The young OKC Barons are now deep into the playoffs, as they prepare to play Grand Rapids in game two tonight (lost a close one in the lid-lifter Friday). As the Edmonton Oilers continue to fill holes in the roster, the question for these young Barons becomes more clear: is there ROOM at the top? And if so, which of these young men have shown themselves worthy this season?


BARONS 12-13

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As the Barons got ready for training camp and the season, the depth chart looked something like this:

*Taylor Hall was injured but would eventually join the group.

It’s interesting to look back on that list and then look at last night’s lineup to see which of the AHL kids have moved up the depth chart.

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Massive change. Some of the September Barons (Dan Ringwald, Alex Plante, Anton Lander, Curtis Hamilton, Ryan Martindale, Kristans Pelss, Colten Teubert) are scratched due to injury or ineffectiveness (Teubert specifically has seen his stock fall markedly this season).


  • Martin Marincin: He had a crazy season–big upswing when playing with Justin Schultz and then down to the third pairing for a time until he regained his game. Now he’s on the top pairing.
  • Taylor Fedun: Major upswing here imo. This is a guy who told me on the golf course last summer he just wanted to play and have a healthy season. His position as a go-to guy represents a strong season.
  • Brandon Davidson: Incredible story. He missed part of the season for cancer treatment, came all the way back and is now one of the top 6 options–same season.
  • Mark Arcobello: Undrafted free agent finally got to the NHL this season. Whatever the future holds, he’s beaten the odds and then some.
  • Toni Rajala: Amazing year. Moved miles up the depth chart and is now a key part of the offense in OKC.
  • Teemu Hartikainen: A strong playoff perhaps helps him recover from his play with the Oilers this season (no results at evens, a sense from the coach that he’s still learning the powerforward role)
  • Tyler Pitlick: Finally healthy and chipping in some on offense.


  • Colten Teubert: The fact that the organization has been very straightforward about why he’s not playing is the strongest available indication that he’s sideways as a prospect. I’d guess his pro hockey career is at a crossroads this summer.
  • Alex Plante: Injuries have once again impacted his season, but 200+ games into his AHL career he appears to be farther from the NHL than ever.
  • Curtis Hamilton: Injuries have poked a major hole in his first two seasons, and he’s never really established himself beyond a 4line/pk type of player. It’s difficult to marry the TOI/performance with the junior stats and the WJ appearance. A mystery wrapped in a riddle.


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I think players like Marincin, Fedun and Rajala have done more than anyone in OKC to increase their value, and that Hartikainen’s performance may give him another chance to make the big club in the fall. And as always, several prospects struggled enough for us to wonder if they’ll return in the fall. Perhaps Craig MacTavish’s overhaul with extend to OKC and some of these young men have played their final games in the Oiler system.

We wait.

(Barons photos by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)

    • Lowetide

      It’s funny, if you look at the Red Wings (Grand Rapids) roster–all of their best players are basically 20 through 24.

      Oilers (Barons) have some nice young players, but also Danis, Jones, Green, etc.

      It’s a small item, but you can see that the Red Wings have more prospects who might be able to make the grade playing in the AHL this season. Red Wings designated AHL veterans are more complementary pieces.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Really only see 4, 5 may be stretching it, players who may make that step up to the NHL. For a smallish player like Fedun, he just doesn’t have the quick feet to help him take that next step. Vertically challenged without the quickness doesn’t bode well for him me thinks.

        Guess they can’t just let all these guys go, they need to fill out that roster somehow. Just thought we have some stronger prospects by now with close to 40 (5 or 6 yrs now) opportunities since MacGregor took over.

      • RexLibris

        You had me at “Red Wings”.

        The league should launch an investigation about unfair advantages after they got Frk in the 2nd round last year. It’s hard to be mad at a franchise that just takes advantage of other teams’ mistakes.

        • Lowetide

          It’s funny. Every year when the draft comes I look back a few days later and compare guys who were liked in first to second rounds and fell–to where they went when it all went down.

          Detroit ALWAYS has some guy (like Pulkkinen) that I go ‘damn’ and then forget about for four years.

          Until he’s an NHL player.

          • RexLibris

            Just thinking the exact same thing.

