The Oilers have made it official, Tom Renney will not be returning next season. They announced it on their twitter feed earlier this hour.

"Edmonton Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini announces the club will not renew the contract of Head Coach Tom Renney."

With every passing day it became more clear that Renney wasn’t returning. I find it interesting that they made the announcement hours after Team Canada was eliminated from the World Championships.

Do you agree with this move, who would you replace him with?

Whoever takes over this team, he will be taking over a much better team than Renney had in 2010, and if the Oilers have more success, which I expect them to, I’m not going to give the coach all the credit.

I think Renney did a great job of developing the young kids, and the only critique I’ve heard from players, who’ve played for him in other cities, is that for some reason he doesn’t have that "wow" factor that players will go through the wall for him.

I’m not sure the Oilers have enough players right now who would run through any wall, regardless of the coach, so until they add a few more pieces I’m not expecting the new coach to bring instant success.

We will have more on this later.

  • RexLibris

    “The Oilers had BETTER have told Renney about his dismissal weeks ago – or this organization is headed into the toilet. Absolutely no reason for this – so I am pretty sure he was told beforehand.”

    Oh no george is angry…I have to admit it makes me laugh when I see all the pretend anger about Renney getting axed…no one really thought he was a genius and he absolutely did nothing with the talent he had. He was ok but Im not crying about it.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    Johe wrote:

    Renney stated that Tambellini was first class in the meeting regarding his dismissal. If you don’t believe me, see Darren dreger’s twitter. Some Oil fans just like to complain.

    not to be a complete dick, but what else did you expect renney to say? “That f-ing steve drove this pile of dog**** so far into the toilet i had no chance of success and im glad to be gone from this toiletbowl organization”?

  • ghostcoins

    I can’t believe people are calling for Mac T to come back. Does anyone remember the Mac T blender? Measuring the stick? Man-crushes on Toby Petersen type players?

    Look, I like the guy, but it’s time for something new. Not sure how I feel about Sutter. I’d like to see Todd Nelson brought up as an assistant coach at the least.

    The only old coach I’d take back is Charlie Huddy. When we had Huddy, we had good defence, but no scoring.

  • Handled with a notable lack of class and respect by an organization already under a cloud of bush league behavior from the past.

    I defended Tom Renney at various times in the past, even though I didn’t agree with all his decisions (Khabi, for starters), but that’s because I know I won’t agree completely with any coach. I think he deserved one more year just based on the critical number (and unfortunately simultaneous timing) of injuries alone and the fact that the few times he called the team out, they responded. Unlike MacT and Pat Quinn, he only called individual players out on rare occasions (one that I know of – Gagner.) He was definitely the right coach for the kids.

    Even my disagreements with Renney’s coaching are tempered by the possibility of other viewpoints. Why Khabi? Well, why dump Dubnyk out as a starter behind a really bad team? Passing over Omark? Maybe the kid really does have a bad attitude.

    If the Oilers do go ahead in another direction, I hope they look further than Brent Sutter. He likes big, bruising forwards and a hard forecheck. We have small, scrawny forwards and a weak forecheck. Nail Yakupov isn’t going to make us any bigger, either.

    Dave Tippett, IMO.

  • DoubleJ

    Do you guys really think Renney did a good job this last season? I’m glad they’re going in a different direction personally. Way too many crazy off the wall decisions were made last year that had everyone questioning his process.

    Belanger on the pp for 3/4 of the season is one example. Keeping Lander up for the 3/4 of the season is another. Refusing to let DD play more, playing Smyth and Horcoff over 20 minutes a game for the whole season. Not playing the kids a little more. I can go on and on.

    This team needs to move towards the kids more and a new coach will probably let that happen. And if the Oil fail one more year tambi is gone plain and simple.

    • “Belanger on the pp for 3/4 of the season is one example.”

      Belanger was having/had the worst season of his career offensively. Putting slumping players on the PP to try and get some easy goals to help start the ball rolling is something coaches have been doing forever. (Though, I mean, when you’re 0 for 900 you should probably think about giving it up eventually)

      “Keeping Lander up for the 3/4 of the season is another.”

      Giving the kid a large taste of the North American pro game. Obviously we won’t know for sure for a season or two, but this could go a long way in helping develop him faster.

      “playing Smyth and Horcoff over 20 minutes a game for the whole season”

      Leaning on veterans to do the heavy lifting for a young, inexperienced team.

      “Not playing the kids a little more”

      Sheltering them so they could flourish, get boatloads of confidence in their game, and become acclimated in their role as full time professional NHL players.

