Everyone who is a mega star now, was at one point impossibly young and just happy to be in the big leagues. Two of the youngest guns in the NHL meet tonight in Chicago. It might be argued that tonight’s game is the first between the Hawks and Oilers that has been of any note whatsoever in years.

It could also be argued that these teams will have important matches against one another for years to come.

Only time will tell.


The Hawks are in first place in the Western Conference with a 10-4-3 record. The newly Mighty-for-Realsies? Oilers are third in the West with a 9-5-2 record. It should also be noted that Columbus has only seven points, which is amazing when you stop and think about it. Thank heavens they did not tank this hard last year – they might currently employ the Nuge instead of good ol E-town.

On a road trip where a .500 record would be considered to be a complete success the Oil are coming into Chicago having lost two games in a row. Being blanked by Detroit after losing in Boston ain’t no particular thing, especially if you can take down the Conference leaders on your way back home.

The Oilers confirmed as much with a tweeted quote from Ryan Jones earlier today:

"Any time you can go .500 on the road is usually a success, especially a trip like this." – on aiming for a W in Chicago tonight.


No lines were ran at practice today in Chicago but the Oilers have confirmed that Nikolai Khabibulin will get the start against his former team. Ryan Smyth impossibly leads the team in goals and points and second to him is the Nuge.

Did we happen to mention RNH is five whole years younger than Jonathan Toews? Take that uppity Hawks fans who think they have the youngest guns in the league.


Let’s get after this one fellas. It could prove to be a big win.

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      Didn’t you get the message… it “makes no sense” to use “trash” metaphors in sports? “It’s just so random”… expect Book!e to clear that up for you.

  • Kevin S

    The Nuge and Smytty have scored 45% of our goals this season. If you add in Ryan Jones the % of goals scored by Ryans is 54%. Non-Ryans on this team gotta step it up. I get that Jones has 3 and other ppl have 3 but it’s just funnier to group all the Ryans together. HAHA.

  • Chris.

    Game Day Prediction: Oilers continue to struggle defensively but steal one in Chicago tonight to climb to .500 on the road trip. Goals by all four Oiler lines: 4-3 final.

    Obvious Game Day Prediction: Khabibulin stands on his head the first period. Watching him I remember all the bad things I said and wrote about him…and don’t feel bad at all. Stoping the puck is his JOB!

    Not-So-Obvious Game Day Prediction: Belanger rings two off the post and one off the crossbar. The crossbar rebound lands right on Gagner’s stick and he burries it for his first of the season shedding a 200lb gorilla off his back in the process. After the game stats geeks will point out that Belanger recorded zero shots on net, scored no points, and was a minus one… Saw-em Good Guys will credit Belanger with an unofficial assist, several scoring chances, and solid play againt Kane and Toews when Renny got caught in a bad match ups. Both camps are technically correct.

    Eskimo Game Day Prediction: I get drunk, freeze my balls off, and the Eskimo’s win a tight defensive battle. 20-16 Esks. GO ESKS!

  • ColeRoll

    I feel like the Hemsky projection is a little off… 4 assists in 5 games pro-rates to 21 assists in 71? Somebody get Willis in here to figure out this complex thing called math.