The media landscape across the country has seen lots of movement that past few weeks, and there will be some in Edmonton on the TEAM 1260 this fall.

Today was the last day for Oilers Lunch on the TEAM 1260, but The TEAM 1260 will continue to be hockey-based during the 12-2 p.m. slot. It will focus mainly on the NHL, both on and off the ice, but  you will hear two different areas of focus for each hour.

Starting in September TEAM 1260 will run Inside Hockey from 12- 1p.m. "We are using the line, ‘Biggest names in hockey. Period.’ That kind of sums it up. If it happens in the NHL you’ll hear the details every day at noon," said TEAM 1260 brand director Ross Macleod.

The Mark Spector Show will follow  from 1-2 p.m. Spector started writing for the Edmonton Journal in May of 1987. He’s an avid sports fan, a diehard Cubs fan, he even has CUBSWIN as his licence plate, and he is one of the main columnists for

"When you get your first job in this business, back in 1987 at the Edmonton Journal for me, you just hope to hang around long enough to accrue a few memories. Then you get a few Stanley Cups, a few Olympics, some World Series’ and Grey Cups in the rearview mirror, and you’re hooked," said Spector.

"It’s been nearly 25 years now for me in print, on the net, and most recently on Sportsnet and Jason Gregor’s show. I’ve got a dresser drawer overflowing with press passes, and I can’t think of a better place to bring together all that experience, all those contacts and all the tales that come with a quarter century in the business, than on the Team 1260 with The Mark Spector Show.

"This is going to be a blast."

Spector will bring a fun, no nonsense approach and he’s connected.

"Being able to bring a guy like Mark Spector on board is huge. I’ve admired Mark’s work for year. He tells it like it, has a good sense of humour and having him as part of our team will only make us better," said Macleod

Macleod has a few other plans for the station, but wasn’t prepared to outline all of them, but he’s confident sports fans, and specifically hockey fans will like the changes. You can expect more appearances from Darren Dreger, Bob McKenzie, Elliott Friedman and many more of the most connected guys in hockey.

"I think this is the best, and most diverse, line-up the TEAM 1260 has ever had. I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, and I can’t wait for September. I think the listeners will really enjoy the guests we have lined up from across the country to enhance our new shows."


  • Jim Rome: Best interviewer in the business.

    Jim Rome: Funniest sports radio host in the business.

    I’m a hockey guy. I didn’t used to like Rome’s show. I gave him 2 weeks. I was kinda meh. I gave him 2 more weeks. I was hooked. Yes he overplays some soundbites – that’s what makes it so funny. Yes he goes off the rails once in a while – isn’t it nice to not have to be 100% serious all the time? Yes he talks about sports I don’t really care about most of the time – I actually started watching NFL because of him. Yes he deviates from sports talk from time to time – its how I got hooked on Entourage, or heard about ex-mafia member Michael Francise & his stories on the mob’s influence on sports. Yes callers talk about each other – as a 90s wrestling fan, what’s not to like about guys cutting promo’s on each other?

    Jim Rome has possibly the most diverse, funny & interesting sports radio show on. I don’t like every segment or every show. I don’t like when he’s on vacation. I don’t listen non-stop like I used to. But his show does NOT suck. And if you think otherwise, take a look at the numbers. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

    FYI, he mentioned “Edmonton Oilers defenceman Ryan Whitney” on today’s show.

    “Now I’m done”

    • Ender

      I can listen to Jim Rome in 5 to 10 minute doses. If there was a Jim Rome clip on Youtube that someone said was hilarious, I might give it a nibble . . . because I’d know it was going to be the 5 minutes of meat and not the 55 minutes of bun.

      I’m a content guy. Call it a quick learner, call it attention deficit disorder, whatever . . . you say something once, I get it. You say it twice, I understand you’re passionate on it. You say it three times (or twelve) without going on to something else, I call moron and move on.

