Linus Omark has been sent down to OKC. He does have an out-clause in his contract to go to Sweden, but he will report to the AHL. It is a smart move on his part. He wants to play in the NHL, and staying in North America makes the most sense for him.

He doesn’t have to clear waivers, so if he plays well the Oilers can recall him without worrying about losing him on re-entry waivers. He needs to play and he is better off playing in the AHL than eating popcorn in an NHL pressbox.

The Oilers will also recall Colten Teubert with Cam Barker still questionable. Tom Renney said today he wasn’t sure when they would call up Teubert, but it sounds like he will join them sooner than later.

Smart move by the Oilers and Omark to go to OKC. He’ll get lots of icetime under Todd Nelson and if he can find some consistency I think he’ll find himself back in the NHL.

Omark will join the team in Abbotsford and likely play Thursday and Saturday. If the Oilers announced the demotion today he would have had to fly to OKC today and join the team. However, since OKC is flying out to Abbotsford tomorrow, they can wait and announce it tomorrow and then he can join them in Abbotsford.

Strange rule, but that is why the Oilers won’t announce his re-assignment until tomorrow.

  • Nobody seems to get it. He is going down because he is so close to 60 games that the Oilers are afraid to lose him on waivers if they have to send him down later in the season. They want to get him some playing time but two or three games before he hits 60 is not enough to see if he fits here long term. He will go to the AHL and rip it up. Then the oilers have a hard decision ahead of them, keep him and play him in the NHL or trade him. There is no doubt that Omark has NHL skill, but his defensive game is what needs to be worked on. IMO that is why he is being sent down. I would love to see him play more in the NHL too, but that is not going to happen at this time. If the 60 game rule was not in effect i think we would have seen Omark play more this season. The Oilers are handling this properly even if the fans and Omark dont agree.

  • Apparently mine and OB1’s argument with melancholyculkin has spurned him into writing an article at CnB. If you want to read an article that defends Omark and gives the false impression that he is as offensively capable as Hall and Eberle then here you go.

    The team is finally winning and apparently Tom Renney is dead wrong to drop a player who cant understand his system or contribute on the PP. Okeedokee.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    As I said in the poll comments, leave the Kids line alone and please for the sake of all that is holy, leave the Horc line alone as well. Those 2 lines are working so don’t mess with them.

    To those who are saying that the kids have played poorly on the road, lets remember we have only had 2 road games so far this year and Hall didn’t play in Calgary. So IMNSHO, 1 game is not enough to say they play badly on the road.

    As for Hemsky,play him with Gagner and MPS. Our need on this team right now is secondary scoring.

    Omark and Lander going down for 40 games will not be the end of their world or careers. It gives us time to evaluate Hemsky and gagner and see if there is any chemstry between them and MPS.

    This season is not about challenging. It is about figuring out what we got and plugging holes via trades at the deadline this year.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Have a feeling Feaster will do a retooling and not a rebuild like the Oilers are doing. He’ll make a couple big deals and do in one yr what it’s taken Tambellini 3 yrs to do to date.

      If Feaster lands Turris in the next few weeks, you could see Iginla in a Capitals jersey for that first pick they got from Colorado for Varlomov. Kipper+ to Pheonix for their first selection. Jay could have the Flames retooled in one draft without the infinibuild mindset for the fans to swallow.It’s Calgary that could hold two of the top five picks in next summers draft. Watch Feaster do what needs to be done if things don’t change in a hurry 3 hrs south of here.

      • Hemmertime

        Ya, Feaster will make a move, likely move even more draft picks and youth for another 33 year old and call that success. The team will finish between 8-11 and they can flounder in mediocrity for a few years before falling to the bottom.

      • D-Man

        You seem to forget that any first round draft pick past #4/#5 overall – is a guess for making an impact in their first year… Turris would help the Flamers a bit down the middle, but if they deal Iginla and Kipper in one season – they’re guaranteed a 30th place finish next year… They have no additional depth with scoring or goaltending…

        Feaster’s only chance is to take the Burke approach and attempt to ‘rebuild’ through UFA signings… He’s got 11 UFA next year, of which many won’t be resigned… I don’t envy the work he has to do (inheriting Sutter’s mess), but he won’t build an immediate winner with 3 first round draft picks in the 2012 draft (especially if only 1 of them has the potential of being a top five pick)..

        • Quicksilver ballet

          I do respect what you’ve written but Feaster and Tambellini are two very different people. 11 UFA’s next summer, what an opportunity to quickly burn the whole thing to the ground.

          You have to admit there is the potential there for a second top five pick next summer with Iginla,Kipper,Bourque and Glencross available for the right price. A difficult 2012-2013 season would be certain but lets just see what one motivated GM can do. Over the next 9 months, watch Feaster be the GM we wish we had here in Edmonton. Feaster won’t use the rebuild word once to disappoint the Flames fanbase and he’ll use the Oilers goings on as his how not to do it example. Jay will sell it as a two yr reloading plan.

