making him out to be. Washington doesn’t want him back, no one else in the entire league has rushed to get him into their top 4…so what is “WOW” about suggesting that maybe he really wouldn’t make things better and that the Oilers would be better served giving Petry actual NHL minutes this year?

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Cherry picked? That’s his most recent body of work. Top 4 on a top defensive team. Pretty simple.

            And if you really want to look big picture he’s played top 4 minutes (and alot of cases top 2) for the better part of 800+ career game…. usually on solid clubs.

            What evidence suggests he isn’t as good as I’m making him out to be? He’s proven his whole career that he’s a capable top 4 defender.

            Honestly, claiming Hannan is worse then all 7 of our defensmen… is about as resonable and rational as claiming say Andrew Ladd is worse then all of our wingers.

          • Crash

            And yet they don’t want him back, pretty simple. Again, your opinion, that’s fine but it’s not out of the realm to suggest that Hannan is no better than what exists here already whether you believe the same or not…it’s not unreasonable to suggest in the least.

            So let’s pick his most recent body of work on a bad team…the 08/09 Colorado Av’s…how’d he make out on a bad team?…he’s proven he used to be a decent top 4 defender when surounded by a strong team and even then his numbers are not staggering.

            Most minutes played on a bad hockey team, worst plus/minus on that team and the team was last in the league defensively…

            You continue to avoid the question…why if he’s so good is he still available? Why is it not reasonable to suggest he would make zero difference for the better? What more evidence do you need than his performance on a bad hockey team and the fact that no one has rushed to sign him to make a case for him not really being an answer to improve the defense?

            I would again suggest the Oilers defense overall could very well be better with Petry in and not adding Hannan than Petry out and adding Hannan.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Have to agree with Crash. Scott Hannan will not be a difference maker; there’ll be more D options next year that we can sign that will really help this team. Having said that, if Hannan is willing to sign for cheap at 1 yr; I have no issues with that either. At his age, I don’t think he’s a long term solution for our D.

            Besides, since we love using the word bizzare, we better spell it correctly 🙂

          • BurkeTheTurd

            @ Crash

            “Scott Hannan doesn’t guarantee you have a better defense…Scott Hannan doesn’t bring what Petry can possibly bring.”

            You need to start watching more NHL games than just sportnet broadcasts.

          • Crash

            I’m an Oilers season ticket holder, I live in Red Deer and see many whl games as well…I played the game at a high junior level, have been around the game for 45 yrs. I’ve seen enough hockey to know that Hannan is being overhyped by bloggers on this site.

            Does Hannan bring the offense that Petry can bring? Does Hannan bring the upside of a Petry? Does Hannan bring the youth of Petry? Does Hannan skate as well as Petry? What exactly does Hannan bring that has him still waiting to be signed?

            Hannan at this point is a huge question mark…

          • BurkeTheTurd

            Will Hannan play in the NHL this year? Yes.
            Will Petry play in the NHL this year…probably a few games due to a roster player being injured.

            3 years down the road, I hope your right and Petry is the better player. Clearly he has youth on his side, however I believe for the next few years Hannan will be the better player.

          • Crash

            Yes Hannan will likely be in the NHL this year but I’m not convinced he will be an everyday player at this point.

            I believe Petry will start the season here unless he blows it in training camp or unless the Oilers make a key trade….I sure hope it isn’t going to be another 3 yrs down the road for Petry because he’ll already be 24 yrs old this Dec which is when most pros begin their prime years of production…IMO if he isn’t ready soon he won’t be in the org much longer.

            Hannan was playing last year on a pretty bad Colorado team and was not logging very many minutes…he was eventually moved over to Washington where his minutes picked up slightly but still left him 4th on his team in minutes played behind a younger player in John Carlson and just slightly ahead of Karl Alzner and Jeff Schultz. His minutes played in the league have regressed progressively over the last 4 or so years and they really dropped off last year. I don’t see him picking it up much if at all and don’t believe it would be wise to sign him at the expense of playing time for Petry. IMO I think Washington isn’t sold on him, I would guess that Colorado isn’t either and him being unsigned at this point is a clue imo that he doesn’t easily fit into the plans of many teams at this point.

            Just my take, no calling anyone bizzare, or saying anyone has a screw loose or that anyone is an idiot.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            You know what’s absolutly hilarious about your stance?

            You claim Hannan is a question mark…. but you don’t think almost every (actually probably every) player on our current defense isn’t a question mark????

            Proven players are less of a question mark then unproven players, the fact that you don’t get that is mind boggling.

            Barker just got bought out, he’s a huge question mark.

