OKC training camp is underway and the Barons have a lot of natural talent down on the farm. However, there’s always room for one more. If Taylor Hall does play in OKC this season? Holy hell it’s a minor league murderer’s row.

As if there isn’t enough firepower in Okla City as it is, word today has the Oilers looking for a way to get Taylor Hall to OKC on a fast train. Wow. Double Wow. That would mean the Oilers could boast two #1 overalls, Ebs and Justin Schultz BEFORE getting to names like Josh Green, Magnus Paajarvi, Teemu Hartikainen and the rest.

Now all of this would come after Hall gets the ‘all clear’ from the doctors, but this is something that is now a real item on the Oilers agenda.

I don’t think a Hall-led Barons team would have room for all of the legit prospects, meaning a player like Curtis Hamilton might end up in Stockton (as an example). Of course injuries would have their impact on who plays, but for Oiler fans and Baron fans this is a huge item.

The powerplay alone could set fire to Canadian County.


We’ve been focused on men like Anton Lander (photo) so far, but the Hall story has been around in one form or another for a couple of weeks. tsn’s article (it is here) suggests he is "expected" to join the OKC club. That’s a step up from "could" or "might" and in the world of splitting-hairs one would have to think that tsn has gotten the actual word that this will take place.

  • Hall: "When (the Oilers doctor) sees fit that I’m ready to play, he has to clear me and that’s when I would get sent down," Hall told The Edmonton Sun. "We’re also working on a couple other things where I would go down to Oklahoma City before I’m cleared and skate with the team there. I’m going to be down there sooner rather than later, hopefully."


I’m no Jonathan Willis when it comes to a sliderule and ciphering, but from what I can tell Hall falls short of the waiver eligibility rule by a season. I stand to be corrected on that, but believe it to be true. Beyond that, if Hall and the Oilers mutually agree to #4’s being sent to OKC then it should happen without any delays (as far as I know).


I think the only real negative is that Hall is a worry in terms of injury. You can’t wrap him in bubble wrap, so having Hall on the farm is about as good as it gets in terms of lockout hockey. Monitor progress, rest him when necessary and then stand back and see how many goals these kids can pot together.


Adding Hall to the current roster is so nasty it should be illegal. This is sinister, beyond sinister, it’s diabolical!


Some AHL goalies are going to start acting like Travis Bickle, and these Edmonton Oiler kids will be responsible.

  • Truth

    That line would be good for at least a goal a game in the NHL. What does that translate to down there, 2 a game?

    Find a way to get Yakupov on the team as well and I couldn’t care less if the NHL came back this year, provided we get some good tv coverage. Actually, screw the NHL. Bring the Barons to Edmonton for the year so we can watch them dominate. Maybe a glimpse into the future.

  • Lowetide

    With Nuge, Hall, Eberle and J Shultz in OKC the PP should hit the ice at top speed if the lockout ever ends.I would be surprised to see Hall playing until at least the end of the month, however.

    Does this mean Hall supplants Nuge as Eberle’s roommate in OKC when he arrives? Otherwise we will have to endure Nuge N Ebs radio spots, with poor Nuge in the role of the babbling baby idiot.

  • Lowetide

    For the short term there’s always the condition rehab rule. And then the question becomes how do you send him back up from that stint when you discover there is still a lockout.

  • Lowetide

    “Otherwise we will have to endure Nuge N Ebs radio spots, with poor Nuge in the role of the babbling baby idiot”

    They already had Nuge plugging Chuck E Cheese in the funeral episode. OKC has franchise locations.

  • DSF

    @ LT.

    You are as giddy as a school boy but you need to rein in your expectations.

    The AHL is a tougher league than you think.

    The 2004/05 Binghampton Senators featured Jason Spezza, Mike Camalleri and Kyle Wellwood.

    They won their division handily but were ousted early in the playoffs despite Spezza scoring 32 goals and 117 points, Camalleri scoring 46 goals and 109 points and Wellwood chipping in with 38 goals and 87 points.

    Spezza and Cammalleri won the awards for most points and most goals and I seriously doubt any of the Oilers young guns will surpass their totals.

