With two games remaining on the Edmonton Oilers 2011-12 NHL season we find ourselves caring more about the 29th place local squadron then how the big shots at the top of the NHL ladder are faring. Call us a simple minded Edmontonian with hotdogs in each hand – but whatever.

Amidst all the suck, two topics are sticking out in our mind as of prime importance.


If you haven’t seen the first #nugeforcalder video we can’t even begin to imagine what you have been doing for the past 8 days. If you haven’t seen the second #nugeforcalder video featured above that is more understandable as it only dropped yesterday.

Give it a watch, these cats at Jeanshorts and baggedmilk do a magnificent job. And it’s even baggedmilk’s 13th birthday today! What an age to be alive.

Speaking of magnificent jobs, these two fellas – approximately the same age as the Nuge ironically – have the right idea.


A few weeks back when a dashing unknown blogger made the claim that everything wasn’t going well between Ryan Smyth and the Oilers? Remember how the very next day the Journal and the Sun reported that Smyth had a two-year offer on the table from the Oilers and smooth sailing abounded? We still call bullshit on the whole thing.

What exactly are the Oilers brass too busy doing to get a deal done with Smyth? Joey Votto got a deal done yesterday and yes we know he is a baseball player and not a hockey player. Sure he is in the prime of his career and dear Smytty is getting a bit long in the tooth. But don’t both players deserve 10 year $225 million dollar contracts?

Don’t listen to your brain on this one – listen to your heart.

Now we aren’t saying that the Oilers should commandeer a couple Zimbabwean 50 trillion dollar bills (pictured above) and dupe Captain Canada with some variety of Forex scheme. But we are saying that things aren’t moving along smoothly and that gets back to respect and class and etc etc etc.

If this drags into the summer months or heaven forbid training camp one has to wonder the message it sends to players considering playing in Edmonton. If the Oil don’t handle Ryan Smyth at the end of his career with kid gloves, who will they not try and grind into the ground?

What does it say to Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle who will be signing massive long term contracts in short order with the brass talking about "long term commitment" and such? They are seeing what Oilers brass really think about loyalty at this point and it doesn’t look good.

Oh and the section of Oilers fans that have come out of the woodwork calling 94 names and questioning what he should make?

You’ll get yours.


As the season winds down it is getting harder and harder to write articles. Not because we are running out of ideas of things to talk about – in fact quite the opposite. But we can’t believe the negative acids being spat all over the interwebs, sports bars and water coolers about our beloved Edmonton Oilers. We don’t want to become another voice in a chorus of boo birds, who face another looooong summer without precious playoff hockey to watch.

So if you have some ideas on positive/buffoon laced articles you would like to see from your ol’ pal Wanye – shoot us an email at If you are a hot lady who has sexy pictures burning a hole on your hard drive, why not send those along too.