            Last year Frk started as a top ten, then twenty, then fell because other guys were coming on strong and questions began about his play being elevated due to linemates (MacKinnon).

            So Frk, who in 2011 was initially touted as a potential top five pick, falls, while other teams *coughOilerscough* select Mitch Moroz because he was “trending” at the draft (verbatim quote, drives me nuts when they use twitter jargon for drafting prospects).

            Meanwhile Detroit just looks back at those old scouting reports, plugs their ears to block out the white noise on who had a good Memorial Cup and who grew four inches over the summer, and says “you know, this guy has been good for a long time”, and take him.

            Like I said in another thread, it’s hard to fault them for just capitalizing on the boneheaded maneuvers of their hockey brethren.

            Their prospect pool is strong, from front to back and one day they’ll have to look at trading a Zetterberg because they’ll have the next Zetterberg coming along. All because they, like the R.W. Emerson quote, kept with perfect serenity the wisdom of solitude while surrounded by the fervour of the crowd.

            I would run my draft board by just scanning through the list and thinking “who would the Red Wings take?”. Or bug Hakan Andersson’s fishing tackle.

  • Lowetide

    Really McT needs to clean house in OKl as well as home base . Many of these players Tuebert , VandeVelde , Plante etc etc need to be cut as I don’t think there tradeable . As for upward movement Hartski needs to play on 4th line or be traded . Marachin will play maybe not next season but he will be an NHL player .Biggest question for me is Rajala . Here is a Player who could play somewhere in the NHL probably not with us though.He maybe in your 3 player package or added to our #7 in a deal up or down .

  • Word to the Bird

    Dont toss Tuebert under the train quite yet.We will be desperately trying to put together an NHL caliber stand-up hitting defense next year and Colin is that type of player,his value is much higher than people think.Maybe we will need to get throttled ten times or so before the brass realise that the adjusted-hybrid system most teams are now evolving towards and using is a transitional system that requires a stand-up defense to stop,jesus just that will likely sink us,the lagtime between cause and effect is so short with the system we use now we will be hit hard and early.

    Keep Tuebert for another year in the wings,seriously his personal style is perfect for what we will be needing to execute soon wether the coaches and team managment realise it or not,our defense needs to become more stand-up and less transitional,we need to activate our offense in a more traditional manner.We will need to use the fastbreak style catalysed from the neutral zone out,not from our d-zone out.Our d-men will need to stay at home more and our forwards will need to become much more defensively involved and aware and accountable on the backchecking.

    We have tried to avoid the physicality with the forwards by utilising a transitional defensive zone exit,well those days are over now because over the last 3 years the main players in our division and conference have all evolved to a transitional adjusted-hybrid systemic influence.To counter this we need to use a stand-up defense and we need to stop the last transition teams need to make at the blueline or higher.We cannot collapse into our zone to find solidarity,we need to become pro-active and aggressive or we will be eaten alive by our own systemic influences and style,because that is where the NHL is evolving to,where we have been for decades,we need to find a new tune to whistle and we need to do it ASAP.

    If Hartikainen cant find a nasty streak and hit the gym more he wont make it back to the Oilers with Mac-T involved tangibly.He has the tools and now he needs to do a reality check and retool like MPS did last year,do as the coaches tell you and do it immediatly before your window of opportunity closes.I see him as an offensive force on the 4th line if he can get nasty,and that where the ball stops for me.

    Arcobello and Rajala both look like NHLers to me.Rajala will make an immediate impact and will evolve like Selanne in my opinion,he will score oodles of goals because of how he sees the ice and where he is willing to go to score goals.Arco is a leader who can manage a team,he shows up for work every night and has tons of class and professionalism.I have a gut feeling Rajala will score from every line we put him on from the 4th up,and if we give him a fair shake he might unseat a blue-blood player we all think is untouchable,methinks he will rocket up the lines if given the chance.

    A 3 game series between the Barons using the NewAge Hockey System and the Oilers main roster using their current system would show the Oilers brass and the fans what we really have for assets and who exactly is really ready for the NHL.

    I predict the Barons would sweep all 3 games with an minimum 18-6 goal differential,likely greater than that but lets be conservative.

