The Oilers have traded  the rights to former first round pick, Andrew Cogliano, to the Anaheim Ducks for a 2nd round pick in 2013.

It was clear the Oilers weren’t going to bring Cogliano to camp, especially considering Steve Tambellini has tried trading him the past two summers. The Ducks make sense, because they will likely slot Cogliano into recently-retired Todd Marchant’s slot.

Cogliano wasn’t going to fit in Edmonton, and I truly believe that Sam Gagner will need to step up this season or he’ll be the next former first rounder getting moved.

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Cogliano’s inability to win faceoffs sparked this move. Sure his size didn’t help, but last season Cogliano became much more consistent in showing the competitive desire necessary to be a solid NHL player. Cogliano never missed a game in four seasons with the Oilers, despite five root canals and having a cyst removed from his lip without any drugs in a span of a week last season. 

Cogliano will be remembered as a great skater, who competed hard, but ultimately didn’t have the finish to be a top-six forward, and he wasn’t good enough in the dot to be a solid shut-down, 3rd line checker. 

Here’s a recap of his four years as an Oiler:

YEAR         GP     G       A         PTS       PIM         +/-
2008          82     18      27         45         20          1
2009          82     18      20         38         22         -6
2010          82     10      28         38         31         -5
2011          82     11      24         35         64        -12

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His faceoff history wasn’t great.

YEAR       FOW      FOL        TOTAL       %
2008        214        328         542           39.5%
2009        261        441         702           37.2%
2010       163         216         379           43.0%
2011       461         647         1108         41.6%   

Cogliano took the most draws for the Oilers last year, and he was the main reason they were one of the worst faceoff teams in the league.

I felt Cogliano become a more competitive player the past few seasons, and a guy who was starting to accept that he’ll be a bottom-six forward throughout his career, rather than a scorer like he was in junior and college.

The Oilers will be hard pressed to draft a 2nd rounder that plays 328 games in his first four NHL seasons, but the Oilers have too many small centres who can’t win faceoffs and one of them had to go.

The Oilers likely won’t win this trade, but as the try to claw out from the NHL basement we should see more trades like this. It is difficult to get any return on a player who has yet to prove he fits a specific role, and while many of you will cheer this move today, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cogliano become a useful 3rd liner in Anaheim.

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While his stats might not reflect it, Cogliano truly cared. I understand why the Oilers made this move, but if I was trading a player based solely on heart and character he wouldn’t have been the first one to go.

However, this game isn’t just about heart and character, it is also about wins, and dealing Cogliano is more about finding players who can fit, and most importantly, flourish in specific roles.

  • Jodes

    From Hockeybuzz:

    One of our Arbitrationists has been dealt.

    Cogliano traded from Edmonton to Anaheim for a second round pick. Look for the Oilers to make a second move today…for a defender…more on that shortly..

    The Ducks have made a great move for a second round draft pick. (The Devils were also in on this…Toronto wasn’t, which is odd)

    I am a big Cogliano fan, and I believe he will thrive in Anaheim, helping the Ducks solidify their offensive depth supporting what is the best first line in Hockey.

    In Edmonton Cogs was a victim of the team getting great draft pick after great draft pick..

    Well I guess it depends which Cogliano shows up in Anaheim.. The Andrew Cogliano that scored 3 consecutive OT goals and was the 20+ goal scorer, or the offensively challenged Cogliano of the last couple years…

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      you dare disgrace the ‘nation by copy-pasting filth from that horsesh1t website??

      you should be ashamed of yourself.

      ***shakes head slowly***

      • Jodes

        Would you rather I type it out?

        Disgraced? Quit sucking up to Wanye! Ashamed? Who’s got the “nick” -team fire tambo after he brought the Mighty Smytty back?

        Fire Tambo? Thats blasphemy now! 😛

        • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

          i would rather you waste your time on tossingmidgetsintotheriver.com then spend a minute giving hockeybuzz the site visit. eklund makes madjam look like scotty frickin bowman for f—s sakes

          and yes, fire tambo! now! now dammit! now!!!!