    The Phantoms won the Calder Cup that season when Jeff Carter and Mike Richards joined a team that already featured Patrick Sharp, Jon Sim, Joni Pitkanen, Dennis Seidenberg, R.J. Umberger and Antero Nittimaki.

    The Oilers aren’t the only team sending their young guys to the AHL and we saw how much Hall, Eberle and Hopkins were able to move the Oilers up the standings.

    Or not.

  • Lowetide

    I would have agreed to what you posted–in fact I did post pretty much those thoughts on the RE post at my blog–but imo Hall is another matter.

    I don’t think NHL defensemen can cover Hall. AHL defensemen are going to be wearing their collective ass for a hat with Hall on patrol.


    • DSF

      Alternately, Hall will be wearing a target on his back and will be subject to all that entails.

      There will also be a large number of NHL calibre defensemen playing in the AHL during the lockout.

      Not as easy as you may think.

  • OilClog


    If you believe that Spezza, Cam, and your Hero Kyle Wellwood..come close to comparing to two #1’s and Eberle.. I don’t even know.. Draft pedigree alone, is having a chuckle at your expense.

    Hall putting defenders on their rumps on one line, Magnus doing it the next shift.. is going to be fun to watch.. Wait. F@ck.

    • DSF

      Draft pedigree means squat when the rubber hits the road.

      5th round draft pick Kyle Wellwood scored 38 goals and 87 points in the AHL as a 21 year old in the AHL.

      I guess if you think Eberle will score 50 goals and 100 points in OKC you might have a point…otherwise…you don’t.

    • DSF

      Of course he had something to worry about and his injury history already tells the tale…and that was before surgery.

      If you’re looking for some fireworks in the AHL, keep an eye on the Houston Aeros.


  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    DSF, why are you always so down on anything having to do with the Oilers? Do you derive great joy from trying to squash the enthusiasm of others? It certainly seems that way. You are the absolute definition of a party pooper 🙁

    I can’t wait til the Barons start rolling over other teams. With Nelson’s ability to coach defense, one of the best goalies in the AHL, and the added offense of Nuge, Ebs, and eventually Hall, it’s only a matter of time. What will you say then DSF? For once, I hope you’ll stay silent.

    • DSF

      If the Barons start rolling over other teams I’ll be among the first to congratulate them.

      The addition of Hall, Ebs and Hopkins moved the Oilers from 30th to 29th.

      Why would you expect a different result in the AHL?

      They are all very good players but you must realize other teams also have very good players and. depending on where they are at in their development cycle, may actually benefit more from their young talents being in the AHL.

  • Lowetide

    Barons had 99 points last season, 2nd in AHL. Adding Nuge, Ebs, HALL and you say “Why would you expect a different result in the AHL?”

    Hmmm. Add some ice, DSF.

  • Lowetide

    Hall gets paid lockout or not due to his injuries,right?

    The bubble wrap comment wasnt far off.If Taylor can throw a piece of bubble wrap across the room as HARD AND FAST as he can,AFTER a few easy ones working the velocity of movment up a notch at a time,then he can properly gauge his injury progress.
    I am worried about the structrual integrity of the shoulder at this point.It is possible during rehab that major muscle recovery in terms of strength could mask a lack of total recovery of structural integrity as a whole.It is range of motion and ability of all muscle groups to compensate at 100% when needed during HIGH VELOCITY actions requiring this compensatroy effect that will determine his recovery progress,NOT strength conditioning.

    When he can throw a football at maximum velocity and it doesnt even tweak,then he is structurally recovered.Throwing a football{or whatever his therapist suggests that is nearly weightless} is the type of non-hockey motion he needs to gently try out one degree at a time,easy does it.But the shoulders structural integrity from a compensatory perspective is critical.The strength issue is secondary in its analytical value.As is his cardio and lower body conditioning,at ALL costs he needs to regain the structural integrity so he needs a WIDE variety of motions now in rehab,NOT HOCKEY motions,those will build on already extra large masses that are not what needs to be targeted,when an elite athlete blows a part you need to remember that some of the parts are high performance or bigger in specific areas,so when you rehab you need to remember to qualify the SMALLER COMPENSATORY muscles and supportive structures FIRST,before you view the larger mass reovery so that you keep a balanced recovery program ,remember a regular or closer to normal sized ligament will need MORE recover and rehab time if it is going to be asked to support a larger than normal size muscle mass when the ball gets rolling,so the rehab needs to be directed so it focuses on the UNDERLYING structiral support mechanisms.The large muscle mass will attatch and then will heal and “feel”better from a strength perspective,but the lesser recognised compensatory areas may not be ready to handle the torque and velocitys those larger than normal{due to specific hockety training}muscle masses will want to generate as soon as they “feel”stronger,this is what called “to early”.

