So a few weeks back we had 10 hoodies made up for Christmas presents for folks. And these same folks started freaking out as they had long heard whisperings that NationGear existed but considered it a myth like a Pat Quinn coaching strategy session or a Dustin Penner situp. These new hoodie owners said "you have to start selling these."

And that got us thinking, we should start selling these.


So we loaded up with 100 of these hoodies from the good folks at Speak Volumes in Edmonton who cut us a sweet deal and got ready to presell them on twitter. And then they sold out in three days and then our jaw hit the floor.

Then the logistics questions kicked in. What just happened? Who are we? Canada Post? How do you ship 100 hoodies in a day? Do you walk to the post office in 100 trips? Can they send a nice person in a van to meet us at the corner? Do you stuff em all in a mailbox?

We don’t have the best track record with logistics you see. We shudder to think of the time we recently gave away over 700 sticker sets and mailed at least thirty of them empty. We are pretty sure we have also forgotten to ship the odd prize here and there and may owe people all over town for all we know.

Speak Volumes assured us that they would take care of everything and that the hoodies will arrive in 3-4 weeks. All legit and all up on the up and up.

We haven’t thought this through to hooking up some sort of online store to the Nation. No you will have to click on a link at the bottom of this article to get your hands on a sweet magic hoodie. "What’s that Wanye? A magic hoodie?" you are doubtlessly saying. 

See when we randomly picked last Friday to sell the 100 jerseys we had no idea.

No idea that the hoodies we made would end up solving the lockout.

But as astute people on twitter pointed out, they did exactly that.

Yes, these first edition NationGear hoodies single handedly ended the 104,237 day lockout. And we haven’t sold a thread of NationGear since about 30 tee shirts back in 2008 so it is more than mere coincidence.

Who knows when NationGear will come again or if it will at all. But we can guarantee you will never see these babies again after we sell these next 100.



In honour of the lockout ending we will call the gang over at Speak Volumes and order another 100 tomorrow morning. $59 bucks plus shipping and taxes and a portion of the proceeds will go to a local charity that the venerable Jason Gregor will select on all of our behalf.

If you want NationGear hoodies and to be the sexiest person you know click here.