Papa’s got a brand new bag!

Once it was clear that I no longer had the fire I believe is required to play hockey anymore it was pretty easy to hang up the skates and call it a career. I am one of the fortunate players that was lucky enough to run out of gas before I ran out of opportunities.

I am very thankful to all the teams, coaches, managers and team mates that gave me seventeen years of professional hockey. I made many great friends and have maybe a few too many memories locked away in my head. Looking back I don’t even have bad memories of all the bag skates!

Last summer around this time my friend, Jason Gregor, invited me to co-host his show on Fridays at the Pint for a couple hours. I thought it would be fun to try so off I went. Gregs is such a pro and easy to work with that by the time I left for Sweden I felt very comfortable on the air. Plus I realized I loved doing it!

After getting home from Sweden I was asked by the Team 1260 if I would co-host other shows over the summer. Of course I jumped at it and got a chance to work with pretty much all of the 1260 personalities. It was a great experience. We were talking all sports and I got a chance to see how much work these guys put into their shows.

Fast forward to last week when I was offered the chance to host my own show. Awesome! I was jacked. Great opportunity for me while doing something I really enjoy. So I am now hosting my own show Monday to Friday, 9pm to 12am on the Team 1260.

Growing up I listened to ‘Sportstalk’ with John Short every night when I went to bed. I think it is great that I get the chance to be like him! A big part of my show will be doing Oiler post-games. I am really looking forward to this. Tune in after all weekday Oiler games to get some insight and opinions on all the action! Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t mix in humour!

Marc Majeau is my producer and wingman off and on the air for the show. Can’t wait to start Tuesday with you buddy!

In other news…

I still want to be on the ice. I love the game of hockey and was looking for a way to stay active within the game. I was given so much by hockey I wanted to give some back.

I found a way to do that by joining Mount Carmel Hockey Academy. I am thrilled to be working with the student athletes there. I will be working both on and off the ice with them all. I am not sure that I am the guy to teach them how to score fifty in the NHL, but I do know and understand the work required to put a player into the position he could get the chance to do so.

Of course I will still be writing here at the Oilers Nation. When I was approached to do this last fall I wasn’t sure how it would all go. I really enjoy it and I appreciate all the feedback I get in the comments section, good and bad.

Just to set the record straight, I don’t care if you blew me kisses or chirped the hell out of me while I was player for the Oilers or any other team. The slate is clean. To be honest I never cared either way, as a player you can’t!

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  • OilDoug

    Congrats on the new gig! I live on the East Coast so catching your show is a little late for me.

    Enjoyed watching you play over the years. Maybe one day the Oilers bring you into the fold. Until then enjoy talking sports and living the dream!

  • Congratulations, Jason! Looking forward to the new show!

    Positive Friday won’t be the same without you!

    In that top image it kind of looks like you are punching yourself in the face….
    could be just me though.

  • Smyth94ever

    Best of luck to you, Jason in all of your new endeavors. You’ll succeed because that’s just the kind of guy you are! Looking forward to your new show. *stick tap for luck* 🙂

  • first order of business Struds – change the name of your show !! I’m sure we can get a little more creative than “The Jason Strudwick Show” – similar to all the other 1260 templates.

    hold a contest – Name my show!

    tell the rest too !

    have a blast – can’t wait for the blooper reel at the end of the year. lol

  • paul wodehouse

    …Mr. Strudwick

    …we’re all [me too] very happy about your embarkation on the new career after hockey…my question is …did Brownlee out bid you for the sultan of windshields gig?

    …y’know he wanted a radio gig too eh?


    i wish you every success sir…

  • Wax Man Riley

    Super excited about this, congrats Strudsy. Maybe I’ll call in one time and remind you of that time we got to ride in the Indy cars a few years back.

  • vetinari

    Congrats Struds! Suggestion for a show name:

    [drum roll]

    Tip of the ‘Wick with Jason Strudwick


    Tip of the Stick with Jason Strudwick

    Frankly, I like the first one better because it sounds slightly dirty for some reason!


  • aeiouY

    I am super pumped for you struds….
    good look for the radio station, even better for the fans. One of my favourite personalities in the game hosting a show in the best city in the game.
    love it

  • Gregor’s player guest spots are always a favorite of mine on his show. Loved it when Stortini was doing it and love it even more when Strudwick is on.

    Best of luck Jason. Something tells me you will do great!

  • Each year the hockey turnstiles keep producing bigger , better , faster and more skilled and bodily developed athletes at an alarming rate with the hockey sense already in place at such tender years . Their games far exceed their bodies full development . Stress on these kids must be tremendous to excel against others also fasttracking their way to professionalism . Not just the odd one anymore – but multiples of them nowadays . All seem to be top notch prospects but many will not find their way despite their elite athleticism and talent . Specialization seems to be latest trend .

    • I don’t normally read madjam because I have trouble reading madjamese. I did read this one though. I’m not sure what he’s saying but if it’s congratulations Jason and I’m sure you’ll do well, then I finally agree with him.

      • paul wodehouse

        I don’t know why but this made me laugh lol

        Awesome news Mr.Strudwick, looking forward to listening in tonight..I will have my Tune In Radio dialed in at theteam1260 at 10pm..

        Enjoy the gig or whatever it is that you radio guys call it these days..

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      i completely disagree madjam.

      everyone knows that the caramilk secret is deeply guarded within the confines of the dead goats walking papers.

      c’mon now.

  • JonW

    Loved your co-hosting especially on the morning show because it seemed to the Team’s answer to Mike and Mike on ESPN radio but no doubt the new gig will be great.

    Listening to you over the past few months I can see why you were a great contributor in the dressing room, according to reports.

    Good luck Jason.

  • Jason, congratulations! Some really nice comments from your fans and colleagues – always a good sign. Thanks to the Internet, will be able to listen to your show out here on the Coast. Agree though that the name of the show needs work – how about”Struds and Buds?”

  • paul wodehouse

    a follow up from where madjam left off…who was THE most intense,talented young player you played with or against in the last 3-5 years as your own career wound down…as is in every walk of pro life, the up and comer is the sure sign of what your own shelf life is in your chosen profession[?]

    • Jason Strudwick

      Tough to answer but the answer close to home would be Hall and Eberle. They have a great desire to be great, and not all talented players have that.

  • ubermiguel

    Way to go Struds! I haven’t thought of Sportstalk with John Short in years, but I remember as a kid staying up way past bedtime quietly listening many evenings. I don’t have a bedtime anymore, now the challenge is staying awake past 10pm.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Man, where are all the sarcastic people at? I can’t believe this hasn’t been said yet…

    Wtg Jason, you do have the perfect face for radio 🙂

  • jimmyc

    Congrats on the new show Jason. Finally, Edmonton radio has a host with playing experience. I look forward to listening to intelligent and funny night time radio, something Dan Tencer can’t deliver. You should do CHED colour commentary on the side, then Bob “I never played the game but know more about hockey than anyone” Stauffer can go back to doing car commercials.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Honestly, Strudwick, the idea that your show will give a former player’s perspective is a bit of a reach. The way forwards blew by you, like going through the turnstiles, I think the game was just too fast for you to absorb much. As for imparting your experience on the youth at Mt. Carmel, well, I guess someone has to show them how to remove splinters from all that sitting on the end of the bench. One question: if you forget to remove your skateguards before hitting the ice do you notice the difference?

    Now we can consider the slate clean. Remember, you said you didn’t care about fans chirping you.

    In all seriousness, I am sure you will be a big success. I will be an avid follower. Good luck.