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

            negative on both.

            the oilers are often compared to the penguins and blackhawks etc in terms of the “be terrible for a while and then get really good” type rebuild.

            well, klowe started the things down the cliff, and tambellini pushed the train right on over it.

            why on earth would i trust tambellini’s ability to build a stanley cup winner when what he “built” resulted in back to back 30th place finishes?

            now, dont get me wrong, i have been the champion of the tank club for YEARS now, so i am 110% on board and totally support the rebuild. I think tambellini was the PERFECT GM to lead the team into the toilet. He had little ability to actually build a team, and his hesitation in making moves allowed the oilers to keep their picks.

            however, now that the “worst”, in theory, should be over, i want to see a GM in there who has proven an ability to actually build a team. IMO, this is the most critical stage of the rebuild. Will this turn into the NYI? or the Penguins?

            with tambellini in charge, i have terrible doubts it will turn into the latter….


          • Jodes

            Fair points.. I agree with you completely. 3rd year in this rebuild is vital. Very slippery slope we are still on. We could easily become the next Pitts, Hawks or even the Caps, or like you said the Isles, Thrashers, or Panthers..

            I think the moves that were made this year are a big step in the right direction, if we can get another decent D and a goalie, the rebuild will hopefully come along quite nicely. Just not mortage to much to get them.

            Trust me, I was stunned as many of you guys were when Tambi signed who he did. I honestly believed that we’d be stuck with “well we tried, but they just wanted ____, ______, ______”.

            I am looking forward to this season and how the new players “gel” with the kids.

            Lets just hope that the additions of Eager, Smyth, Sutton, Hordichuk and Belanger will help out the kids like a certain Adam Oates did when he came to us in the 03/04 season..

            I’m willing to give Tambi one more season (hopefully to make up for the awful Khabi signing).

            Oh and I’ll try and stay off the HB site lol.

  • Sad to see him go, but it also makes sense.
    Just unfortunate for him that for some reason absolutely no one in the organization had the foresight to try him on the wing again. But to be fair he was super fast and couldn’t win a faceoff to save his life, so why not force him to keep playing that role?

    This is gonna be one of those trades A La Marty Reasoner where most of us are going to be mad about it two years from now.

  • justDOit

    What good is speed without agility, and the hands to make plays at that speed? Oh, and a bad shot, not much vision, face-offs…

    But maybe he does turn into the next Marchant – I hope he does – but I doubt that will be this season. After seeing how much praise is being heaped on Lander, I’d rather see us go that direction.

    Good luck Cogs – watch out for Sutton!

  • Bucknuck

    Good bye Cogliano. I always hoped you would break into the 25 goal scoring streaking winger with the Oilers. I guess now you have to do that with the Ducks.

    I woud hope their coaching staff has enough sense to take you off of the dot and put you on the wing, but we shall see. I am sure you will burn the Oilers on many occasions.

  • John Chambers

    The GM community’s valuations on players seems to be all over the map.

    Kris Versteeg is like a version of Cogliano who plays wing and has hands. He gets moved for a late first rounder near the deadline. On July 1 his trade value diminishes somewhat and he’s dealt for a 2nd and 3rd rounder. Okay.

    Cogliano could’ve been had for a bag of pucks last summer, but some nice work on the PK nets a 2nd rounder. Everybody in Oilersnation was hoping he’d get packaged for a defenseman … maybe someone like Greg Zanon when the Wild are outside of the playoff picture in February, 2012. Maybe we’ll trade the pick we obtained instead.

    Joe Corvo gets traded for a 5th rounder, but if he was a UFA someone would’ve given him a 2 year $3.4M deal. Probably Florida.

    A guy like Semyon Varlamov who MIGHT be an NHL starting goalie gets traded for a lottery pick.

    So it goes.

  • DoubleJ

    I would like to see how he progresses in the face off with a different coaching staff working with him. I wish him the best of luck, super nice guy just no more room for him.

  • I am a big fan of Cogliano. I think it’s disappointing that he lost out due to the numbers game and that we couldn’t see far enough ahead to trade him earlier on in his career when he had high value (that would not have been possible though… he was once untouchable here). A second rounder for him is a bit hard to swallow, but this trade was necessary and his value isn’t where it could be right now (i.e. if he had been able to play a top 9 winger role all his career).

    I think he did a great job of adapting his game for our needs, but it’s that old adage of forcing a square peg into a round hole.

    Cogliano is a mediocre center, at best, but I think he’s an excellent winger. We have better wingers here than Cogliano could have provided, however.

    Best of luck to him in Anaheim.. I hope he does really well there.