            Petry and Peckham haven’t even played 100 NHL games, they are both huge question marks.

            Smid has never (or at least rarely) proven he can play a top 4 role.

            Sutton isn’t a question mark, he just isn’t very good, no questions there… you can pretty much pencil him in as a 6/7.

            Hannan would be one of, if not the “surest thing” on our back end, and has by far LESS question marks then the majority of our current defensmen.

          • Crash

            I don’t know why I’m answering but anyway..

            I get that Barker is a question mark but he’s here already and signed, plus he’s only 25 yrs old, he has possible home run upside…Smid, same thing, he’s 25 plus he brings an edge to his game that is required.

            Yes Petry and Peckham are question marks but they are young and from all reports they are on the upswing, not the downswing. You can’t risk losing Peckham on waivers so he’s here to stay. This team is being built to gradually climb to heights and to try to sustain it…

            Yes Sutton is a question mark but he fills a void and adds to the team toughness aspect from the back end…. I agree that he will likely be a 6/7. If Hannan were here that’s where I think he’d slot in and then 24 yr old Petry would have to play in the AHL and I don’t consider that a wise move. Hannan doesn’t bring offense and he doesn’t bring toughness so if his game is starting to go south he is a very big risk to carry…we don’t need another soft 225lb d-man who brings nothing other than a veteran presence.

            And again, you are convinced that Hannan is a sure thing on our back end….I’m not, I hope that’s ok. To me, he’s regressing, the signs are there. So chances are he will continue down that path…chances are better that Smid, Barker, Peckham, Petry are going to get better.

            If Hannan were a sure thing he would have an NHL team right now to call home. Throwing 10 mil at him could be a huge mistake.

            Again, that’s just my opinion. Could be wrong, but, could be right…it still appears to me that teams are being cautious when it comes to signing Hannan.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Gotta say, I find it hard to believe he’d go from #4 in Washinton to #6/#7 in Edmonton.

            I’ve got this one tucked away on my hard drive though and I’m really looking forward to revisiting.

          • Crash


            Remember too that he wasn’t number 4 in his 23 games in Colorado last year, he was #9 and Washington didn’t resign him.

            I”d be all for the Oilers adding a top 4 d-man but to me he has to be more of a guarantee than Hannan to justify farming out Petry or whichever other young d-man that might shine at camp.

          • Crash


            Thankfully OB1 is not the GM of the Oilers or we’ll be totally screwed.

            And yes, we can all disagree without being disagreeable. There’s no need for namecalling, it just shows poor taste. Let’s leave that kind of attitude for the Canucks fans 🙂

            Sometimes I find that it’s easier to just ignore somebody when they are confrontational and won’t rationalize constructively. We are all oilers fans and it’s not really a matter of being right or wrong. I think the primary purpose of this exchange is to share ideas and celebrate the team; not really to prove if somebody is wrong.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Ya no doubt, thankfully I’m not GM… we might actually have more then 2 top 4 dmen if that were the case. ~We’d be totally screwd~

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    I don’t know if Hannan is a top pairing D-man on even a budding playoff team… They would need an ace in that spot to make the playoffs IMO.

  • MaestroFreshMess

    I concur about Petry, I will predict he’ll be in the top 4! This kid has excellent skills, an active stick, excellent skater with agility & has size! He’ll be in the top 4 & rightly so.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    I think the goalie situation is fine as is, I would much rather build our forward and d group and see what our goaltending brings first. Dubnyk looked good and I think he will be ok, I also think Bulin will be ok with less games.

    I think the moves made by Tambo were solid and now we see what we have, no one can say for certain if this team is in playoffs or in the lottery, but I would avoid signing Hannan (he would look good but I think only for this season), we have so many question marks I don’t think any signings are going to change that.

    How improved are Hall, Eberle, MPS and Omark?
    Will Barker show up?
    Will Smid finally take that next step and become a top 4 D?
    Will Petry be solid and ready for the NHL?

    We don’t know these yet and only the season will show these, also signing more guys bumps everyone down and I would like to see some guys step up from the AHL this year (Teubert, Lander, Harski)


    I would put Khabibulin on waivers or buy him out.He is done like dinner.I really believe we need another starting goalie and why not take a chance on Ray Emery? Invite him to training camp and see how he makes out. I don’t believe for a minute that Dubnyk can carry this team. He has not showed me anything special.They need a goalie bad.As what good are the players we signed so far this year without a goalie in the net.Does anyone know what you would have to give up for Cory Schneider ? If someone knows please let me know.
    Thank you

  • Crash

    Colorado made the playoffs in 2010 with an appalling defensive club and Scott Hannan. They were in playoff position last year until they traded Hannan for a sick guy, then they fell off a cliff.

