A buddy text messaged us last night with a link to the video above. "Whenever you talk about running the Nations as a business we can’t help but laugh knowing that you are a moron. We couldn’t picture what it would be like until we saw this video of Kenny Powers running K-Swiss. Is this what things are like at Nation HQ?"

(Note that there are swear words in the video, KP doesn’t mess around. It is also hilarious.)

Sweet sweet liberty. With Kent Wilson now running the show we are free as a bird again. Free to post blogs with Kenny Powers in the lead, free to post Smytty Omens and free to beg for cash like a common hobo.


With the addition of a full time Editor in Kent Wilson and the insatiable caviar addiction that has cursed Jason Gregor, you may see us trying to hustle up more revenue before the season begins. The Nations will always be free to all but we gotta get that paper if you follow our drift. We have been told that we need to make a plan to make money.

How do we currently make our money here at the NationNetwork? Primarily, we bet on Lowetide’s playoff picks with stacks of ill gotten cash each year. How do we do it the other 10 months? Advertising. Our partners at the Edmonton Journal would be happy to work with any companies looking to advertise on in the coming year. You can contact them here.

The OTHER way to advertise on the Nations is to purchase some of the cheapest radio advertising around. As you may have noticed in our epic poll this week, NationRadio is quite a popular radio show. Quite popular indeed. If you were to step up as a NationRadio advertiser you would literally reach trillions of hockey fans each week.

And as an advertiser you know you will get at least one new customer because your ol’ pal Wanye will frequent the hell out of your establishment.

You operate a roadside enema stand? Consider us cleansed on the regular. You provide taxidermy for family pets? We will buy a pet and immediately put it down just so you can stuff it at top dollar!

We will not rest until every single NationRadio advertiser is sitting on a pile of gold coins so high that it requires one of those little red lights they put on buildings so they don’t get hit by planes.

Email us at if you’d like more NationRadio advertising information.



Our buddy TJ sent in the latest Smyth omen sighting since #94 has returned home. “I was driving home and I was stopped at a light and just had to take a photo and send it in. Not only the odometer but the trip-o-meter both came up 94.” The fact both thingies show a 94 is quite a scary thing indeed. The fact TJ has a car with only 940 kms on the thing is even scarier.

Well played.

Then our boy Drew shot us an email "I did a tensile test on some steel today and the ultimate strength of it was 949494Lbs and it elongated 94%. I further did some hardness testing and it was a heading of 94 HRB hardness. Followed by impact testing of 94 joules of energy and 945 shear with lateral expansion on 0.94mm
I didn’t think anything of it, until reading your article.  I can send you a copy of my data if you want. Crazy eerie things going on here Wanye."

Steel made to the specifications of Ryan Smyth? Odometers stopping at 94 on the way to 95? What’s next? The Mayor renaming Edmonton "Ryan Smyth?" Probably. We take this as yet another sign that Smyth is going to put the biscuit in the basket more often than not next year. Believe that.

As always, if you have more Smytty Omens send em to your ol’ pal Wanye at