  • Aendayana

    I’m not sure if this is a well-known fact but Lander and Paajarvi played together on the same line for at least one season in the SEL. I wanna say Omark was on the same team as well but I’m not a 100% sure about that. Hockey is a team sport and great lines develop for all sorts of different reasons and I think while not this year but after for almost certainly the Swedish boys could play solid second-line NHL hockey. I just hope this is something management considers this.
    I’m sad to see Andrew Cogliano to go, but anyone who doesn’t get why needs to take the colored glasses off. And a second-round draft pick is a great return. Good luck in Anaheim.
    Now please trade Gagner to Florida for Eric Gudbranson and lets have some more D in the pipeline. Kleufbom-Teubert-Musil is okay start but as we all know we need top-end talent. I’m not saying Eric is but he does have a fair chance to develop to a top4 d.
    Lastly, lets look ahead a year with tempered expextations because honestly that is all we should do. Not worrying about whether we make the playoffs or anything else. This is still a development season. Maybe at the end of the season providing RNH makes the team (which I believe he will), this is what we could look like.



    Extras; Gagner?, Brule?, Hordichuk, Hartikainen
    Chorney, Petry

    I’m excited. Sorry for the long post


  • Souby

    I have to disagree with everyone saying he was a good penalty killer. If you are losing 60% of the draws that you take when the other team is on the PP, that trumps any skills he had on the PK.

    • dawgbone98

      Based on what?

      You can lose 100% of your draws but if you can keep the shots against down and the puck out of your net you are doing a pretty good job on the PK.

  • Tank

    He always impressed me when I watched practices but never materialized in games. His speed masks his poor hockey sense which ultimatley prevents him from being a good defensive player and his offence is limited by his strength. How many times did he have to turn around to see that the guy he should be covering scored because he was to busy watching what was going on in the corner last year. The good thing about this change is the notion of increased skill in the orginization.

  • O.C.

    The frustrating part about all this is how low the bar has been lowered for this organization. Tambo has effectively tanked the team for 2 straight years (with the help of injuries and circumstance). The result is that we have some good drafts and Tambo just keeps lowering the bar for the real team. Klowe marches out telling us how this might take 7 years. Slowly but surely us sucker fans stop caring about winning and seem happy to do a ‘proper rebuild’ even if that means abandon all pride in your team (for a short time we are told). Its now at the point that we fans are jacked up and planning cup parades over signing Ben Eager and getting Andy Sutton. Seriously?

    Now Cogs moves for a hill of jack sh!t and everyone shrugs and says its just part of the process. We couldn’t get anything else. He was going for arbitration. Better than nothing….

    The fact is Tambo screwed up royally and let Cogs get to the absolute lowest value possible and then sold because he backed himself into a corner. You are supposed to buy low, sell high, not drive your assets into the ground then sell. The way Cogs was handled deserves nothing short of an F-. Screw up, waste, fail.

    But somehow the fans march on to the beat happy to religiously follow the rebuild and accept everything as ‘part of the process’. Sure the move makes some degree of sense now, July 2011. But that doesn’t forgive the place we are at. I fear we’ll get even less for Omark, and in 3 years it’ll be Pjarvi on the block after he is mismanaged and pushed out for the next draft pick.

    This was a major screw up (again). Fire Tambo.

    • O.C.

      Two thumbs down

      For two years, Cogs has been trade bait. The fish bit once, but thankfully DoucheBag Heatley canned that deal. Now the Oil have a first rounder and a second rounder instead of DoucheBag Heatley and a horrible contract.

    • Dutchscooter

      So, please enlighten us with what you think Cogliano was worth. Cogs was a 1st round pick, 25 overall in a medicore draft year. A second rounder is a pick 31-60. So, in a (hopefully) decent draft year, Cogs would have been in that 31-60 range. So, what exactly are we losing? If he made himself more valuable to this organization, he’d still be here and Belanger would not.

      Good luck Cogs, I wish you well.

    • DieHard

      That theory is applied to FANTASY hockey but not a real NHL team, yes maybe Cogs was worth more a few years ago, but he was also projecting well…I thought he would become a legit 2C option, any GM who trades a rookie or sophmore to sell “high” would be out of a job quick, especially one like Cogs who put up good numbers is rookies year, hindsight yes it would have been good to trade him but they tried and it didn’t slide.

      Last year was Cogs make or break year and he didn’t cut it and they shipped him out and to get a 2nd round pick I am ok with that.