    Moma2 says we went through this once already for the same reasons ,no twice,no three times,Hemmer Souray and Hall,Ebbs is next ,I saw is interview on TV and noticed a twitch,right side,do it now .Hemmer was the victim of the same questionable industry standards in terms of his shoulder recovery{BOTCHED TOTALLY}.IMHO this is a total team issue,the approach to shoulder re-hab is misdirected for the reason i listed.I have spent six years dealing with subluxed hips and spinal injurys,a trauma induced subluxation in many ways similar to what football players and hockey players suffer.I was forced through a wrongfull denial of treatment by the WCB to approach my SERIOUS rehab without the constellation of health and rehab services that an athlete or insured person would recieve.In essence I was abandoned to rot,and the WCB hried crook specialists were aware early on of the gravity and directed their diagnosis away from key areas to avoid being held responsible,this made it easier for me in the end to do my

    Strength is the least of the issues,and rehab must be approached from a cross/re-hab,like cross-training, perspective to be at maximum effectivness,hockey directed and traditionally catalysed rehab is not the best path.

  • book¡e

    I have to say that I have criticized DSF for saying nothing but variations of “The Oilers Suck” for the past few years with the sole goal of seeking people silly enough to respond to him (and catching lots).

    I have to give him credit. He has really changed his tune here and presented something quite different. He is now saying “The Barons Suck” with the sole goal of seeking people silly enough to respond to him.

    • Cheap Shot Charlie

      It’s true. I signed up at ON solely to start giving DSF *HUGS* and show him that someone actually loves him. He thrives on the attention of others. We need to start banding together and showing this guy that he has qualities that others can love him for.

      DSF, you really are a great guy (way deep down) and would make any girl (or guy, if that’s your thing) proud to call their own!


    • DSF

      Well, the bottom line there is the Oilers did and do suck.

      I hardly think the Barons will suck though…they have a very good team but it’s odd that when one cautions against being over the moon about Hall will score at will against AHL defensemen, that it triggers such outrage.

      The AHL is a much better, but different league, than most give it credit for.

      The last NHL player sent down during a lockout to lead the league in scoring was, of course Jason Spezza.

      He managed 32 goals and 117 points in 2004.

      I’d be curious what you think Hall, might accomplish in the AHL this season.

      • Reg Dunlop

        I agree with you that the AHL is a better league than many give it credit for. As for Hall’s totals this abbreviated season, of course he won’t approach the totals of Spezza or Wellwood but also he won’t play there long, maybe just November- December if NHL resumes. With luck, though, Hall etal will win as many Stanley cups as the great Spezza or the great Wellwood, or possibly as many as the great Canucks. Wait a second, no luck is required to win ZERO cups.

        Sure hope the lockout ends quickly, the window of opportunity for Vancouver is closing rapidly(haha).

  • DSF

    Technical glitch ,my post just sent itself to soon.

    Back to the crooked WCB forcing me to treat myself within only the public health care system,without the help of specialists early enough to have been effective at reducing overall damage.I was sandbagged and abandoned.

    I self-diagnosed ALL my seriuos hip injuries,researched the symptamology,acessed the same medical texts online that the Ortho specialists are taught with,followed the simple guidlines,and did what SIX different doctors and specialists hadnt done in years,I nailed the exact set of diagnostic dynamics and was PROVEN to be correct and was backed up by diagnostic test results 100%.Six years later due to “dynamic”manipulation by the WCB ,I carry a new perspective,I dont listen to anyone except the data itself,no doctor and no hockey analyst.I cant even sue anyone yet because I was sandbagged fiscally during this process.
    But here is the upside ,I found out what computers were and what the internet was,because before that all i did was work 10-12 hrs a day like all my peers.And sleep.
    Heres why I carried this out so long,I learned something critical as these last 6 yrs have evolved,from a rehabilitative perspective.

