Ryan Smyth Re-Signs With The Edmonton Oilers (As does Yann Danis)

Two years, $2.25 million annual cap hit, as per Darren Dreger.

My initial reaction is that this is an insanely good deal for the Edmonton Oilers. Ryan Smyth played the toughest available competition this season, saw a ton of time in the defensive zone, and is one of the few two-way wingers that the team can really trust. Beyond that, his offensive production this year is easily comparable to more hyped players, like Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan.

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This is the second straight move where the Oilers have done an exceptional job. After landing a top prospect yesterday in Justin Schultz fat the cost of nothing more than an entry-level contract, today the Oilers have inked a bona fide top-nine winger – and, based on his year-long numbers, a top-six winger – for a little more money than they’ll pay guys like Eric Belanger and Ryan Jones.

Not only does the club hang on to a player who for years personified the franchise, but they’re getting quality for minimal dollars. This is a clear win for the team, and a message from Ryan Smyth that staying in Edmonton was more important than getting top dollar. Given the unpleasant things that have been said about Smyth’s character over the last few weeks, the latter message should be one that resonates with fans.

This is nothing but good news.

Danis Re-Signs

And moments after the Smyth news breaks, the Oilers announce via Twitter that third-string goalie Yann Danis has agreed to a one-year contract. Danis was named AHL Goalie of the Year last season, and is as good as third-string goalies get; if Khabibulin struggles, the Oilers will have a legitimate option to fill-in for him.

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Dollar figures haven’t been announced, but the logical assumption is that it’s a two-way deal for reasonable money. Barring a major surprise, this is another strong move by the club.

This week by Jonathan Willis


  • eastcoastoil

    super pumped, now just re-sign Yann Danis and give him a shot to compete with either him or habby going down to OKC to mentor Bunz or Roy.
    Has i’m typing they resigned Dannis. best off season in a long time and free agency hasn’t even started

  • eastcoastoil

    Yakupov,Schultz and resign smyth for great term and price?whats next get suter?wow nice to be an oilers fan finally(again)looking forward to whipping the flames all season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Great news all-round.

    and great point about people ripping on Smyth… the same was said about Hemsky and then… bam he signs a short deal for value money and commits to the oilers.

    fans need to give as much to these guys as they give us.

  • Muji

    That’s great news. I could kiss him for the team/cap friendly concession. God knows we’re gonna have to start paying a lot once the young guys start moving out of their entry level deals next year.

    Glad everyone got their act together on that one. Just as the Oilers reputation is starting to look ok, failing to come to a deal would have been an ugly blight.

  • Where's Your Towel

    What is this feeling? It’s vaguely familiar, but it’s been so long. HOLY CRAP it’s HOPE!

    Hang on, there’s something else… SWEET MOTHER MARY it’s PRIDE!

  • The Soup Fascist

    Not sure based on what the Oilers are needing this is the best signing BUT it is the right thing to do. This is what good organizations do with iconic veterans, even if they have possibly lost a step.

    Now Smytty has to embrace the grizzled veteran third line role and help the kids. Push the hell out of them for top 6 minutes and PP time. But if it ends up being a lesser role, accept it and excel at it. Hopefully’s Smytty’s work ethic and passion are displayed and rub off on the kids.

  • Where's Your Towel

    Excellent $ and good term. Beauty player. He will likely feel 10 years younger with all these exciting, talented kids to mentor.

    Well done Tambi or whoever kidnapped you.

  • RexLibris

    Is it strange that I am more relieved by the Danis signing than the Smyth one? Danis and Roy could be a very good AHL duo and it might really help Roy’s development.

    I imagine that Smyth is going to be put in no-man’s land for tough competition this year perhaps with some 2nd unit powerplay time to compensate. Any word on a NTC? If not, then Tambellini just wins one more check mark in contrast to some other *coughFeastercough* GMs.

    Does this mean that the Oilers might look to trade Hemsky for that other top-four defenseman that everyone was talking about, rather than move him to LW on the 2nd line?

    How about signing Doan as a UFA and trading Eager, pushing Ryan Jones down to the 4th line? The Oilers third line would then be Smyth, Horcoff and Doan. Veteran leadership and character would no longer be a problem.

  • Wax Man Riley


    1 year too long. Figures though. Management make a couple good moves and then takes a step back. Bottom 6 is gonna be the same as last.

    Doan would School Smyth today. Why did the over sign a has been when more viable options are available.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Does anyone know how credible of a source this “TreenasOil” is on twitter? She’s tweeting some pretty interesting comments like this one:

    Tracy ‏@TreenasOil
    Oilers have offered Omark and Plante for Methot

    and followed it up with this:

    Tracy ‏@TreenasOil
    Bluejackets Oilers close to a deal

    If this trade is actually true I’ll be super pumped. Thoughts?

  • The Soup Fascist

    This has been an excellent last ten days or so for Oilerville.

    First is that it was a great draft again with the Oilers getting Yakupov, Moroz, Zharkov and Khaira, and then today with now getting Schultz, Smyth, and even Danis too.

    Now if we can get tougher with Prust, Konopka, or even Tootoo, and……a strong defenceman, we have a great start to next season.

    Yet, there are too many bodies and so trades have to be brought into the equation.

    Belanger, Eager, Peckham,Potter, etc, have to be trade bait with maybe….Gagner and Paajarvi,….and may be Khabby can be bought out as well.

  • Wax Man Riley

    The big tickets will probaby take a few days to sign offers. Parise and Suter both with offers to consider fron Minny. As much as I would like to see Parise in our division I am loath to have him 6 times a season as an opponent. Ray Whitney 4.5 per? Over pay much? If he commands that salary what about Doan? Is Pheonoix on the brink of irrelevancy? Do these players sign if the ownership wasn’t so in doubt? Can QC be an option for 2012-2013 if Goldwater wins once again? I would think it would take 11 minutes to sell out season tickets for say 10 years? Pheonix. The rats are fleeing the ship. Tells you something.

  • I know I shouldn’t complain given the recent Oilers signing’s, I just cant get over how the Oilers never made a pitch for Carkner or Konopka?

    Especially Konopka!

    The Oilers are left with what now? Hordichuk and his 3 min a game! Brutal!

    Minnesota is going to injure our players with zero recourse!

    • Wax Man Riley

      Thanks, ya I kind of figured she’s making stuff up…. How would she have an in as to what the Oilers are doing in the first place.

      That Methot trade with Ottawa just sums up how credible she actually is.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Too bad we didn’t get Methot. That would have been the cherry on top. Hopefully we pull the trigger on bringing up Danis if Khabi’s play warrants it again this season.