      Generally guys are “high” value at the time because they are GOOD, and buying “low” is generally when they were hyped and haven’t panned out and in most cases those players never end up being superstars.

  • Good post’s today! interesting stuff, I say bring on training camp!

    If Hopkins plays almost the same roll as Seguin did in Boston then it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Hopkins stays on the team.

    the 3rd line roll with sheltered minutes will be more beneficial then sending him down.

    Lander or Hopkins?

    While Lander is older has some proffesional experiance (SEL)and maybe more mature, the skill set comparable to Hopkins is not even close, not by a coutry mile!

    I do think the Oilers can run with 2 rookie centers! I dont think the odd man out will be Gagner but Omark! by moving Gagner to the wing you iliminate the need to move a good enter who can step right back in.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • O.C.

    csalb88, I thinks it a reasonable trade. Cogliano would of got awarded too much money for a 4th liner, and the Oil might of walked away from the contract if he was awarded something to the effect of 1.8 mil. The Oilers are moving out smaller bottom six players for some size and grit. It gives them one more contract which is uber valuable, and you send a guy to another organization where he can get a chance to play in the top 9.

    I don`t believe for one second that this wasn`t the best deal for Cogliano. No one is giving you a first for a 3/4 line undersized center who can`t win draws, lack creative playmaking skills, is a average finisher, and has average hockey sense. Cogliano was a great warrior for us, and always gave his all and at the end of the day he plateau`d.

    What do you honestly believe his value to be…

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    No Haiku this time

    can’t make it five seven five

    Too much to say here…

    There, now that that’s out of the way…
    I have a Q regarding Cogs and the whole L.A. fiasco.

    If the Oil knew 1) Cogs was gonna file for arbitration, and 2) L.A. was gonna buy out Brule before this whole Fraser “injury” crap anyhow….

    Then WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD did they not say, Ok, our bad, we didn’t know Colin was as injured as he is. We will take him back and give you Cogliano instead. Yeah, he filed for arbitration, but if you don’t like the contract given by the Arbitrator,you can always walk away.

    There, problem solved and Dean Lombardi can SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    My enduring memory of Cogs: an episode of Oil Change – Cogs takes a stick in the chops against Detroit halfway through the third period, with the Oil inexplicably leading 1-0. He leaves the ice bleeding like a stuck pig. He is stitched up in the dressing room without freezing, all the while imploring the doc to hurry up, and anxiously inquiring about the score. A tougher, gamer Oiler we haven’t had since the Mullet. The stitching is finished. He jumps up, throws his equpiment on, races back out on the ice, to put himself in the exact position in his own end to have the tying goal deflect in off his skate with 20 seconds to go. A perfect encapsulation of his career. Tried hard. Accomplished little. Will he turn into another Dan Cleary? I don’t know. It took Cleary until he was 28 and on his fourth NHL team to score 20 goals. Cogs may have a career. But not here. Which, as they say, is good for both parties. But anybody who suggests we could have got a better return is dreaming in technicolor.

  • Dutchscooter

    Now here’s a predicament; just hypothetical…

    What if Gagner starts playing like the center he promises to be and RNH shows that he’s ready to play in the NHL now… do you play Horc as the 3rd line C…what if in the next year or two, Lander starts making a case for himself, then who goes?

    I really like Horc but he sure has one ugly contract…

    • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

      That would be a great predicament to be in because that means we are probably good haha.

      Its like when people say that all these rookies are going to make so much money that we will have to ship people out…if Eberle and Hall and Paajarvi become 80 point guys that demand 6 mill a season then sign me up and I will deal with having to ship away some other players to free up cap at least that means we are good.

    • m3sh

      First, happy with this trade, it was about time. Honestly watching any of Cogs 5+ breakaways per game just became a waste of time… seriously though, he’ll be a good Marchant replacement down there, he simply doesn’t fit here anymore.

      As per Horc’s contract, jus’ sayin’, but is it possible his contract may actually be attractive in a couple years for a team struggling to hit the cap floor? An overpay on a serviceable third line center for some teams would be possibly a perfect fit. I can dream…

      • Bucknuck

        Dream of what exactly? How is Getting rid of Horcoff going to make this team better?