    Kudos to coach Nelson and a huge pat on the back to Arco for being able to reset his team after the early influx of Oilers roster players mishmashed the teams chemistry,that was a goddam work of art in my opinion,great job young man.I hope someone upstairs is taking note.

    The only way we can effectively judge the Barons talent pool is to pit them against the NHL roster in a serious 3 game series.I dont think the Oilers have the cojones to let the public see the main roster get dismantled by the farmteam,which if the Barons use the NHS is what will surely happen.Utter destruction,and absolute mayhem in the Oilers main office as their entire player developmentel dossier file cabinet gets 86ed.

    How else can the Oilers find a new systemic influence other than pitting their current system against new ones??I dont see or hear of anyone presenting any type of new system,in fact no one really talks systems at all really.Well I represent the NewAge Hockey System and am throwing down the Gauntlet here and now.Lets get it on Ralph,lets see who has the upper hand here.Come on Mac-T and K-Lowe this is your chance to hit back at the NHS for all the trouble it has allegedly caused you,and I really want to jam your darkhorse BS where the sun dont shine,sunshine.

    I will even tell you who will score for both teams in all 3 games,ha ha ha ha,it is that easy to manage dynamic templates if you understand them,I can shut down whoever i want systemiclly and force others to carry the offensive load when they are the least capable,ha ha ha.hence I csn even tell you who will score your goals,ha ha ha,and i can also choose my own players who I want to showcase in each period of each game,the NHS is that sensitive and flexible,ha ha ha.I should clarify that coach Nelson will have to do all of these things as per his own Tactical Dynamic Template he has already established for himself and his team.The NHS and I will simply enable him to do these things with ease and accuracy.

    The NHS will show the Oilers and everyone else exactly how Sam Gagner manifested his Big Night because I will pick a random player with Nelson and we will create a system sympathetic Tactical Dynamic Template for one game tailored to that individual.Wha-La instant record breaking night by one man.It is that simple.This time there will be no denying the NHSs absolute power and impact.

    Send word to the King,a Challenge has been issued!!ha ha ha ha.

    • Wax Man Riley

      I didn’t read it, but I am guessing it has something to do with dynamic intuitive system gapping and a whole bunch of other words that add up to nothing.

      Short and succinct. Nobody reads posts that long.

      • Wax Man Riley

        Is that trolling Wax Man Riley? Or did the NHS knock up your sister and blow town?

        Come on now no bullying.

        You are getting it man,yes Intuitive Dynamic Managment that includes a two-stage cycle supported by controlled gapping tactics.

        It means that you initiate a basic cycle and support it with properly gapped players who use this controlled and maintained spacing to initiate system integrity and playaction influence.

        The Intuitive Dynamic Managment part of the equation manifests as control of the playaction all over the ice via a properly gapped and executed cycle,the system is always on the move and transitioning in a dynamic fashion and its focus and intent are dictated via anticipatory gapping tactics that put us on the right side of the puck 100% of the time by proxy.

        This means we are always in the right places first for 60 minutes.We dont use set plays and as a result we base our offense and playaction off of intuition and dynamic movement on the ice.We make opponents do things they dont want to do but cannot stop themselves from doing,reflex actions that we manipulate in an anticipatory manner catalyse our systemic focus.

        That means something all right,ha ha ha,it means we dominate possesion and momentum for 60 minutes,ha ha ha.

        • Rocket

          “The Intuitive Dynamic Managment part of the equation manifests as control of the playaction all over the ice via a properly gapped and executed cycle,the system is always on the move and transitioning in a dynamic fashion and its focus and intent are dictated via anticipatory gapping tactics that put us on the right side of the puck 100% of the time by proxy.”

          Establishing a cycle with proper gapping is what The Oilers already try to do. They just get knocked off the puck with physical play when the gaps close & no one is open. Yes possession is important. How is that a NHS?

          *Stirring the pot. You’re welcome everybody!*

          • GVBlackhawk

            You are describing what you see accurately,but that is not what I am talking about,you are illustrating what the Oilers are doing correctly and it is what they are trying to do but it is also wrong if you are using the NHS.