    Hannan played solid D for the Sharks while they developed into a powerhouse. He’d be a good pickup for the Oilers, these sort of guys make everyone more comfortable in their roles and not have to play above themselves. Think Spacek in 2006, different style, but the effect would (hopefully) be similar.

    The problem with him is the contract to get him here. I’d suggest large dollars up front to allow him to be traded to a cheap team with cap room down the road.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      No doubt, the only question should be contract. Unless he wants unreasonable dollars/term his signing should be a no brainer for the Oil.

  • Crash

    I do think Hannan would be a good fit but I don’t think its the RIGHT fit for the Oilers. Ideally you would like a young defenseman to force is way on the roster (Carlson, Alzner in Washington) the Oilers right now have Peckham, Smid and Petry (Barker maybe) an their roster and really 2 should make up the bottom 5 6 pairing with vets or highly skilled dmen at the 1-4. I think the Oilers need to play out the season with Smid Petry Barker and Peckham and see what they have and then make some roster decisions based on these 4 players abilities, maybe Petry and Barker play like top 4 dmen then we are set but we don’t know until we have tested it.

    I would like the Oilers to solidify their top 4 (Gilbert and Whitney are the only ones right now) and then have guys from the AHL force their way on the roster (Teubert and Maricin).

  • Crash

    Putting Barker in the 3rd pairing would give him a chance to build his flagging confidence. His confidence is the question in my view. He didn’t suddenly lose the ability to play the game.

    I don’t feel Buchberger or Smith are the best assistant coaching options. Its too bad they couldn’t get Huddy back. I could see why he might not want to return to the Oil. The assistant coaches probably deserve another year to get the team improved in the special teams and defensive areas. The coaching support is one area that may need to be looked at if improvment in performance fails to develop this coming season.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Because, I tend to agree with Crash that he’s not really that great of a player. That adding him won’t make us closer to getting to the playoffs or the ultimate goal of winning the cup. Suter and Kronwall, Burns, and Suter to name a few will be available next year. Those guys are younger and better than Hannan IMHO. They’ll be at their peak by the time the core of the Oilers are competing consistently in the playoffs. Look, like everybody else in ON, I’d be ecstatic if the Oilers won the cup this year; but I don’t that’s going to happen (not this year, at least). Get the right players at the right time and keep them together for a few years to get the best run at it.

    Like I said, I wouldn’t mind having him for a year. I’d rather have him than Sutton, honestly. But he’s the wrong guy for what the team needs moving forward if you want him to stay with the team for more than a year or two.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      He’s 10 times the player Sutton is. Getting him know wouldn’t stop us from grabbing one from your list next year as well.

      Also, it would be pretty poor planning to pass over him now (assuming we even have a shot) because of 4 guys you want more next year…. only to get skunked on those 4 (which is the most likely scenario).

      I’m thinking at this stage we could probably get him for 3 years in the 10 million range, which would be just about right.

    • Crash

      What you and I haven’t apparently learned is that if you don’t agree with OB then it is bizzare. If OB says Hannan is 10 times the player Sutton is then it has to be true. Although I would agree that Hannan and Sutton could be interchanged depending on need. I like the toughness of Sutton over Hannan but Hannan is more mobile than Sutton. But I wouldn’t have Hannan playing ahead of any of the others including Petry and adding Hannan would mean Petry has to go down or one of the others would have to clear waivers.

      We are in agreement…Scott Hannan is being way overvalued. He’s simply not that good and I sure wouldn’t be throwing 10 mil at this guy over 3 yrs, not in this lifetime.

      But like I said you and I need to learn that if OB says it’s pretty poor planning to pass over Hannan then it obviously has to be true because he said so. Even though every team in the league has so far passed on this supposed top 4, maybe top 2 d-man…..there are apparently 30 actual NHL GM dummies out there so we aren’t alone. There must be some extremely solid d-cores in the league for this top 4 stud to still be available or all the actual NHL GM’s are rather stupid.

      Seriously, if Hannan is such a great addition (top 2, top 4) why is he still out there? Maybe, just maybe, he’s more suspect than some believe. I’d love to see him sign with a bottom feeder team (not the Oilers) and see how he makes out.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        3 teams and what? 6 coaches have used Hannan in a top 4 role for roughly 10 years now.

        It isn’t up for debate, the guy is a top 4 dman….. something that is of short supply on this team.

        You keep yammering on and on about other teams not signing him…. theirs lots of guys that still aren’t signed…just like every year.

