For now, file this one under unsubstantiated speculation, but there’s a suggestion circulating out in the Twitter-verse that Kevin Lowe could at some point return as GM of the Edmonton Oilers.

A person listed on Twitter as Greg Brady — @bradyfan590Toronto — who has in excess of 7,600 followers, has put the possibility of a return to the GM’s chair by Lowe — with the blessing and backing of owner Daryl Katz — out there in several tweets tonight.

Here’s what Brady — the link is here twitter.com/#!/bradyfan590 — has offered via Twitter in seven different tweets over the last couple of hours (as of 10 p.m.):

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— "Would I bet it happens, yes? Could it take upwards of 24 months? Oh yeah. Lowe’s only 52. He’ll be back."

— "I think he still has a daughter he wants to see thru finishing HS…after that, empty nest..back at it!"

— "Also totally logical…he wanted to see his kid, Keegan, play a lot more..now he’s been drafted."

— "who’s the blogger? Whoever is Katz’s buddy/henchman is talking a lot with KEvin about a timeframe."

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— "Hugely so….Lowe moved upstairs because he was working himself bonkers, & kids needed him around more. STRONG source."

— "Katz pushing Lowe behind the scenes…not sure Lowe will commit. HIS decisions weren’t best, either."

— "Well, they cannot be 30th again. Kevin Lowe’s getting pressed by Katz to come back as GM. For now, no."


Corey Graham of TEAM 1260 in Edmonton mentioned this on the air tonight, so it’s out there in this market, aside from circulating in the Twitter community. I’ve got no information at this point to substantiate or disprove anything Brady is suggesting, but it’s likely worth sniffing around on.

Might Lowe, now Edmonton’s president of hockey operations, be interested in a return to his old job after a respite from the glare of the spotlight? Maybe, especially if the boss is pushing it. Is it possible Steve Tambellini’s future as GM is in doubt if the Oilers don’t show substantial improvement this season? Absolutely. This might shape up as a case of, as Lowe likes to say, "Expect the unexpected."

Stay tuned.

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Greg Brady took the time write about his tweets regarding Lowe and reaction to it in his blog at FAN 590 today. You can find that here: blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/fan590_gregbrady/2011/10/05/nothing-pending-with-oils/

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  • Small town dreams

    I’m not sure why we so fast to punt Steve when we are just starting to see the end of dark tunnel Kblow dug this team into. He wasn’t the man for the job when he stepped down nor is he the man to take over now. I will be disappointed if Katz allows/makes this decision. How do you move forward by going backwards? IMO

  • Small town dreams

    I have no idea if this is true, but if I was Katz, I would be thinking I need to get some mojo going so the excitement leads to an arena being built. Right now, there is little mojo helping Daryl K.

    Tambo is well known for being overly cautious. And if you are sitting in the big seat with the Oil, you might think the same way. Kevin is not know for being cautious….but a risk taker. So that fits – Kevin might be grinding his teeth in frustration.

    But Gawd help me, Kevin was the worst financial manager we ever had in Edmonton. Tambo had to clean up the mess. Even the American media picked up on it with money vrs. performance calculations. Kevin as GM was dead last.

    McTavish now has an MBA, doesn’t he? He would be a better fit even.

  • Small town dreams

    Tambo was in trouble two years ago. Bye, bye Mr. Dithers. Will trade Hemsky and Smyth for draft picks before he goes. I hear he is assessing his options. That could take 24 months.

  • Hey Robin as idle speculation goes…

    What do you think Mike Babcocks “next” job will be in this game. With Mikes hiring of long time protege Bill Peters as an assistant this year it occurred to me that Mike might be casting a wee gaze over the fence.

    Hes a western boy through and through and has strong ties to etown and alberta in general.

    Could the Oiler organization handle that big of a personality (Babcock) at the helm? And as an extension of that query, is Katz set of stones big enough to entertain hiring a guy with as much current street cred as MB would haul in here.