You are likely sick of waiting for the NHL to release the 2013 schedule, and so is friend of the Nation, loyal reader and proud Albertan Evangeline Lilly. Lilly hails from Fort Saskatchewan and when she isn’t busy staring in movies, she will be in part two and three of the Hobbit, she likes to read the nation.*

Here is what we know about the Oilers schedule that should be released later today. Of course it is the NHL, so there is always a chance you might have to wait until tomorrow.

The Oilers really wanted to start the season at home on January 19th against the Calgary Flames, but the CBC elected to go with the Canucks at home, because of a larger TV audience. There are more people in Vancouver, and clearly more looters and rioters, but I’m not sold they have more hockey fans.**

And I truly wonder if fans in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg would rather watch the Canucks, instead of a Battle of Alberta?

I’m a huge hockey fan, and I’d much rather watch the Leafs v. Habs than watch one of them play a non-rival. I like rivalries, and even if the Flames/Oilers rivalry isn’t one it once was, on opening night the atmosphere would be electric.

Regardless, the Oilers won’t start the season at home, and unfortunately you will have to wait another day until you see Nail Yakupov and Justin Schultz in Oilers silks.

The Oilers will open the season Sunday, January 20th in Vancouver.

Their home opener will be Tuesday the 22nd v. the Sharks.

The Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings are in town on the 24th and their first home Saturday game will be against the Dallas Stars.

I’ve been told that the Oilers play ten home games from Jan 22nd to February 23rd, and none of them will be against the Central division. They will have some road games mixed in during that time.

The Oilers will then vacate Rexall Place for a 9-game road trip, due to the Brier.

They will return to Rexall on March 15th.

The official schedule comes out later today, but regardless of who they play, it is imperative that the Oilers take advantage of the fact that 12 of their players have been playing for the past four months if they hope to make the playoffs.

They can’t afford a slow start.

Once the schedule is out I will update this post.

*We assume she does, but can’t confirm it officially.

**If that bothers you Canucks’ fans you are tad too sensitive.


I was sent this schedule and got it confirmed that it is accurate. Mark your calendars.


Here is what it looks like…

Jan 20th @ Vancouver
Jan 22nd v. San Jose
Jan 24th v. LA
Jan 26th @ Calgary
Jan 28th v.  Colorado
Jan 30th @ Phoenix
Jan 31st @ San Jose


Feb 02nd @ Colorado
Feb 04th v. Vancouver
Feb 06th v. Dallas
Feb 09th @ Detroit
Feb 10th @ Columbus
Feb 12th vs. Dallas
Feb 16th vs. Colorado
Feb 19th vs. LA
Feb 21st vs. Minnesota
Feb 23rd vs. Phoenix

Feb 25th @ Chicago
Feb 28th @ Dallas


Mar 1st @ St. Louis
Mar 3rd @ Minnesota
Mar 05th @ Columbus
Mar 07th @ Detroit
Mar 08th @ Nashville
Mar 10th @ Chicago
Mar 12th @ Colorado
Mar 15th v. Detroit
Mar 17th v. Nashville
Mar 20th v. San Jose
Mar 23rd v. St. Louis
Mar 25th @ Nashville
Mar 26th @ St. Louis
Mar 28th v. Columbus
Mar 30th v. Vancouver


Apr 1st v. Calgary
Apr 3rd @ Calgary
Apr 4th @ Vancouver
Apr 6th @ LA
Apr 8th @ Anaheim
Apr 10th v. Phoenix
Apr 13th v. Calgary
Apr 16th v. Minnesota
Apr 19th @ Colorado
Apr 21st v. Anaheim
Apr 22nd v. Anaheim
Apr 24th v. Chicago
Apr 26th @ Minnesota
Apr 27th v. Vancouver


  • The Oilers play the Flames three times in April in span of 13 days.
  • They play the Ducks on back-to-back nights in Edmonton on April 21st and 22nd. I can’t recall the last time the Oilers played the same team at home on consecutive nights. I’d love to see this happen more often.
  • They play four afternoon games. They play Saturday Feb 2nd in Colorado, Saturday Feb 9th in Detroit, Saturday Feb 23rd in Phoenix and Saturday April 6th in LA. 
  • Reality Check to the head

    So the season model is now based on the baseball season model (obviously because of the lockout), where western conference (WC) teams only play WC teams.

    Hopefully the Oilers can bring home the pennant 😉 lol.

    Seriously, it is a tough sched for every team. I look forward to the start, too bad it is on a sunday.