Edmonton Oilers president of hockey operations Kevin Lowe had a chance Thursday to throw a big bucket of cold water on suggestions his team might make a "wow" move once the NHL lockout is over. Instead, he brought a gas can.

Lowe appeared on Oilers Now on 630 CHED with host Bob Stauffer, who created a buzz in recent days with his suggestion the Oilers were poised to make a noteworthy player acquisition, in large part because of the depth of young talent they’ve amassed during six years out of the playoffs.

Lowe did nothing do dismiss Stauffer’s contention – one that was dismissed and ridiculed in some corners as guessing and blatant speculation on the part of the always opinionated Stauffer. If anything, Lowe’s take from the top on his team’s organizational depth and the possibilities that come along with it was very much along the same lines.

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"You’re going into a game with lots of trump cards," Lowe said. "That’s the only way you can make deals is if you have assets that are attractive to other teams. When you have assets then you can make deals.

"So, absolutely, we’re at some point, whenever that is, we’re probably not too far down the road, we’re going to have to make some tough choices and maybe move some players, or a player, draft picks, to get a piece or two that finishes off the formation of what you feel is a championship team.

"I mean, we need to get to the playoffs first, so you can’t put the cart ahead of the horse, but no question. I don’t talk to managers on a regular basis any more, that’s (GM) Steve Tambellini’s job, but I do know from my past experiences that we won’t have a tough job selling anybody on anybody that we have in the event we’re interested in a player on another team.”

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For full context and the entire interview you can go here, but like I said when Stauffer began hinting something could be coming down the pipe once the NHL actually gets back to playing hockey, don’t be surprised if Lowe and Tambellini get busy. Wow? Stay tuned.

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  • 24% body fat

    Does the fact Kevin Lowe went on radio and seemed to fan the flames of this rumour not make it likely that this was a leak designed more to get Daryl Katz’s name out of the headlines more than a legit trade rumor?

    If Bob had caught wind of a trade being in place, you’d think if anything, Lowe would be denying it so a potential deal didn’t fall apart after the names were made public which we know has happened before.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hemsky for Yandle makes sense for both teams.

    Phoenix has loads of young defensemen (Gormley, Rundblad, etc).

    They haven’t replaced Ray Whitney.

  • ClosetGM

    I couldn’t remember which one was the centre. I really think it will be getzlaf but I don’t think it will take gagner to get it done. He is a Ufa at the end of the year and if he is going to be traded he has already informed the team he will not resign. We will bring him in cheap ( pajaarvi and omark or something like that) and gagner will be dealt for a defensemen. Just my two cents. I actually feel sorry for Anaheim somebody is really screwing that team up.

  • vetinari

    What’s the team’s priority at present? Goal, defence, or centres?

    We definitely need higher quality defencemen (at least one, if not two) and likely would have to do a “Pronger” style 3 for 1 trade to clear out the surplus we have at that position. We also need a consistent second line centre (notwithstanding Gagner’s potential development, but assuming RNH is at #1, Horc stays at #3, and Belanger performs at #4), and a reliable/veteran goalie (either to carry the mail or as insurance if Dubnyk doesn’t perform).

    I can’t imagine the team going for someone like Luongo without also either buying out Khabibulin and/or shipping out Dubnyk because Luo isn’t going to waive a NTC just to come to Edmonton and share the crease with DD. That’s why I question the “Luongo to Edmonton” rumours because it’s going to force the team to part with one or both of Khabibulin and Dubnyk, but who knows– maybe the plan is to trade for Luongo, ditch Khabibulin, put up with a ticked off Dubnyk for a season and a half and then move him to make room for Bunz or Roy as backup in 2014-15.

  • Lowe, Mac-T & Tambellini have more NHL knowledge than all posters here put together. NO BODY knows what it takes to make a deal and what all the background shenanigans are other than those involved.

    Adding a legit 1st line centre a la Getzlaf or a Yandle completely changes the complexion of this club. Let’s hope and pray they see the same things we do and don’t come back and say “the Oilers have just traded Devan Dubnyk and Sam Gagner for Luongo and Jordan Schreoder”. If they do then the whole aura and belief that you have to play the game to know how to build a team is out the window (see: Milbury, MacLean, Dudley, Feaster)

  • Oilers have limited options when trading for established veterans.

    Edmonton is not a preferred destination to begin with and finishing with a pathetic embarrassing record the last few years doesn’t do much to attract these guys who have trophy wives that are more familiar with the geograhy of Siberia than Edmonton.