        Veteran C, wearing the C, defensive specialist with an awesome work ethic, loves Edmonton (the city), Wins face-offs, is the only guy who does PK now that cogs is gone. Plus, he is one of the only long time oilers left (Him, Smytty and Hemmer).

        Are you dreaming of more last place finishes? This team needs Shawn Horcoff. Who cares about his ugly contract. It will be over by the time the Oil need the cap room.

        • m3sh

          Absolutely Bucknuck, I don’t disagree from the standpoint of his value to the team overall. But say Lander eclipses that, do we have the options available to move him if it comes to it? I’m merely suggesting there’s the slight possibility that his contract isn’t completely unmovable. Purely conjecture.

          Admittedly, saying I can dream is misleading. Personally I don’t have an issue with Horcoff, as it stands he is our most dependable C, but if it comes down to young and establishing himself Lander, a natural 3rd C, versus aging and declining production Horcoff, someone who should be a 3rd C on a competitive team, where do you go with that?

  • Dutchscooter

    Agreed, it’s a predicament you’d rather have but I was more thinking along the lines of having to free up a roster spot and get assets from the shuffle. But with bad contracts it makes it harder to free up cap space as you just described (I think I’m stating the obvious on this one). I was pondering that it just seems plausible that we’ll face this predicament sooner rather than later.

    • dawgbone98

      Ya it could if RNH is on the team thats a cap hit of 3.75 I think? So thats pretty high prices and if Gagner takes a step forward he could be over 3 mill so thats 5.5, 3.75, 1.75 and say 3-4 for Gagner, thats alot for centers, and then Hall and MPS getting raises, however Bulins contract is off the books, Smyths cap hit (if resigned) would go from the 6 whatever its at now to probably 2-2.5 and I am sure the cap will continue to go up, so we should be ok.


    Three most memorable Cogliano moments:

    1). When he scored 3 OT goals in a row with that, his hockey stick and gloves were then sent to the HHOF. I think Gagner assisted on 2 or 3 of the goals. They were in their first year of NHL. That was exciting. Of course, the fans were excited as well for the teams future. He should have stopped the UPS before it shipped the stick into the HHOF.

    2). Both Cogs and Penner dressed up for halloween after the failed Heatley trade. Cogs came into the dressing room dressed up as Dany Heatley. While Penner came as a Santa Clause with a sign “No trade Clause”

    3). When Joey Moss hurt his head after failing to catch a tossed puck, they had to put a bandaid on him, Cogs stated during the interview that he had to cut it short and check out how Joey is doing…”I think he is crying abit…so I better go and console him…” (paraphrase)

    The young Oilers always had fun despite all the downfalls.

  • dawgbone98

    In the context of the Belanger signing, I really like the Cogliano trade. The Oilers sign a better 3rd line centre in Belanger as a free agent, then trade Cogliano for a 2nd round pick. Cogliano was going to arbitration and he was already overpaid last year.

    So they essentially upgraded the 3C spot, dumped a one-dimensional player, improved their cap situation, and got a 2nd round draft pick. It’s all good!


    This was a very good trade. Those who wanted to keep Cogs around, who would you get rid of?
    Lander? Hartsy? Jonesy? There just wasnt room. Too many bodies, somebody had to go. Cogs was a decent player, but there were no spots left for him here. Getting a 2nd for him was pretty good. Gives us another asset and room for better players coming along./

  • Little Buttcheeks

    The writing was on the wall for Cogs after the Belanger signing. I have lots of respect for Andrew but he is not a top 6 guy and has some work to do before he can be considered in a checking role. With him going to arbitration, he would likely have been awarded more than management is comfortable paying to a guy who would probably be on our fourth line.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Gregor do you have the info for that new draw you are doing? The prize package itself is amazing, but after the past couple years of Spector working on his back yard having “pops” I really want to see what it looks like.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    If the Ducks keep taking the worst team in the leagues spare parts that should be a decent second round pick…. I see them fighting for 8th next seaon.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Oh wait…am I on the Cogliano Facebook page for family and friends? WTF? this is as bad as when we let go of that sack of hammers Dustin Penner. Oh yeah and boy did we get fleeced on that deal,he is so far down the in LA’s doghouse he needs a ladder just to get to the basement level.
    Time to face reality people,time to get back to Planet earth. Cogliano was a 4th line player at best and that is all he will ever be providing he even sticks in the league…from the outpouring of crying you would of thought he had scored 100 pts every year of his poor tiny life.