        We have no idea why he hasn’t signed yet, likely the reason is because he was asking for too much money (probably actually too much term) right off the bat so teams went elsewhere.

        at 32 he was probably looking for something in the 4-5 year range, so the caps went with a 2 year deal for Hamerlik.

        And Sutton and Hannan can’t be “interchanged” anyone that thinks those two are even remotly of the same caliber of player has a screw loose.

        • Crash

          You are something else…everyone that disagrees with you now not only are they bizzare but now they have a screw loose.

          Hannan and Sutton are different players….if a team requires toughness they don’t go after Hannan over Sutton….IMO at this point in their careers I do believe that they are interchangeable depending on need. I don’t buy into your Scott Hannan at this point being a guaranteed top 4 and if you can’t see the trend that NHL GM’s can see then I think it is maybe you that has a screw loose.

          Hannan is now 32 yrs old, he’ll be 33 in Jan, here are his last 4 seasons.

          07/08 22:40 TOI per game – 45th in the league

          08/09 22:22 TOI per game – 54th in the league

          09/10 21:55 TOI per game – 67th in the league

          10/11 19:47 TOI per game – 115th in the league

          Notice a trend there? No you probably don’t do you? Last year there were 4 Oiler d-men that had more minutes per game played than Hannan did. In the 23 games he played last year with Colorado Hannan averaged 18:37 TOI per game which ranked him 9th amongst d-men that played in Colorado last year. He was behind such household names as Matt Hunwick, Ryan O’Byrne, Kyle Quincey, Kevin Shattenkirk, etc before Washington came calling.

          Washington obviously doesn’t want him back after what he delivered for them last season including playoffs. I agree with your theory that he’s probably asking for too much money but that’s because teams don’t see him as a top 4 anymore….he used to be, yes….is he now? I doubt it…look at his graph, even you the hockey expert that you are can see that the graph is quickly trending downwards and I would suggest to you that other NHL GM’s can see the same thing.

          So yes, at this stage in his hockey life he is now interchangable with guys like Sutton depending on need. He is likely no longer a top 4 and should not be playing ahead of guys like Petry, Smid and Barker let alone Whitney and Gilbert. To suggest signing him to a ridiculous 3 yr 10 mil contract only to watch his play continue to decline even more over the next 3 yrs suggests more of a screw being loose than anything else….That would truly be a “JOKE” and would most certainly turn out to be another bad signing.

          That he is a top 4 d-man today is very debatable whether you believe it or not.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Ha-ha, what an idiot.

            We’ll check back in 6 months when Hannah is playing 20 minutes a night somewhere and the Oilers defense is getting shelled.

            Same song and dance as last year, you couldn’t grasp the concept of depth then and you don’t grasp it now… this time next year you’ll reaching for the injury excuse like you did this year when we’ve got secondary prospects filling holes on the big club because we’ve already jamed all our top guys into the roster.

          • Crash

            Now I’m an Idiot…get over yourself and grow up….this coming from a guy who constantly mis spells everything and struggles with the use of the words there, their and they’re. You shouldn’t be calling anyone an idiot genius.

            You like to present stats to back up your claims and when someone comes at you with stats to back up a claim you resort to your usual pompous, arrogant, childish, name calling routine.

            I understand depth just fine…Hannan takes away a spot from Petry, not smart imo…

            Hannan could just as easily end up on a team that gets shelled…in fact I hope he does

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I don’t think you do understand depth, because if you did you’d realize having Petry in the 8 slot on the depth chart is a good thing.

            That way when the inevitable 2 injuries occure we can slot him and Sutton in rather then Having Petry and Plant back there with Chorney in the 7 hole…. You know, rather then having 3-4 guys on in the rotation with less then 200 games experience.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    We obviously still need a top-2 pairing D. Hannan would work, but I’d wait until his signing can be lower than we’ve seen for FA defensemen.

    Petry could also be the guy, stepping into the role.

    In goal, the situation is a bit tougher.

    1) We’d need to ditch Khaby. As I doubt any team wants his contract, Katz would need to OK sending him to the minors, or eating his salary and moving him to the KHL or Europe, as the Blackhawks did with Huet.

    2) The goalie we bring in should be able to mentor Dubnyk, who should get the lions share of the playing time. This discounts Emery, as he’d surely not be seen as a mentor/role model to a young goalie, and would want to start.

    At this point, I don’t see either, so it’s looking like Dubnyk/Khaby this season.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    I think OB1 is Hannan’s Agent. Good luck getting your boy signed, it just won’t be for the Oilers!! If the Oiler bring in another Dman it will be Via Trade.. Gags+ for Bogo type trade.