            I am talking about a transitional mobile gapping between teammates that is maintained throughout a two stage cycleing tactic,half-rink and full rink.

            The specific intent is to provide a properly Gapped mobile cycleing support to the puck from both sides at all times everywhere on the ice.Not just in specific zones in support of specific set plays.

            There is no traditional defenseive structure with the NHS.It is a pure offensive system catalysed by a possesion/transition momentum controlling cycleing tactic.

            In one of the eariler articles Eberle was talking about playing on the right side of the puck,in the NHS everyone is always on the right side of the puck.The entire tactical philosophy behind Jordans perspective is solid and traditional but doesnt apply to the NHS at all.

            You discuss cycles in the offensive zone and in the defensive zone,but you dont consider the NHS tactic of half and full rink cycles.With the NHS you remove traditional set play transition tactics completely.Your defensemen are not ust defensemen anymore and your forwards arent just forwards anymore.|We are talking a completely new perspective here,not traditional supportive cycling.If you dump the puck in with the NHS you get sat down,with a traditional systemic influence the dump in is a set up to get the puck into the o-zone, recover and give everyone time to get in position begin to cycle.With the NHS there is never a tactic that requires relinquishing possesion of the puck,ever.

            If you discuss cycleing in terms of forwards dominating the cycle in the o-zone and defensemen doing so in the d-zone you are nowhere near what the NHS does.This is exactly why the Oilers get dominated on the short cycles,because size becomes a determining factor when you sacrifice speed.The Oilers biggest asset is speed so naturally one would refuse to screw with that,I used it as a core value component of the systems structure .The NHS was designed by me 3 yrs ago to specificlly fit the Oilers roster, strengths,and traditional systemic influences.It is an evolution forward for what has in my opinion been the best systemic influence in decades.The Oilers could adjust their current system useing NHS philosophys to a fairly large degree,but its to late to bother,many other teams over the last 3 years have begun to use our own system and they will soon be discovering these dynamic tactics themselves.It is time to take it a step further.

            Puck possesion is dominating with the NHS because you have a man closest to the puck on BOTH SIDES all the time for 60 minutes.You can shoot the puck twice as much and also recover it twice as much.Your body and stick positioning enable you to maintain a constant and flowing attack on the playaction from behind and in front of it.

            Even the entire concept of bodychecking changes with the NHS,from intent to form and function.

            In fact the NHS changes nearly everything traditional about hockey that we normally see systemiclly.

            There are technical methods that you need to apply to initiate the cycles and a lot of supportive tactics that are also incorporated.when you are defining half rink and rinkwide cycling tactics your entire perspective of the ice and playaction tactics changes immensely.

            Getting knocked off the puck isnt a problem,in fact it is dealt with by proxy,the cycleing tactics properly executed ensure that we have directionally focused support getting to the puck before you do anyways,it is of no concern,when you use the NHS you view possesions and their expenditure completely differently.

            These are reasons why it is the NewAge Hockey System.There are many more but it takes much to long to explain systemic philosophys and tactics here,if you want to learn more ask me for another website you can go to and I will give you one that explains things in a fuller way,ha ha.

            The size ‘disadvantage’everyone yaks about isnt really a concern unless you choose to incorporate a systemic influence that requires a reactive style and bigger bodies to initiate the playaction and to control it.This has been an issue here lately,and Mac-T is about to throw gasoline on the fire,he will institute a standup defensive posture immediatly.If he does we need to go that direction 100% and change bodies on the roster.We have been caught in no mans land for a long time,between a transitional defense and a standup traditional defense,we have waffled back and forth and even screwed with our player valuation for this reason.

            The NHS levels the playing field completely,it actually forces our skill players to tone down their skillsets quite a bit more than |Ralph was asking for and asks them to be more system focused than the Oilers traditional system does,but it produces three times or four times as much offense.On the upside although the focus must be intensified players are absolutely released from a set play mentality and the intense resposiblity and pressure that comes with that perspectivew,making it easier to stay on task systemiclly,this also negates the experience requirement set play system demand,another reason I designed the NHS this way,for the Oilers youth movement to balance their lack of LEAGUE experience with systemic influences.The NHS is tailormade for the Oilers.