      “Refusing to let DD play more”

      I have no excuse for this one. It was just insane the way he somehow expected Khabby to bounce back.

      But as I’ve been trying to tell people all season, there was a method to Renney’s madness (madness being the keyword most nights).
      If things had turned out the opposite; if Belanger got his usual 10-15 goals and 35 points, if Smyth and Horcoff didn’t come crashing back down to earth due to their age catching up to them and causing them to be unable to handle the massive workload handed to them night after night, if Khabby had miraculously kept his play consistent with the way he started the season, I’m sure we’d all be talking about what great things Renney was able to do with this crappy team. But unfortunately this crappy on paper team was just as crappy on the ice and here we are looking for answers once again.

      We can debate all we want about the merit of his strategies (although I’m sure we’d all agree they bombed pretty terribly) but I wish people would stop acting as if he was trying all these insane things that no one in the NHL has ever seen before. The ideas were there; the execution was not. And maybe that’s reason enough for him to be fired, that he didn’t realize quickly enough, or in general, that the things he kept trying and trying were not working. But I honestly don’t think he had too many other options, nor would they have worked out any better.

      Anyway, R.I.P Tom Renney. Wait, he’s still alive?

      • DoubleJ

        “IF” all Renney’s decisions worked out I guess I would have a different view on his madness.
        But they didn’t. most teams let their 2 way players (Lander) learn in the AHL. I’d say a anyone else would agree that you develope better when you actually get playing time and have success. Lander was getting destroyed and averaging 7 to 10 minutes a game.

        Seriously your arguments are nothing but “if’s”.

        Renney over worked the Smyth and Horcoff and it showed they were out of gas before the halfway mark. And he leaned on them, because he chose to carry too many young guys and didn’t trust them.

        Plain and simple he made too many mistakes.

        Belanger and Petrel on the ice for 4 on 4’s? Constantly. C’mon.

  • ghostcoins

    Johe, I think Renney saying that is indicative of his character.

    I was no fan of the guy as a coach, but I respect Renney, and would not expect anything less of a guy of his ilk.

    • Dutchscooter

      My thoughts as well. Still, and this is more directed to cableguy, many Oiler fans are jumping all over the organization for handling this with zero class and treating Renney with zero respect. There’s really nothing to suggest this is the case. In fact, the evidence would suggest it’s almost the exact opposite.

      Now, I don’t mean to sound like a Tambellini apologist, but some people should ease up on bashing the guy and consider the facts before jumping to conclusions. Yes, I agree he’s made his fair share of mistakes, but that doesn’t mean everything he does is terrible. However, this is just one lowly fan’s opinion. And cableguy, you are not a complete dick. 🙂

  • Mik

    DoubleJ nailed it!! Wake up people. All of you complaining now were the same ones that were complaining when he pulled his bonehead moves during the season. Geezuz!

  • Karth

    Whats done is done jesus christ! All teams do the same way and I’m sure they have the same whiny little bitches here that cant stop complaining about how “unclassy” the organization went about it! Get over it, or go get some cheese to go with all the whine.

  • Dutchscooter

    If Renney was no good then why did they waste another entire year with his coaching ? I suppose now we do the Dive for Five years of cellar dwelling ? What an embarrassment our club has become over very questionable management .

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Why even have a coach and GM on the payroll if there’s going to be another work stoppage.

    Doesn’t make sense to me. Who’s going to come to Edmonton on a short deal and have to prove himself to two different GM’s?

    Down to your last strike Steve…

  • Bucknuck

    Hiring Sutter would stink too much of the ol’ Boys club for me to handle. Plus, he has the taint of Calgary all over him. No thanks to that. No thanks to Kreuger, either. Either you pick a winner, or you should have kept Renney.

    Of all the options that seem to be on the tips of most tongues, the only one who’s won anything was MacTavish (Campbell trophy in 2006). That’s kind of scary.

    Please bring in a good coach who has a great resume. Don’t bring in one of Lowe’s buddies. Please o please.

    • Mason Storm

      Wouldn’t mind Sutter coming in and using his brother Daryl’s philosophy. Beat Calgary and go from there. Sutter would know the Flames best since I doubt they’ll have much roster turnover. Plus he had Calgary within spitting distance of the playoffs and they should have been sucking the hind banana.

      • Bucknuck

        Crawford and Hartley both won the big one (Stanley) and both did it with Colorado. Crawford seemed to lose his coaching mojo after the win and I wouldn’t hire him. Hartley might be OK, since he actually managed to get that sadsack Atlanta team into the playoffs once.

