Talking the talk is one thing. Walking the walk, as history has shown time after time, is quite another. Framed in that, I couldn’t help but wince as I read what Darcy Hordichuk of the Edmonton Oilers said to the Vancouver Province today.

Here’s the item, from reporter Jason Botchford:

"EDMONTON — Darcy Hordichuk remains a big supporter of the Vancouver Canucks. He was at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final sitting in Mikael Samuelsson’s seats. If they had won, he probably would have been with the team for some of the late night shenanigans.

The ties are still there, more than a year since the team moved on. So, you just know he’s been following the ongoing debate about the Canucks toughness, or lack thereof. You just know he’s been itching to get in his two cents on whether the Sedin twins need protection. His position won’t surprise anyone.

"I am big advocate of having a big guy on the fourth line just to protect those guys," Hordichuk said.

"It seems the Canucks are going in a different direction. It’s great for me. It’s great when I get into a game like this because those are the guys you want to try to abuse on the ice. We’ll see how they respond."


I get it that Hordichuk is stoked about facing the Canucks. He spent the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons playing for Vancouver and riding shotgun for the Sedin Twins. He’s a tough man who knows his role.

But abuse the Sedins? Easier said than done. While the names Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin fit quite properly in the same sentence as "abuse" and "Oilers," it seems to me it has seldom played out the way Hordichuk is suggesting.

In 60 career games against the Oilers, Daniel Sedin has scored 29 goals and has 56 points. In 63 games, Henrik Sedin has 12-46-58. So, unless Hordichuk has devised a way to lean on the Sedins that other opponents have yet to come up with — teams have been trying to muscle The Twins for over a decade — I’m guessing calling the shot isn’t smart.

I’m also guessing that, despite Hordichuk setting the table for tonight with suggestions he’ll be running around, it’s highly unlikely Daniel or Henrik will come down with the Philly Flu. It’s a good bet they’ll be willing to show up and take their chances.

Likewise, I don’t imagine Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault and The Sedin Boys will object if Tom Renney chooses to hard-match Hordichuk and his line against Daniel and Henrik with the last change.

All that said, the smart money says Hordichuk will have plenty on his plate without focusing on the Sedins — starting with the first time one of the Canucks puts Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on his pants.

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  • Jerk Store

    In the pre-season games I saw Hordichuk jump over the boards with a seek and destroy energy. He looked to take a piece of someone every shift. That has not been as evident in the regular season largely due to his limited ice time. While penalties are not great it would not be the worst thing in the world for the Canucks to be a little wary of Hordy. He is the ultimate pro and will do his job. Would love to see Eager in this game. Maybe the 25th.

  • master of my domain

    if Hordichuk is on the ice at the same time as the Sedin’s we’re in for a world of hurt. as much as I despise them you can’t deny their talent

    • Nothing wrong with taking a piece of the Sedins every chance you get, and that goes for whoever is out against them.

      Talking about it before the game, while great for guys with notepads and tape recorders, often gets people fired up, and the twins are pretty good already without added incentive.

  • Dan the Man

    I don’t think Hordichuk’s like will be out there too often against the Sedin’s if Renney can help it. It really would have been nice to see Eager against the Canucks.

  • Mitch


    I don’t mind at all Hordichuck coming out and saying this, it’s about time we had someone do this. This team is still really easy to play against, there’s no urgency in there game, yes again with only 2 games in. Now that Hordichuck has said this I expect him to come out and deliver the goods. With all this being said they really miss the presence of Ben Eager, I think he will be a great fit on the 3rd line.

    Here is another scary thought I’m not even sure Hemsky took a bump and he has a “sore” shoulder, I’ll pray to the hockey gods that a doctor can get this right, if he has to sit another 10-15 games and strengthen this right, this must happen.

    With the injury’s it’s my opinion that players are not being look after properly, something must change.

  • DoubleJ

    Karma, his first shift he gets hurt. Maybe we get to see the Big Finn for a couple games if Eager or gagner are not ready.
    What’s the word on Hemsky? anyone find anything yet?

  • 1manwolfpack

    wow.tools throwing hats on the ice DURING play.I thought we were smarter than that.Apparently not.Irony that the same tools throw their hats on the ice when it was likely Hall’s goal anyways.

  • neojanus

    I’m so frustrated with the Oilers inability to find consistent d-men.

    Terrible f’ing giveaway by Peckham… who has struggled defensively so far in many ways.

    It makes me so incensed because I REALLY hate watching the Oilers lose games to the Canucks.

    Next game, Peckham out. Petry back in.

  • master of my domain

    Horidchuk with 5 seconds of ice time.

    Takes a run at Ballard and gets hip checked into oblivion.

    Now you know why the Canucks dumped him.

    All mouth.

  • master of my domain

    I have nothing but respect for the Sedins. Watching them in the playoffs last spring did nothing to diminish that for me. They are solid citizens in their community and their charity towards worthy causes is well known.

    I don’t like them to stand there and allow opposition boneheads to deliver facewashes but they must feel it is better to endure that than retaliate. They will happily go on the PP to even the score. I have to admit they are both better men than me because I’d probably get pummelled, but it would be on.

    They are however an oddity that can’t really be compared to any other brother act in the history of the league. These players are one of a kind. They play like no other pair that I can recall…one mind two bodies. That includes the Richards, Hulls, Howes and the Gretzky’s.

    Hordichuk is not the first nor will he be the last fourth liner to talk before thinking.

    • master of my domain

      Last year’s playoffs totally turned me against the Sedins. I saw way too much diving and embellishment, and they whined everytime they didn’t get the calls from the refs. Just look at how Henrik flails his legs in the air when Tim Thomas hits him, or how Daniel bumps into Ference and pretends he’s been hit in the face 15 seconds later.

  • Shaun Doe

    A bit late here but just got back to BC after flying into E town to catch the game. Memo to Hall (and any other Oiler for that matter): if you are going to try to pass Ballard on the boards, prepare to be hip checked. That’s his bread and butter and he showed Hall that more than once during the game. Best bet is to dump and chase through the slot rather than trying to beat him with speed along the boards.