Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers cash their third #1 overall pick today, adding the final name to the fab four. In a very real way, it’s the biggest test for the scouting group in Oilers history.

Nail is going to be a famous hockey player and an extremely good one. You can’t find a mock draft or a top 30 on the internet without Nail’s name at the top (actually you can, but this has happened only recently). The “gap” between Nail and the rest is sliding, but he’s still #1 as draft day arrives and will be known far and wide for doing the hardest thing in hockey: scoring goals.

I enjoyed Robin Brownlee’s series with Stu MacGregor and the item on Ryan Murray was very informative. MacGregor told Robin that Murray’s weakness was “he’s only six feet and a bit. What will be the determining factor is if he can be that shutdown-type D-man you require in that sort of position.”

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Murray has been described as being a “safe” pick, and I think most of us think he’ll be the pick should Edmonton decide not to draft the gifted Russian.

Griffin Reinhart arrives courtesy a strong regular season and a deep run into spring in which he showcased his talents. A team looking for a combination of size, skill and truculence would have to take a long look at the Oil King defender. In Jason Gregor’s article yesterday he got a wonderful quote from MacGregor:

Macgregor: “It’s almost like he got a bit more determined and decided he was going to show people he is a high-end prospect. Not to say that he wasn’t, but he’s growing into his body and now he’s getting that physical strength that young kids with his size don’t always have right away because they are tall and lanky.”


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Stu MacGregor and his scouts have reached a conclusion. There has been speculation, guesstimation, hunches, sneaking suspicions, trick knees, deduction, theory, supposition.This is the final member of the fab four, these men must choose well. Why is this the most important draft decision in Oiler history? They are selecting number one overall with a gigantic “team need” glaring them in the face. BPA may take a holiday.

Is it Nail? We wait.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Nail Yakupov: Right winger, exciting dynamic goal scorer. Blazing speed, great hands and capable of playing with a physical edge. Everything you could want in an impact/elite player. A constant concern he may leave the NHL to an alternative league.

    Alex Galchenyuk: Center, of Russian descent but very much a North American prospect. Great hands, quickness and sees the ice/play better than any player in this draft. good size and a willing participant when the game gets a little physical. May not be ready to play this yr but will be worth the wait if he doesn’t make your roster this year.

    Ryan Murray: Defenseman, Great skater, passer and gets the puck out of your zone quickly and efficiently. Not alot of flair to his game or significant offensive abilities. Will be a great support d’man behind your No.1 and 2 guy.

    DSF was right, Galchenyuk IS, the steal of this draft.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    If Tamby does not take Yakapov first over all, and instead takes Murray and or others ahead of Yakapov, without gaining an additional asset”……….he is proclaiming himself to be the worst GM in the universe!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    @ Rama Lama

    “he is proclaiming himself to be the worst GM in the universe!”

    Too late for that as others on this site have annointed him with that moniker a loooooooooooooooooooong time ago.

  • Spydyr

    Lowetide said “it’s the biggest test for the scouting group in Oilers history.”

    Well that might explain a few other first picks.Like initials JB.

    Now in all seriousness.Don’t think you are smarter than just about everyone else in hockey.Almost every list has Yak at #1

    Scotty Bowman compared the Yak to Bure.He knows more about hockey than all of the Oilers Upper Management put together.

    It is not much of a decision.

    Draft Yak don’t look back.

  • Pinoy-ler

    If I were Tambellini, I’d be trying to pry Seguin off Boston. If center is what we need, then why not try to make that trade? We have the assets.

    And in my opinion, the only way we’ll know if Tambellini is serious about speeding this process up is if he’ll move the 2013 first rounder for a pick this year. Getting both Yakupov and Galchenyuk in this draft is possible, however, Tambellini doesn’t have the guts and confidence in this team and in his self to move the assets required to get that second pick to draft Galchenyuk.

    I sense another long year for us here in Oilers Nation, but we can hope…