          • Some of the players you mentioned have no movement clauses. Feaster is in a world of hurt and his only 2 bargining chips have no trade clauses. Calagry has absolutly the worst prospect’s in the NHL and a Turris trade would not help Calgary at all. It’s easy to say trade these players but try moving a Jay Bo’s contract. What UFA’s would want to go there? How easy was it for the Oilers to get players here? They have to rebuild there whole orginization from AHL to NHL and thats not happening in 1 to 2 years.

            Also-Even if Feaster doesnt sign any of his own UFA’s he will have to go out and pick up contracts to bring his numbers (both for roster and cap) up, which adds time for the rebuild.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Its never been easier to trade a player with a no movement clause. It allows the player to call his own shot. Involved players would probably even welcome a chance to play on a playoff team, especially if he’s getting on in years and hasn’t won before.

            They just have to worry about their NHL franchise first, their AHL affiliate is much less important than the parent clubs roster is. Spots on the Flames roster will be givin to kids much like they were here in Edmonton. Career AHL’ers are easy to find, Calgary should have no problem filling out that roster in Abbotsford.

            Bouwmeester wouldn’t be as difficult to move as some think. Just need to find a team scrambling to get to the cap floor in August.

      • If Feaster can do this under the cap he would be my vote for GM of the year.

        *Washington is a Cap team and can’t absorb Iginla’s salary.

        *Pheonix is not going to take for Kipper+ unless the plus is a new owner.

        *When was the last time a team traded a top 5 pick that they new was going to be a top 5 pick?

        But you are right, the way Calgary is going they could get a top 5 pick.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Washington has 50 games worth of injuries that may begin to accumulate. Come the dealine the cap won’t be an issue once the LTIR’s are deducted. Caps will have more than enough room for a player due only 1.5-2 over the last quarter of the season.

          The Coyotes still have to put fans in those seats, if they don’t have anyone then who better than Kiprusoff if their No. 1 goes down. The NHL has to do as much as possible to pimp that franchise and make it look more attractive to a potential buyer. If the league has to kick in a few more dollars to help their cause they’d best do that.

          Two top 5’s would just be the bomb in a good draft next summer. Watch Feaster go out and do it instead of thinking about the speed bump or two in his path.

      • Wax Man Riley

        Somebody over at Flames Nation said it the best (not a direct quote): The Flames rebuild isn’t going to be Edmonton. But it isn’t going to be Philly either.

        I thought it was a great analogy.

        • Peterborough

          The Flmaes rebuild is going to be Toronto. They don’t have the young peices that eith Philly did or even what we did. Its going to be ungly for a long time in Cowtown.

    • Wax Man Riley

      I’m on my way!

      Edit: Ha Ha!! It took until the second comment in the POSTGAME article that a lottery pick is coming, and poster Cmon, I’m Ollie Jokinen says: “Lottery pick here we come!!!! Yeah, baby!!!! I can promise you there will be no mad dash to mediocrity at the end of this season. Columbus and the Flames will be battling for last spot in the West. When all is said and done, the Flames will be drafting Yakupov or Murray this summer.”

      Well…. all of a sudden, it’s not such a bad idea eh?

  • I am excited by this move. It points to the organizational depth that has been slowly but surely compiled over the last few years. Every winning organization has young and probable ‘NHL-ready’ players playing on their AHL affiliate. This is a good move for Omark, and a good position for the organization to be in.

    Things have changed. Put your time in, work hard, get results, and you should be rewarded with some time in Oiler silks.

    This is a far cry from recent years where guys were just given their job since they had noone else.

    Arrows are pointing in the right direction, and rip it up, Omark.

  • BGH - Team SQUEEE


    – agreed on the youtube comments being irrelevant

    – Don’t forget as people get healthy, we need to send people down. Why risk someone to waivers when we can send omark down for seasoning and play time while we sort out the remaining players and line combinations

    Lastly, why change the second line for the sake of change. It is working so leave it alone. When it stops working (and not just for 1 or 2 games, but an extended period) that while be the time to change things.

    Sometimes the best thing a coach can do is not tinker and stay out of his own way and let the players play.

  • Dipstick

    This is one situation where I agree with Tambo’s lengthy assessments. They need time to see if Hemsky’s latest injury problems are likely to be chronic and if Gagner is going to finally develop into the player that they thought they had a few years ago. Once they have figured that out they will know which of those two and Omark are expendable. They are not perfectly interchangeable, but they can’t all exist on the same roster with the pieces that are already there.

  • DieHard

    Hemsky, Omark and Gagner are trade potentials. All are top 6 players not bottom. All must be showcased but not all can play at once. Omark can be demoted (for now) but the others cannot. With the way the team is playing, Oilers had no choice. Hall, RNH, Eberle and PRV are 4 of our top 6 futures. I believe other GM’s are sniffing around these guys and Tambo wants full value and has the advantage of not having to be in a hurry. Kudo’s to the Org for not (yet) sending an NHL player away for “picks”.

