Trade Deadline Primer 4.0

Trade deadline deals should work for both teams. An example: Edmonton acquired Sergei Samsonov in 2006 for assets that included a 2nd rd pick later that year. Boston used it to acquire a big part of their future.

Milan Lucic was chosen 50th overall in 2006, the selection originally belonging to Edmonton. Both clubs saw the move pay off, Edmonton added a useful player for their run and Boston has a big part of their future in Lucic. His play during last spring’s playoffs was a contributing factor in the Bruins winning the Stanley for the first time since Orr.

Edmonton has a few "Lucic’s" matriculating towards the NHL. You can never assume any of them will be that good, but if the Oilers can add some actual NHL players from the group the benefits will show. Among the draft picks acquired via trade:

  • D Oscar Klefbom, probably the club’s best blueline prospect.
  • D Colten Teubert, AHL defender trying to bridge the gap between OKC and EDM.
  • L Curtis Hamilton, struggling in the AHL this year after a huge WHL season in 10-11.

Most readers will know that I put a lot of value in advanced stats, including Gabe Desjardins’ NHL equivalencies. This trio doesn’t perform well by this metric and may point us toward their future roles with the Oilers should they make it to the NHL.

Klefbom doesn’t have a point in 30 SEL games, although his WJ performance (6, 1-1-2) was impressive and he certainly looks like he can wheel and headman the puck.

Teubert is a "defense first" option, what we used to call a stay-at-home type back in the day.

Hamilton is following up his 62, 26-56-82 WHL season with 40, 5-6-11 in his pro debut in OKC. I’m not certain–this could be a case of a top 50 selection falling flat and he might be out of hockey in a few years–but it seems to me Hamilton (and Tyler Pitlick) are getting the "Phil Cornet" treatment from a year ago: lots of HS’s and 8-10 minutes a night. I do have some evidence (several conversations with coach Nelson and pbp man Jim Byers) to confirm but at some level Hamilton will need to force his way up the depth chart.


All three prospects were procured under the current regime; as long as Tambellini-MacGregor remain they’ll get the push. Klefbom has a nice range of skills and could develop into a defensive defender with footspeed ala Laddy Smid–or the SEL may be playing tricks on us and we’re looking at the next complete defenseman on the Oilers depth chart; Hamilton’s skills always reminded me of the two-way wingers Montreal used to develop 6 at a time in the 70s–but he’s more Dale Yakiwchuk than Dave Hunter right now and needs to pick up the crooked numbers; and Teubert looks about ready to replace Theo Peckham or Andy Sutton should the need arise. The boxcars will never be boldface on his resume.

History teaches us that one of these men will end up being an NHL regular, one will bounce around here and there and the other one will fall away.

The Lucic? Can’t see him from here.

  • Lowetide

    It was a terrific game. It sounds crazy, but for me beating Calgary in CGY–even with all of their injuries–is a good sign. They worked hard tonight for the Kruger.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    My gawd, will you get off the hump about Hamilton, Pitlick already? It is their first pro seasons, and look thru the stats of high second round and third round picks that play in the AHL and see what their stats are. Its called adjustment, otherwise if they were so good, they probably would be in the NHL. Thats why they are in the AHL, and you should know that its called development. If they are struggling after the 3rd year of playing in the AHL then bring up this article. Otherwise this article is completely pointless and a waste of space.

    • Lowetide

      I’ve actually been positive about those two, but the numbers do tell a story. As an example, Kyle Brodziak–who should be a reasonable comp for Hamilton–scored 32 points in 56 AHL games at age 20. The team scored 197 goals that season.

      Hamilton is on track to score between 15 and 20 points this season and OKC will score 230 goals or so.

      Now I believe (and mentioned in the post) that time-on-ice is driving a lot of this for both Hamilton and Pitlick.

      But their offensive numbers are a concern. They’re scoring at rates we might expect from a Travis Ewanyk in his AHL debut.

      • A-Mc

        LT: Brodziak came through the system when the farm team was a disaster and the competition for playing time was weak, was it not?

        Pitlick and Hamilton are coming through at a time where the AHL team is deep and playing time must be earned. This is a major step up for both of them. If they haven’t foreced thier way up the line up at this point next season, we need to be worried. Now, this is all about learning what it takes to be a professional hockey player.

        Send ’em off to train with Gary Roberts or with Chris Chelios’s trainer for the summer and I think they will be fine next season.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    The line ups to start tonight’s game looked mind boggling going in, but they worked. Who would have guessed that Belanger would score and that we would get scoring from a few different lines and not just one?

    Maybe Kruger is onto something that Renny isn’t? Balance out your kids and great things can happen?

    Either that or Calgary just sucked the hind tit tonight and we took advantage of it 😛

    I dunno, i’m a fan and not a great hockey analytical mind but a win is a win and with this squad they are few and far between so i’ll take this one with a s#it eating grin on my face 🙂

    • Professor Fatbot, PhD

      Ralph could take a few name players with a bunch of NLA guys and coach system play that would bring Switzerland nearly to the medal round, and throw some curveballs and upsets along the way in the Olympics with regularity.

      I think he’s an exceptional coach strategically and tactically, and if you give him the pieces he will get everything he can out of them.

  • vetinari

    I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    The top three things that the Oilers need at the draft deadline:

    #3 – a top 4 defenceman

    #2 – a starting goaltender who can log 50+ games a season

    #1 – a GM who knows that we need #1 and #2 and will actually do something to fix these problems

  • A-Mc

    Call me a lunatic, but i put lots of merit into how i feel about a player when i watch them on camera for the first time.

    I Really like Klefbom for that reason. The kid seems genuine and in good spirits. In my mind i was welcoming him into the Oilers squad the first time i saw him interviewed. I am really hoping we get to take a look at him in the preseason sometime in the next couple years.

    In contrast to this, i felt really negatively towards Yakupov when i saw his interviews. Something about that guy just doesn’t sit well with me and so even if we somehow won the Lotto and were able to pick him 1st overall, my gut would tell me to go with Grigorenko instead.

    I don’t know why i get feelings about certain people but they’ve never led me astray before.

    Grigorenko 2nd Overall!

  • A-Mc

    Wow a coach who split up our talented duo and got results . When RNH is back please keep Gags at center . Jim Matneson said he will go on the wing for Hemsky’s replacement and that will be stupid . Putting Gags , Ebbs & Smyth together works and I think RNH Hall & Magnus could work . If Tambellini grows a pair and gives Hemsky a new deal a line of Hemsky Horc and Eager could do well and if not then Omark with Horc and Eager .They need both balance and equal “D” & “O” line draws . For those who want a goalie give Dubnyk 20 of the remaining games and then we will know for sure . As for the kids on the farm & junior etc we are still a year or two away. Love for Hemsky to stay and if Tambellini screws it up he may be gone. The only way we get a top 4 for Hemsky is throwing in a Peckham or Tuebert and if he doesn’t or can’t get a top 4 D man sign Hemsky.