Germans trying to jump into a frozen pool and hurting themselves is funny. The Oilers losing another battle for the hearts and minds of their fans and hurting themselves is not. Both are discussed after the jump on a frosty Monday Afternoon at Nation HQ.


The Oilers Wives and Girlfriends is a loose federation of significant others of the Mighty Oil who lend their names, time and kindness in the community throughout the year. They are legit good folks and don’t get a lot of credit for the countless hours they devote to a great many charities in the Captial Region.

We had a chat with a fellow over the weekend who told us that the Oilers Wives were slated to show up at an event recently and they were contacted by the hockey team with strict instructions that they are not to call themselves "Oilers Wives" under any circumstances. Due to the lockout they are to call themselves "Professional Athlete’s wives" and that alone.

"The fans of the team have it too good right now" we can only imagine Laforge and Tambo saying to one another at abandoned Oilers Head Offices. "If these ladies think they can besmirch our good name by doing charity work during a time where people’s opinion of the Oilers is nearing historical all time lows they have another think coming." Then we imagine that they light up cigars with $10,000 bills and toast the fine job they have been doing for the past few years while tumbleweeds blow down the hallways and the arena blueprints gather dust.

Every now and again we are cruising along minding our own business and we get told one of these types of stories where the Oilers front office is mind blowingly thick. During a lockout and during the arena dispute the Oilers Wives are out in the community volunteering and they are told they aren’t allowed to represent the team?

Its almost as though the Oilers are contestants in a secret world wide competition called "how to fail at Public Relations and being likeable in any way possible."

Well played Gentlemen.


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  • Irfani


    Ales Hemsky -ELH- GP 14 G 7 A 9 P 16

    Ladislav Smid -ELH- GP 13 G 1 A 6 P 7

    Nail Yakupov -KHL- GP 11 G 8 A 2 P 10

    Lennart Petrell -SM-liiga- GP 11 G 7 A 0 P 7

    Corey Potter – GP 5 G 0 A 1 P 1

    Sam Gagner – GP 4 G 2 A 2 P 4

    Jordan Eberle -AHL- GP 7 G 2 A 4 P 6

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins -AHL- GP 7 G 2 A 6 P 8

    Justin Schultz -AHL- GP 7 G 6 A 6 P 12

    Magnus Paajarvi S. -AHL- GP 7 G 2 A 4 P 6

    Teemu Hartikainen -AHL- GP 7 G 2 A 5 P 7

    • Rocknrolla

      Thanks Ifrani,

      Possibly the best news on this list besides the obvious jubilation in Yak and Schultz has got to be Hemmer.

      With him back to full form, and what he brings for skill and carries into the zone, we should have some serious depth upfront to be a threat at all times.

      Looking forward to when they do start to see this contender come together…

  • vetinari

    How can the Oilers have a probem with a group doing charity work in their name? Obviously, the owners, GMs and Bettman need matching “I’m with stupid” shirts with arrows pointing straight up on them.

    Someday, when this lockout ends, if the Oiler ladies are kind enough to support local charities in the future, I hope they keep the moniker “Professional Athletes Wives” (or PAWs).

  • Irfani

    Not allowing the Oilers Wives to call themselves Oilers Wives is just another step in the “make the public hate us, so when we move to Seattle they won’t miss us” campaign.

  • Maybe they were looking out on these ladies’ behalf. Maybe they didnt want the world to think that the Oilers thought of them as possessions. Like, “Why are they the Oilers’ Wives? I dont care for that possessive apostrophe after the s in Oilers, women arent objects to be possessed!” See? The Oiler brass was trying to be modern and support the feminist cause.

    Or were they being too presumptuous about the need to help the Oilers’ Wives before they helped themselves, thus actually proving themselves to be chauvenistic?? AAAAAGGGGHHHH, I can never get this stuff straight.

    Damn you, Oilers, damn you and your chauvenistic feminism!!