    • Agreed. I think the time for acquiring picks as the primary return for trades is over. Live bodies from here on out. Prospects are fine, but I suspect that when Tambellini gets offered a first his next question is “And?”

  • Romanus

    Maybe we should be relishing the fact that we actually have some depth rather than trying to trade it away. I think the depth situation has created competition for ice time, and has helped get some of the results we have had so far this year.

    I prefer the situation where we need to send a guy like Omark down vs. the last couple of years where we basically filled roster spots with AHL players because we lacked depth. When the time comes for Omark to get a shot again, he will know he needs to make the most of it, as there are other guys competing for that spot.

    I do realize we can’t keep them all forever, but its still early and would rather get a better assessment over the year to see who fits longer term vs trading someone while his value is low.

    Unless we truly believe that we are going to be a playoff team, why not wait until later when we can get more?

  • Gagner has exactly the same amount of EV points as Omark does. Gagner needed to get away from Belanger and PRV to get a point on the PP. Perhaps Omark and Gagner are not the problem but it just might lie with Belanger and PRV not being offensively gifted?


    To add to my previous comment about keeping Omark with MPS on the second unit pp, we were not more than 5 games or so in to the season when Omark began to sit out 5 straight. How in that short of time and given how productive he was last year can a guy suddenly be out. Especially so when Lander just arrived, he was supposed to be in the OKC. Jones IMO has a longer leash. Gagner although injured at the start of the season and since coming back has not been lights out either. Some coaches have their favorite players and some just do not have chemistry with certain players.

    • A-Mc

      I Honestly think Omark is a victim of the 60 games rule.

      I like Omark, but he’s on the fence at the moment; meaning he doesn’t have a solid spot because they Couldn’t afford to give him the Game time to adjust and fit in while still keeping him under the 60 game limit.

      The only real way he would have broke free of this situation, IMO, is if he came out like RNH and wowed offensively for a bit.

      • right on spot!The team have problems because Rnh made the team and lander also .

        What to do with omark? i think they trying hard to trade him away because if he tears up the ahl and makes 4 more games up hes needed to clear waivers to go down again(875k) and we lose him for nothing! I hope they doesnt trade him inside our conference so it hurt us later.

  • BGH - Team SQUEEE

    EDIT : Tried to quote, did it wrong, this is in response to comment 103 by A-MC

    Amen. That is my feeling as well. Just because Omark is sent down doesn’t mean his career is over and he is never coming back.

    It means we needed roster space to figure out what to do with the bodies we have.

    Him, and Lander, are simply the best choices to go down because they don’t have to clear waivers.

    Heaven forbid we send down Gagner and lose him on waivers. Then everyone would be screaming about poor asset management.

    This year is all about auditions for next year and beyond. Despite our dramtic start, lets be honest and admit we aren’t going to be competing for the cup in round 4.

    That being said, the decisions made this year (Hemsky long term vs trade, Gagner, Omark) will have an effect on the future and better to be handled slow and proper.

    Just my $.02

  • JOFA

    Too many quality forwards is a good thing. The challenge for the Oilers is to find ways of increasing their value.

    I would like to see MPS and Lander join Omark in OKC. Give them a dozen games, play the three together for twenty minutes a night and let them get really comfortable playing together.

    Despite how well RNH is doing, I would also like to see him play the WJ’s. I believe he would benefit from participating in that tournament. Bring back the Swede line at that time, give them quality minutes, and see what they’re capable of.

    • Wanyes bastard child

      Interesting idea, but then what do you do with the NHL line-up?

      Kid line

      Jo-Smhoe line

      Hemsky, Belanger, Gagner

      Eager, Brule, Petrell ???

      Maybe swap Hemsky for Jones, Gagner slots to the middle between Jones and Petrell moving Belanger to the fourth between Eager and Harti… I dunno. I like the idea of the swedes getting prime playing time in OKC to boost their confidence but it just seems that would leave to many questions on the big team eh.

      Also, while RNH in the WJ’s would be cool, the way he is playing there is no way that is even an option. Maybe if he wasn’t doing FREAKIN AWESOME!!! it might have been an idea but yeah not gonna happen 😉

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    who knew a thread on Omark would lead to such infighting among the Oil faithful… oh wait, this is just like all the other treads but on steroids!

    I’m glad Omark is in OKC. He needs to play. Sitting on the bench is a terrible option for a young(ish) player still trying to figure out his pro. role. Also, I can’t think of a viable scenario on the Oil for him right now, other than Platooning him with someone… and that creates the same problem… parcelling out minutes to young players still developing is against their interest and against the interest of the team in building a cohesive, steady playing force.

    Glad he didn’t throw a fit and opt for SEL. He still has a role to play in Oilersnation and is first on the call-up list for his position. He’ll be given lots more chances this year to prove himself… hope he manages it… or, at least finds success back home or somewhere else.