Nation Radio – April 28, 2012

With Lowetide engaging in a hot air balloon race around the world this weekend (the queen herself shall drop the checkered flag!), OilersNation’s own Robin Brownlee took the wheel in LT’s stead. Joining him this Saturday were all manner of characters and celebrities, including David Staples, Jason Gregor and Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney. Mr. Brownlee is also the Nation’s record holder for banning trolls engaging commenters in lively debate, so give a listen as he braves listener/reader calls and emails. 

This is Nation Radio.

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Segment 1

Jason Gregor of the Jason Gregor show (and, of course, OilersNation) is Robin’s first guest. They talk Oilers GM and coaching issues, including new candidates should the team choose not to retain Tom Renney. The draft is also discussed.

Segment 2

Next up is Edmonton defender Ryan Whitney. The Oilers season in review, injuries and emerging leaders on the club are the topics. Eberle, Hall and The Nuge get some attention as well.

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Segment 3

For part three, Robin wanders into the dark forest of listener interaction. Your calls and emails set the topics.

Segment 4

Ben Kuzma of the Vancouver Province calls in to go over the Canucks upset in round one, as well as resultant GM, coach and player issues. The possibility of a Luongo trade is discussed as well.

Segment 5

Robin’s final guest this week is David Staples of the Edmonton Journal. Tom Renney and the new arena are the two cherries on this hockey talk sundae.

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Segment 6

Finally, Robin takes more emails and calls to wrap things up. 


The full show.

  • justDOit

    As a frequent reader/casual poster here, I wouldn’t say bragging about banning trolls does much to enliven discussion. Rather makes me wary about posting in Robin’s threads in case he takes disagreement or dislike of topic as “trolling”.

    May I recommend some meditation on the value of the saying “speak softly and carry a big stick”?

  • book¡e

    Sounds rather comical that a supposed journalist (ex-Sun and current CP) wants to impose censorship for opinions contrary to the status quo if no hate laws or bad cussing is involved.

  • BigE91

    I enjoy listening to Nation Radio anytime I can and think Lowetide does a pretty good job with the show, but I also enjoyed yesterdays edition and came away wondering if the powers of the Nation ever considered having Alan and Robin co-host the show on a regular basis or e en occasionally?

    I think it would be interesting but I also realize it might tap into Wanye’s entertainment budget so I see the downside.

  • common sense: What is comical is your agenda when it comes to the comments you direct at me. Easy to look up. “Supposed” journalist? OK.

    And the “C” word? Oooooh. Yes, if you come around taking gratuitous shots at the people who write here, as opposed to commenting or debating the merits of what’s written, there’s a good chance it will be “censored,” as in gone. Don’t like it, move along . . .

    Nice to see mumbai max and OnlyOil, two names I don’t recall seeing here very often, come by just to offer constructive criticism on the show. Too bad they didn’t take the time to actually call in during the show. Might have been fun.

    Wanye: See, I’m unfit for radio. Only a matter of time until I get my own show.

  • I just listened to the show and thought,………For those who think it’s easy to talk on radio, try talking for five minutes in front of the mirror on any subject?

    On Tom Renny, the way he is being handled, is classless! The only person that does not belong in this organization, is overrated Tamby.

    One good trade ( Penner) and three first overall draft picks, does not make a good GM!!

    JG was bang on assessing Renny on who he played (Belenger), as his only negative, otherwise I suggest fire Tamby keep Renny.