• Big Perm


    Just wanted to reiterate because I feel the urge, that the average Oiler fan knows more about hockey than the average Flames fan.

    So as Wanye once said, to all you Flames fans out there, “eat shit”.

    Enjoy the game.

  • A-Mc

    Hey Fist. Just so you know there is no such thing as the average Flames fan. The fact we are Flames fans immediately makes us above average hockey fans. As far as Oiler fans knowing more about hockey than Flames fans you dispell that fact by simply being an Oiler fan. If you knew hockey how could you be an Oiler fan. The 80’s are over, Wayne is gone, so go get yourself a Flames jersey and quit being such a loser.

    • Horcsky

      This whole post was cancelled out by referring to Big Worm as Fist.

      Clearly, the average Flames fan cannot differentiate between a person’s name, and words they say.


    • oilman3

      If this wasn’t supposed to be funny then I’d suggest you take it over to the other thread.

      You’ll find more of your compatriots already riding the ad-hominem train to nowhere.

      With regards to the quoted statement above, yes, the 80s are gone – and so are the “glory” years for both franchises.

      Although Edmonton did win a cup in 1990, the last 22 years haven’t really been flattering for either team. Since the 90-91 season, both teams have choked in the SCF. Truthfully, fans of either team really have nothing to brag about.

      Although I am an Oilers fan going on 30 years now, I would love nothing more than to see both franchises return to prominence, it would actually make the “battle of Alberta” worth giving a sh*t about (again).

  • oilman3

    wow eberle is a one man show singlehandedly schooling the old slow flames. gotta love flames fans talking about the futility of our rebuild when eberle is arguably already better than anyone on their team. flames fans need to face the fact that without a goalie standing on his head game after game, they wouldn’t even be in the playoff race.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Eberle is in a tie for 8th place in goals right now. One of the people he’s tied with is – surprise – Jarome Iguana.

    It’s too bad Iginla’s 87 and Eberle’s only 22, Iginla might die of natural causes before he can see Ebs get 50 in a year.

    Squee, bitches.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    You know whats nice? Waking up on St Patricks Day and finding out that the Oilers beat the Flames 3-1. Whats even better is looking at the scoresheet and seeing RNH with 2 goals and Eberle with a goal. Shades of the past. Messier and Anderson. Greztky and Kurri. RNH and Eberle. The only downer was watching Sarich almost take off Hall’s head. Lucky for us Hall’s head is like granite. He’ll be ok after a couple/ three pints of green lager today.

    The Flames need to wake up to reality soon. ONnce the season is over and theyhave missed the playoffs again by 3 or 5 points and sit 11th in the conference I hope they might see the futility of Feaster’s vision for that team.

    Till next season Flames.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      No, took the pill last night, its called Zantac. We get to go back and play Sunday to a “meaningful game”. It must suck to be you to have to watch your team play out the string. Thats the problem with just being a spoiler, your dumps start to stink.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Here’s the thing: Oilers have lost more one goal games than any other team in the league. Dubnyk’s playing .500 hockey *(16-17) on the 29th place team with a .910% without any real top pairing defencemen. Our PP is the best in the league, PK is middle of the pack, and goal differential is better than buffalo’s (10th in east). You sign up at least one, or 2 top 4 dman for this team in the offseason and dubnyk’s % will go to ~.918. That’s marc andre fleury range this year and that’s good enough. Eb’s has got 69 points, still clicking at 1.03 ppg, and nuge’s is .88!!

    oh, and we’ll miss the playoffs just like you will, but we’ll have a top 3 pick. Do you see the descrepancy?

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Glad to see getting a top 3 pick comforts yourself so much. Grab on to any silver lining you can. The youth the Oilers have looks as apprealing to us at times as the need for the veteran core/leadership Flames have is appealing at times to the Oil. Right now both teams just dont have the right mix to make a run so whats the point of thinking your crap smells better than ours.