    There are two schools of thought with re-hab,one is traditional and very treatment orientated,and one is more naturopathic and involves allowing muscle groups to be tacticlly managed without conventional treatments,in other words you let specific muscles and areas atrophy or weaken on purpose,so you may manage others.As opposed to immediatly beginning to hit the injured and all other areas with weight bearing rehab and dynamic simulation rehab.In my case there was so much labral damage to the hips that surgery was the only curative option if i had had it done soon enough,but because my treatment was fraudulently delayed,the bone became necrotic,it lost blood supply and began to die,now 6 yrs later I have been advised that the labral repairs{as well as a constellation of other soft tissue and connectivetype injurys} because of location ect cannot be repaired without dislocating the entire hip,and seeing as the hip is necrotic and the bone is dying we will have to wait till the entire hip needs to be replaced to do both at once.There are issues with how many years the first hip rplacement is good for so when you are in your late 30s like I was they force you to wait as long as you can bear the pain. In a nutshell this means I was prescribed the strongest chronic pain meds available many years ago as well as SEVEN different other anti-inflammatories ect.I chose a naturopathic path instead of a pharmacological solution.This means I bit the bullet and took the pain,and still do every day.From day one.
    I was told to go home ,do nothing,monitor the hips as they die and then return in 5 yrs for a replacement on the first worst side.That was that.I am supposed to be crippling up more and more each day.NOT.
    Even specialists base their diagnostic “predictions”on SOP.on already peer established treatments and peer accepted practices,this translates to POPULAR practices supported by the money grubbing industry.NOT always the best way possible treatment just the best supported legally or peerwise.Diagnostic results cannot ever be denied but they can be interpreted MANY ways.So you start with the diagnostic facts and cut through all the BS,till you get to the answer,simple actually.The hard part is deciding on a treatment path,if you arent being intentionally sandbagged as a severly injured person that is,in my case the diagnosis was intentionally delayed for tactical reasons.
    With or without surgical therapy Soft tissue and structural and supportive type issues need to be considered much differently in terms of long term treatment to avoid reinury—and chronic compensatory issues,where your body builds up a muscle memory type of scar,and you cant help but revisiting the exact structural sequence of breakdown again,no matter ho hard you rehab the body itself.You need to find the root cause of the injury and begin to develop your plan from there.Heal what caused the injury,not just the injury,the injury is a sympton of a greater dynamic maladjustment.I suffered several partial subluxations due to misdiagnosis that were easily TWICE as painfull and traumatic as the initial injurys,I identified the dynamic actions preceding each reinjury and also the healing process,and began to take proactive measures to manage my non-injured muscle groups to help out my injured ones with little to no weight bearing rehab therapy.I couldnt go in and repair the labrums but I COULD change a lot about how those labrums were handled inside my body,more than most would realise.Small consistant changes over the long haul,with tactical direction and dynamic prespective managment were what helped me.

    This is complicated,for example did Taylor hurt his shoulder on a play where he was smashed into the boards??Or was it during a stretch or a flex motion??Or was it an internal structural failure for other reasons??Maybe a poorly managed evolution of his body based on repetative hockey motions as he matured,I was an athlete who played many sports and was a farmboy back when bales of hay were small square and you used your hands or a pitchfork to move them around,and each one of those things made my body stronger as per the dynamic motions repetative conditioning from each one.This is a more well rounded structural system,more evenly supported.Than had I for example just played hockey as most of my friends did,they seriously all grew the same ways.
    There is a condition known as hockey shoulders that other athletes joke about as much as hockey butt.Hockey players just dont get it.Their bodies generally evolve as per the dynamic motions they specialise in,not all but the elite.Unless you keep farming while you play hockey.

