We will take a quick minute to give everyone an update on the OilersNation drive to donate $200,000 to charity annually and chirp Jason Gregor for being a crusty old man. Beats reading about how the other 29 teams in the NHL made the playoffs but our beloved Oilers didn’t.


For the third year Team OilersNation is going to be lacing up the ol’ skates and competing in the Pro-Am for Alzheimers tournament. It’s a pretty sweet weekend where you get to meet NHL legends and it bears noting that we have never lost a single game in the three years of competition with a combined record of 6-0.

One would think that would be enough success and what not to keep a Mr. Jason Gregor on board for the long term. As one of the cornerstones of the OilersNation franchise he provided dubious value on the ice but knew all the retired NHL players that played in the tournament and the boys got to meet everyone which was sweet.

But no, Gregor jumped ship this year and created a team of crusty old goons to compete against the OilersNation juggernaut. And he will pay dearly for his defection believe that. To combat the loss we signed UFA and longtime Nation Citizen Buck75 this year. He is going to make Gregor pay too – on the ice and in the bar.

Team OilersNation raised $37,000 dollars this year and if you combine that with our new mortal enemy Team Gregor’s Oldies the total is over $90,000. A big shout out goes out to the legendary Frankie Kim for destroying everyone in the fundraising department and single handedly raising $9,300. You are a hero Sir even if you didn’t come to Iceland.

And a big shout out also goes out to the Pro Am for Alzheimers folks. You do an awesome job putting on a world class event for a great cause.

Team OilersNation plays Team Gregor and the Old Folks Home Saturday at 2:45 in Leduc. Might be worth a watch. 


We decided a ways back at Nation HQ to set a goal of $200,000 in annual donations to charity by the end of 2014. This will involve selling more things to the good Citizens of the Nation and donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. It will mean getting involved with local charities and events and twisting arms for donations. It will also involve directly asking for donations on occasion here on the site. You have been cheerily warned.

So far in 2013 we are at a hair over $46,000 donated to local charities. We would like to thank everyone for buying NationGear, playing NationDrafts and answering the phone when we are working it for donations. We have just begun to annoy you.


Our new playoff game drops on Monday. It’s gonna be sick. $20 to enter, portion of the proceeds to local charity. Oh and first place? Merely a trip for two to Oktoberfest in Germany. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Stay tuned for a full explanation of StreakCred on Monday when we are all recovering from the tournament.