      Jim Rome can be funny. Now if only he’d stop spreading 30 minutes worth of material over three hours, he’d have something.

      • Fair enough. I used to listen to 2-3 hours a day at work a few years back, but not as religiously anymore. When 1260 cut the 3rd hour, I was a bit disappointed. But 3 hours is a long time to alienate a certain segment of listeners. I still like to hear a good hour or so if I have the chance, but I rarely find myself changing to 960 for the 3rd hour. His show may not be quite as ‘fresh’ to me anymore, but i still find it pretty entertaining.

        Like I said before, I’m a hockey guy, so as much as I like Rome, I’d still generally prefer the likes of Oilers Lunch, InsideHockey/The Mark Spector Show, or HockeyCentral @ Noon on Sportsnet Radio.

  • Bob Cobb

    Disappointed Bobby is going over to CHED, but logically it makes sense. While no one can fault Bobby for taking a job with the Oilers (a great career move), Bobby had more street cred as a columnist and sports observer when he was on the outside looking in.

    And I think Bobby did a really great job walking the fine line as an Oiler employee and being critical (somewhat) when the Oil deserved criticism.

    The difference between Bobby and the CHED employees? Bob never chided the callers if they were negative to the Oilers. I hated when Bryan Hall, Al Stafford, Dave Campbell and even Tencer would pounce on the callers for daring to be critical of the CHED sports property.

    Tenser and Campbell are more respectful of negative callers now. And I attribute that to Stauffer’s influence.

    I will be flipping dials and listening to the show that has the better guests and topics.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Can’t stomach Stauffer since Katz radically removed his spine, this is good news for me, i’ll only have to keep busy from 10 till noon now instead of 10-2.

  • Chris.

    How is it possible to go from Rome to Stauffer and then have him leave and not go back to the full 3 hourse of the Jim Rome…. This is a garbage deciscion….. I am however very happy to hear of the addition of Spec.

  • Dan the Man

    I could be totally wrong about this because I’m making a lot of assumptions.

    If Bob Stauffer came up with the idea for an Oilers lunch show I assume he would have pitched it to 630 Ched first. Since it ended up on 1260 I would assume they said no. Now that it’s established, they decide they want the show for themselves.

    The other scenario is that 1260 pitched the idea for the show to the Oilers and Stauffer and now that it’s done well 630 Ched being the rights holder decided they want the show.

    Either way it appears as if 1260 is getting screwed here IMO.

    Like I said I am making some assumptions here so please correct me if I am way off with this. Either way I am looking forward to the new shows on 1260.


    I am going to miss my favourite Radio person in Bob Stauffer.To me know one knows his sports better then him. I am sorry Jason but you get on my nerves as you come off as very arrogant person.Thank God for Mark I will enjoy listing to him. Does anyone know when Bob will start the Oilers lunch on 630 Ched I believe? And help would be appreciate.And yes Hensky is a so over rated it makes me sick.Send him to LA for Ryan and be done with it.As we all know he won’t Hemsky will be gone by the trade deadline as I never liked him fopr a very long time and believe me I am not alone about Hemsky.Please trade him as soon as you find a sucker(LA or columbus) or anyone else.We need a goalie and he would be a great trade to LA for Quick.

    • Jason Gregor

      Yes BIGD I’m an arrogant ass. Ask those who know me. They hate me too. Peons like you bore me. My parents must have led me in that direction, because my middle name is Arro. Strange.

      • Jason has done a fine job.BigD calling Jason arrogant? Are you kidding me .Jason has evolved into a great talk show host.Doing 4 hours is not easy Kudos to your hard work and dedication over the last few years.Hemsky over rated? Who has he had to play with over the last few years?Hemmer and Smytty together spells SUCCESS

  • @Ender,


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    I am Nate Sans Hate, in Southern Edmonton.

    Typically I like say more of ME, and less of you is a good thing. But this is the one day where that doesn’t apply.

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    It is a zero tolerance Friday, so keep it tight and come strong.