    Judging by the horrible track record of shoulder injury rehab in hockey,something is obviously wrong at the core level.As athletes have begun to micro-train or micro-manage their bodys at younger and younger ages we are seeing them evolve into this bad dynamic earlier and earlier.And when they are injured and supportive and connective tissues are involved,the rehab process is screwed up because the initial structural integrity of the area has ALREADY been compromised by an imbalance in the major muscle masses,CAUSED by this micro-management of their bodies at optimal growth stages. This is a ROOT cause sometimes,and if it is then traditional hockey rehab is the OPPOSITE of what is needed for curative therapy to be as sucessful as it can be.I am walking proof of this concept,I do about 32 flights of stairs a day.Micro-managment from a curative perspective,on my own.I went to work one day as a 5’7-200lb construction worker—–six years later i am 170lbs with a COMPLETELY different physical structural dynamic happening,one I designed and built by NOT working certain areas,and then over time REWORKING some traditional areas,I learned to work with my body instead of curativly cutting it up.
    Hockey players must listen to the professionals they are told to go to see,there are parameters everywhere for them.I have watched Taylor and his injurys evolution,and my questions are valid,and I hope they have been addressed already,and NO I dont assume they have been.I dont have normal faith in medical diagnosis at the core value level due to the subjectivness present at every level of the process barring diagnostic test results them selves,and even then the dynamic causeality can be interpreted differently.

    I just want to make sure Hall knows what “feels better”is really supposed to mean,and not from a stricly strength perspective.Even the skating motion of swinging his arms may be a negative factor,in fact I bet it is.Good thing there is good communication between the players and medical staff

    Just sayin.

  • Lowetide

    When and if Hall goes he should get some time at center .No time like the present to see if he is an option for the future.I’m sure Nelson wants some wins but development should be first .

  • Jason Gregor

    Best thing to happen to Hall long term is probably not to play at all. Just let the shoulder heal as long as it can. His whole future is riding on how well that shoulder heals. He likely will never get another chance to rest the shoulder for a long period for the rest of his career.

    Playing him anywhere before the NHL comes back is nuts. I would hope his parents and his agent are telling him to kick back, relax, and re-hab but to stay the hell away from hockey games until traing camp, whenever that is.

  • Jason Gregor

    re: Waiver Rules

    I demand that if this is the plan the Oilers hire two independent CBA experts to confirm Hall is indeed eligible to be sent down without waivers. I have no faith in Olczyk’s understanding of the rules under the previous CBA. If the Oilers lose Hall over a front office f – up I will be returning my season tickets and cheering for the Flames.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    I couldn’t care less about how many points Hall/Ebs/Nuge light up in the AHL. I’d rather they take the time to learn to play a complete game.

  • OilClog

    I don’t remember seeing anyone say the AHL isn’t a good league, or that some nights won’t be difficult. Mayhaps the Oilers could pay Ottawa a fee so Spezza can provide insightful details in the Barons locker room on how to reach 117pts..

  • jadeddog

    I’d guess that all of Hall, Eberle and RNH flirt with a PPG pace in the AHL. Something like 0.9-1.2 PPG would seem about accurate for all three of them.

    Considering Eberle already matched this pace in his last 2 stints in the AHL with a 1.15 AHL PPG (although they were both small samples). I don’t think he’ll have trouble matching them again now that he is 2 years older and has 2 years NHL experience.

    Hall is a 0.75 PPG NHLer already, so if you apply Desjardins AHL number of 0.65 to this, you come out with 1.15 AHL PPG.

    RNH is a 0.84 PPG NHLer already (smaller sample size than Hall, so maybe not as reliable), if you apply Desjardins AHL number of 0.65 to this, you come out with 1.29 AHL PPG.

    There is no reason, that all 3 shouldn’t be right around the 1 PPG mark.

  • Lowetide

    ALAN : I have a suggestion that maybe can be proposed by a fan re the lockout . It’s about money so here we go . Set this years cap at $64 million going up $ 1 million a year for 4 years then a 50/50 split no matter what the revenue is for the 5th to 10th years . Every player keeps his existing contract and every team at there option can buy out any 2 players at 3/4 of current salary , so basically a $4 mil contract gives the player $3 mil and he becomes a UFA able to go and resign anywhere .The team has this year and next to take that option at there discretion with no cap hit against on those 2 players .This should do two things give owners & players cost certainty plus time to get to the 50/50 split. It also gives a team the chance to rejuggle the roster. Basically all a team has to do is divest $6 mil this year if they are a cap high team . Make the cap floor say $16 mil below .Even the players let go should come out better off and the owners get what they should want.