Now that Canada is out at the World Championships with a loss to the, ahem, powerhouse Slovakians, might we be hearing in the next few days that Tom Renney is out as coach of the Edmonton Oilers?

While there’s still no indication of a pending announcement from the Oilers media relations staff, the timing is right for GM Steve Tambellini, who was at the World Championship, to fit a news conference announcing Renney is out clarifying the coaching situation into his busy agenda before he jets off for the NHL combine in Toronto May 28.

Renney has been left to twist long enough. The question now, as Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun tweeted this morning, does Canada’s elimination at the WC make selling coach Brent Sutter as Renney’s replacement a more difficult pitch than it should have been to already disgruntled Oilers fans?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE @3:25:

According to the Oilers Twitter feed, Renney will not be back as coach. More to come . . .

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  • Just a Fan

    If I have to tell you why the media is talking about coaching then you have not been paying attention. The Oilers are not in the playoffs (again). All key members of the team are under contract for next year. You can only talk about the upcoming draft or free agents for so long before your audience starts to tune you out. A coaching controversy is another contract that has us paying attention.
    As for the “Coaching fraternity” I have not heard anyone say anything. Yes a few X coaches that are now working in the media (see paragraph above). Having said that, I am sure they are not thrilled with this process. I am sure that at least when it is to their advantage, they would want management to make reactionary, emotional decisions.

  • vetinari

    Why do the Oilers need to say anything???!!!! Just because they haven’t said anything to the media??? Why must they fire him right after the season is over? What is wrong with evaluating options? Why all this media drama??? If he is under contract until June 30th then they still have over 5 weeks to decide. Take a pill everyone!!

  • vetinari

    Renney, unfortunately, is most likely out, otherwise, why wait this long to extend him? The only possible reason that I can see is because they also have yet to announce Tambellini’s extension (which is one of the worst case secrets in hockey). I felt sorry for Renney, not because of his coaching abilities but the number of duds that he had on his roster while he was teaching the kids how to play NHL hockey.

    As for the next coach, I suspect that the Oil have someone else on their radar and if they can lock them up, they’ll take that person in preference to Renney and if they can’t have them, then they’ll go with Renney. If I was Renney I’d go public and tell the Oil to pound some sand.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    God the communication is bad on this team. You’d think a business tycoon like Katz would make sure his operatives understand how to network, keep in touch and keep people aware of their status going forward.

    Why would anyone want to work for these guys?

  • vetinari

    Katz’s communication skills are horrible; Tambellini’s is just as bad; Lowe is only marginally better then either one; and the only guy who actually talked to the media game after game to explain the losses was Renney and he’s now being thrown under the bus and left hanging in the wind by “the powers that be”…

    Is it possible to cheer for a team who’s management is so distasteful? I have to gargle to get the taste of Oiler management out of my mouth but I always make sure it isn’t from a Rexall pharmacy…

  • longbottom/P.Biglow

    Thank goodness.

    Two birds with one stone, get a better coach and don’t have to read the comments about no communication and oh poor Renney left twisting in the wind.

    People seem to think we have some right to know everything that happens behind closed doors and the reasons for them. We don’t.

    Katz took time with Lowe and Tambo to evaluate them and then Renney was evaluated. Non story.

  • O.C.

    Looks classless but I’ll hold comment til we hear all sides.

    For example, maybe Renney and Tambo had a big blowup a month ago and the classy thing was to step back and now they realize continuing… well, it wasn’t happening…

    …there’s a lot of crap we don’t know yet.

    But it from the outside looking in, it looks classless.

  • Wax Man Riley

    this is embarassing as a fan to be a fan of. love the team but depise the management. i don’t need to wait for further info to say that either. 3 #1 picks and decades of crap hockey. yes. despise.

    totally makes sense to keep the guy running the guy into the ground.

  • Geez, funny how you get that reaction when you tell a guy who has been a sports reporter for 29 years that something he deemed worthy of writing is a “non-story.”

    The timing of this non-story, it turns out, was bang-on, and that’s half the battle. Funny how that happens when you’ve been at the game awhile.