The Barons: Building A Stronger Tomorrow

David LeNeveu (goalie) and Kirill Tulupov (also in photo) are two of the men "on the farm" for the 11-12 season. A minor league team that housed talents like Jeff Petry and Linus Omark a year ago is brimming again with talent. Who are these guys? 

The best players for OKC are veteran like Bryan Helmer, but the reason we should pay attention to the Barons are the prospects. If you’re 25 years old and in the AHL, the chances are slim (although not impossible) for an NHL career. At 20, there is much hope for the future.

If you’re 20 years old, a fairly high draft pick for the parent team and are getting a "push" from the coach? Life’s pretty good. Oiler fans will be following the fortunes of Tyler Pitlick, Curtis Hamilton, Colten Teubert and Teemu Hartikainen, although the Finn could be ticketed for the NHL at any minute. 

Secondary prospects like Chris VandeVelde, Johan Motin, Kirill Tulupov, Phil Cornet, Tanner House, Ryan Lowery, Hunter Tremblay and Ryan O’Marra are also players who could emerge or spend some time with the big team.

Last night in the third period against San Antonio, Colten Teubert scored a goal on his 4th shot of the night. Young Tyler Pitlick–who had impressed earlier in the evening with a wonderful dash into the offensive zone, notched his first pro assist on the goal.

OKC had a terrible game last weekend and had to wait a long time for game 2 and a chance to set things right. The young talents on the Barons helped with a very important victory and will earn more playing time as the season rolls out.


Nation Radio is back on the air today, noontime on Team 1260. We’ll preview tonight’s HNIC game and read your comments at Scheduled to appear:

  • Jim Byers from the Oklahoma City Barons. OKC’s play by play guy will join us again this season and pass along the latest from the farm. I’ll ask about Pitlick, Hamilton, Hartikainen and any questions you send me.
  • Tyler Dellow from mc79 hockey. Tyler is already tearing up the blacktop this season, and we’ll touch base on his "open source" research and his recent article on Ales Hemsky.
  • Jeff Angus from dobber hockey and Canucks Army. He’ll help me preview the Canucks-Oilers and give us an idea about the early struggles Vancouver has been suffering this season. If we have time, I’ll ask him about some of the prospects the Canucks fans are excited about moving forward.
  • Jonathan Willis from pretty much everywhere. Jon is like Eric Clapton in the olden days. Maybe he’d show up in Traffic or perhaps Cream, but maybe he was just playing all night long with Duane Allman and jamming out Derek and the Dominos numbers. I’ll ask Jonathan about his whereabouts this week and ask him to chime in on the Oilers early season success.
  • David Staples from the EJ has been requested but at this writing is not confirmed. I do know that David has been on the Katz-City of Edmonton story for many hours and we may not get him. But I’m hopeful.

Hope you can tune in.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    What is Hemsky’s status? Also did council vote to buy the land for the arena? The return of H2E tonight will be for me a welcome change to the lineup. Also will Omark be back in the lineup with Lander and MP. I think that the history that Hemsky,Horcoff and Smyth is being overlooked by Renny in favor of I don’t know what. 2 goals does not a offense make. Chemistry is always talked about when were talking lines. Why does Renny favor the opposite approach.IMO.

  • I tried it at home

    Ok, Lowetide, I admit your articles on the OK Barons are informative, Ive learned a new appreciation for our farm system, and its even starting to be fun keeping track of who goes where and does what. BUT. I cannot take any article about the Barons seriously unless, and I called Gregor on his show to express this, you showcase the OKLAHOMA-ok lady. Im sure you remember which one I mean. I also say she should be the Nations mascot as far as Barons stories as concerned. Hey, I put a lot of time and effort thinking this all out 🙂

  • Jerk Store

    Is there a ratio of prospects / AHL veterans that successful NHL teams (read Detroit) have put in place to optimize the development of kids on the farm? I would think you would want some veterans to help the kids along and hopefully field a very competitive team to encourage the expectation of winning. The Barons seem very young but I could be out to lunch. BTW C Zeta-Jones > OK Co-ed but there is room for both.

    • Lowetide

      All AHL teams have the same rules re: veterans to non-veterans. Having said that, there are ways around the rules and an example would be the Oilers dealing Belle a year ago for Kevin Montgomery.

      Belle was considered an “AHL veteran” while Montgomery was not, but they were both experienced hands.

      So, yes I think Detroit’s AHL team is older and more mature. They also use the entry level contract as an AHL contract, which is a massive difference.

      Example: Cory Emmerton exhausted his entry level at the end of last year and has now made the Red Wings. He played over 210 AHL games before graduation.

      The same year he was drafted (2006), Oilers selected Jeff Petry (49 AHL games) and Theo Peckham (153 AHL games). It doesn’t seem like a lot, but Detroit backs their prospects up to the point where they’re SO ready when they arrive in the NHL they actually contribute.

      It’s a paradigm shift.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Why do you guys always have the same people on Nation Radio. There are a lot of good blogs out there and some up and comers on Change it up a little bit, and grab some of these newer guys.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on the new social network / blog site, or whatever you want to call it and I think it’s pretty rad. Get the people who run that site on air. Just throwing something out there. Tyler Dellows and David Staples of the world have had their spot light.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I don’t agree. Take the show on the road, all that’s needed is 4 lbs of purple glitter and a compressor. This should inspire some of Alans guests, may trigger more passionate responses from the guests appearing on the show.

      Provide Alan with a few rum and cokes and just watch the magic unfold.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Was a game last while heading south for some fishing stopped in SA. David LeNeveu kept them in the game and gave them the chance to win. Pitlick will be something special. Colten Teubert impressed. Plante is Plante. Solid defender. Still makes the same mistakes he did as a rookie. Bad pinch cost a goal. Teemu Hartikainen did not impress. Great to see a win.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    I am just worried about our D in OKC. They have a plethora of forwards but that can go to waste if the D isn’t getting the job done. With Potter playing today, it makes me wonder if Petry will be sent down for reinforcements as soon as Whitney gets the green light.