    You can email the show AT, ROME it’s spelled R-O-M-E AT HAVE A TAKE DOT COM.

    I see you working Ender.

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  • All u guys bashing nielson come on give your head a shake. All Stauffer did was replay clips of the morning show for half his time slot anyways. Was the laziest radio around. At least Dusty will have something we already hadn’t heard that day. And Spec in the second hour, I may not always agree with him, but at least he has a opinion not bought and payed for by mr. Katze.
    Looking forward to the new show. Only thing better would have been to bump Rhome instead.

  • paul wodehouse

    …best line here…Q sez how Katz radically removed Stauffers’ spine…too funny…so true>> JayMohr can be hilarious…and if you want more Rome after noon go to ESPN Radio and there he is for you…OR NOT…for me i wonder where the talks with the TEAM went with Brownlee? i guess nowhere … woulda been nice Robin but as they say “no cigar”…i wonder if you’ve quit those yet…skitter scatter MrB…it’s gotta be time to do that…

    and JasonGregor…”Peons like you bore me”


    • paul wodehouse

      …little editing bug scratched the part in my comment above …led by …so many Rome haters

      Romes’ fill in tandem The Sklar Brothers

      they are extra funny when they are on replacing Rome…hope that makes it …jeesh!

  • OnlyOil

    I liked Oilers Lunch and Bob Stauffer the best of any show on the team, I listened to that show everyday. As far as the Jason Gregor show goes, I find it to long, cut that show back a hour or two would work for me. I like Brownlee, I make sure to listen when he’s on, the two of them have have good “chemistry”

    Will have to turn to ched to listen to Bob.

  • I won’t miss the Katz Propaganda Lunch at all.

    Bring back the 3rd hour of Rome. Is there a show that’s consistently funnier anywhere on the sports radio scene?

    Spector is great, glad he’s got a show.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    I hope Stauffer does his show @ 3:00 pm. I would rather listen to him obviously than Primeau who is like fingernails on a chalkboard. How the hell does she maintain a job? She must have pictures of Doug Rutherford. What a great lineup CHED would have.. Rutherford, Adler, Stauffer and College Boy!! Oh well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

  • Jason Gregor

    well, I can not stand ched at all. However, I only started listening to the Team because of total sports with Bob. He says stuff i sometimes agree with and sometimes disagree with. But he is well informed,has good insight, and because I am all about Edmonton Oilers conversation Oilers Lunch showing up with the return of Bob, made my day. I had stopped listening as much until that time. Oilers lunch made my day. Nation Radio has been my next greatest fix of oiler related material and have grown to love it. But with it being on sat only i usually listening to the podcasts during the following week either before oilers lunch or just after. Was really hoping Nation Radio could swing to that time slot.

    As for me, It is not CHED I will be supporting, but Bob, cause if Bob was not doing Oilers Lunch, chances are….I would not be listening. I like the idea of the replacements with Spector and Nielson, but i dont want NHL and stuff, I want OILERS talk and that isnt being offered. So my alliengence will now have to shift during that time slot and I will have to suck it up and listening to weather updates interupting my oilers lunch every 15 minutes

  • flyin ryan

    Well…1st day with out Oilers Lunch, I’m not gonna lie, was a little painful. Hopefully something similar (or the same on another station) shows up eventually. Props to ‘The Team’ for the ‘Pipeline’ show & ‘Nation Radio’, to be fair. Oiler talk is never dull in this market…10 months of hockey & 2 months of bad ice!

  • flyin ryan

    I have to say that I’m not a fan of how these moves are being handled on the radio station.

    There is no pre-warning, just like when Bryn and Jake left, if I remember correctly. No chance to ask Bob himself where he will be going and where we can catch him. The feeling I get is “don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out.”

    It would be nice to give the listeners some advanced warning as fans of the shows, and of the people too. It feels very impersonal to let them leave that way and I think they should be treated with a certain amount of respect that appears to be missing.