        I know the prevalent opinion is that they should get an experienced coach in here, but I look at Cooper (who has a law degree), and I see him winning everything he’s ever touched. I feel compelled, somehow. I like Todd Nelson where he is, and I would like to see him get a shot in a couple of years.

      • D'oh-ilers

        Hartley might be a good fit. He coached a dominant Avalanche team to 3 conference finals and a cup and was able to turn the Thrashers into a competitive team for a while. He’s been coaching in Europe, his Swiss team just won the league championship. He signed a 2 year deal, not sure about whether there’s an out clause in his contract, but if there is, the Oilers should definitely at least give him an interview, assuming he’s interested in the position.

  • I respect your opinion but want To change the question . All we here is Fire Renney (done), Take Nail or Our main need is a defencemen . My question to you is Don’t we really need that 6’2″ “C” @ 200lb with skill . Why doesn’t management phone Columbus and say give us your #2 & Tyutin for our #1 and any one of Peckham ,Potter, Tuebert or Plante . Columbus gets ” Nail ” ( that they need)and we get a 3/4 “D” who can play know then take the big center . We will never win the cup with Nuge , Gagner , Lander , Horc down the middle . Time to think deeper plus we still aren’t 100% sure if we allready have that other “D” in the 4 “d” we allready drafted . We need Size down the middle and this maybe the best year to do it . I watched the Oil Kings win there 2 memorial cups and am a lifetime Oiler Fan who would like to getr some feedback.

  • As much as this is about Tambellini not renewing Renney’s contract.

    I can’t help get the feeling that Lowe will be making Tambellini accountable next season when the Oilers fail to make it out of a lottery position or barley make it out.

    With only picking one player at the draft per year that can play, the Oilers should be ready to re-build in two more years when the young stars have had enough of loosing.

    The fact that almost every move Tambellini has made has come back to bite him and the Oilers in the arse is convincing enough.

    Tambellinin hasn’t made any significant trades or signings to upgrade the Oilers, it will only be magnified when he chooses the wrong player at this years draft.

  • Bucknuck

    I can’t say for sure that this was a good move or a bad move in not bringing Renny back but the one thing I feel strongly about is that ST didn’t do much to help the situation. He provided no help on the defence side and some of the moves that were not made, I am sure that that had nothing to do with Renny. Example: keeping Ladner up all year and playing Belanger, Smyth and Horcoff like he did. I am sure that ST had a lot of say in those moves. The Oilers need to get a coach and stay with him for an extended period of time. Changing coaches every other years is no good. It is my opinion that the team needs a lot of help, not just a little help. We will soon see what ST can do or maybe he is on a short leash.

  • Devolution


    Stop being so damned reasonable! Can’t you see people here don’t like that!

    I must say, the number of people who actually know what goes on in the locker room is quite small and likely doesn’t include anyone posting here.

    I know all the accountants, and welders and salesmen like to play couch manager, but these guys do it for a living and know more about it than you do.

    Did Tom Renney have a bad season? Absolutely. Ask him, I am sure he would tell you so. Did he have a bad season because he is stupid or wanted to hurt the team? Certainly not.

    Things just didn’t work out for him. I wish him luck.

  • RexLibris

    @ j Willis:

    Other than knowing the Oiler prospects better, if you line up Cooper and Nelson, doesn’t Cooper pretty much crush nelson on any criteria you could come up with for selecting a coach? I like Nelson, don’t get me wrong, but if I am going young, Cooper would be choice 1. I wouldn’t be upset if the Oilers promoted Nelson though.

  • vetinari

    Interesting…Renney gets criticized for not playing the young players enough…but as you look around the world of hockey you find all sorts of former young stars that were counted on too much in their early years and never reached their potential…(ie. Gilbert Brule).

    I think Renney saw exactly what kind of team he had here…a non-playoff team…and worked on developing his young players properly…something that will benefit the Oilers long term…and the next coach…but that Renney will never get credit for!

  • 15w40

    Can’t debate whether Renney should have been replaced or not – smarter people than me can speak to that. The manner in which this was handled is total bush league (using what information is readily available). It’s already been wrote about…….Anybody that is in the market for an NHL job or is approached to consider this posting will likely take a long look at how the last two coaching changes were handled. Might not bode so well for them trying to sell this organization as a well run cohesive group. Tom Renney has yet to speak but my guess is there will be no real information on how things developed as he will be taking the high road. Still cheer for the team but some of the things that are done confound logic.

  • RexLibris

    This will be Tambellini’s 4th coach since he took over. Obviously he inherited Mactavish but the fact remains. Either Tambellini can’t hire the right coach or he can’t put together a good enough roster. Or maybe a bit of both.