History will be made in our city today. In the land of ice and snow, our best teenagers will do their best to bring glory to our town.


Edmonton’s hockey history is long and rich–and famous. The Oil Kings are a big part of it, along with the Oilers and Flyers and Eskimos. Today, Keegan Lowe and Martin Gernat and Griffin Reinhart will have a chance to write their names in the history books with a WHL championship. They’ll join names like Allan Hamilton, Bob Falkenberg, Phil Russell, Tom Bladon, Dave Inkpen.


By any stretch, this is Portland’s year with the Oil Kings a year away. That’s the great thing about sports, you don’t play the game on paper. Last night’s loss in Portland had a lot to do with bad luck and not getting the calls (imo) but excuses are for losers and this grand series deserves a classic game 7. I think we’re about to get it.

I believe this Oil King team will end up being pretty famous, mostly because of their defense. The group includes Mark Pysyk, Martin Gernat, Keegan Lowe, Griffin Reinhart and an emerging prospect (this season) in Cody Corbett. I imagine their NHL careers will be strong enough for us to "remember when" they helped the Oil Kings on this wonderful run.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and for many Edmontonians the Oil Kings are a fresh brand. They haven’t endure the 5 long years of blood, sweat and tears along the way, but are more than willing to be part of this tremendous hockey spring.

I say welcome, enjoy the ride. Cheer on our boys, it’s an Edmonton tradition.


Game on. Oil Kings v. Portland. 6 o’clock. Call in sick tomorrow either way. Game is on Team 1260 with Corey Graham and Kent Simpson.

Bless you boys. We’re behind you.