            There have been a couple of games over the last 3 years where the Oilers came very very close to executing the NHS,one game comes to mind where the opponents barely touched the puck for 60 minutes and no one had an answer not the opponents post game and not us either.We DID NOT contunue to play this way.It was during the worst of the experimentel times when we were switching everything up systemiclly.

            No one is knocking players off the puck to win a game against the NHS,no one is trapping the NHS to death,no one is going to outgun the NHS toe-to-toe.There is no escape from this dominant systemic influence once you step on the ice.Quite seriously the NHS incorporates specific pre-game tactical planning that removes much of the communication traditionally required during games and more criticlly reduces the number of adjustment the coach has to consider and the players have to make.

            Really communication is the single biggest component of winning games in a team sport,its that simple,any other talk is bull####.

            If your systemic influences arent getting through to the right places they can be of Platinum face value but useless to your roster and organisation.

            Either you fit the men into the system as is traditionally done by NHL hockey clubs,or if you are an Intuit like I am with a winning sports competition and coaching background then you design a system to fit the men.And you make it evolutionary,a step forward,and absolutely superior in every way.The only way to facillitate this is to have NO prior hockey background beyond being a fan,or you cannot break from the traditional cerebral hockey mindset in all the right areas to all the neccesary degrees any other way,you will run in circles and end up back in traditional perspectives.To be new you really need to be NEW.because you need to defeat everything traditional to be dominant I needed to destroy traditional dynamics,not change or defeat but utterly dismantle and use as weapons those core values every NHL team and player lives and dies by.Thats why its called the NewAge Hockey System.

          • Rocket

            You make some interesting points. I’ll give you props for out-of-the-box thinking. I wonder if Krueger will use the same system he used last year. New players will mean adjustments to the system.

  • Word to the Bird

    If RK is still coach……..I think it would be in the Oilers best interest to play Hartikainen in OKC playing top six minutes. He will not be utilized properly by RK in roles his game calls for.

    Playing third line and fourth line minutes with offensively challenged players like we have in Edmonton……..will result in failure.

      • Rob...


        Ha ha ha ha,no this doesnt require an essay,just a short review,remember the “systemic influences” Rob?

        A great system makes average players great which makes an average team great.

        All a championship team requires is dedicated men of average NHL ability committed to one perspective who are directed by a superior systemic influence.We currently have a roster of above average talents just learning to commit to systemic influences 100% at the NHL level of compete,but we have a sub-par system hobbled by terminal inconsistancy because it lacks the balance of the pure Intuitive Dynamic Managment component it has historiclly required to be optimised.The Oilers need an Intuitive equal to Waynes Brains to activate this historic Dynasty System properly and consistantly.

        If you choose to play an anticipatory style you need to inject a huge dose of Intuition into your system because you are trying to cerebrally pickpocket your opponents system by getting ahead of the dynamic curve.If you choose to play a reactive style then you need more stats supported set play system focus because you are trying to force or rattle mistakes out of your opponent.By maintaining a tight set play system presentation and physically trying to wear down opponents until they make mental errors you flatline the dynamic curve and level the playing field so to speak.

        We have been caught in no-mans land as we try to develop s a systemic identity,we have flip-flopped from one of these dynamic templates to the other in a random and destructive cycle.In fairness it is a growing process,but at the same time we have a huge infrastructure to support this evolution and should be seeing better results by now.

        The key point is fulfilling the activation requirements for the system we use now,and that happens to be a pure source of Intuitive Dynamic Managment on a consistant basis.Where do we find that?Normally Intuition comes with age and experience,but if we wait any longer we will be talking about the Underground Table as in buried,not the round table,we need a shortcut.

        We need an Intuit to help balance the dynamic managment strategys the team is using.The Oilers tried darkhorse and the results didnt and will not manifest to that influence.A real and valid and definable results based Intuitive influence is required,and it takes a naturally born or well taught Intuit to manifest consistantly winning dynamic templates to work from.It is one man not a team of stats gurus that the Oilers need to find and recruit.

        The challenge is much less significant if you are makig an acurrate analysis of the causality of the Oilers inconsistancy results wise.It isnt the coaches or the players or the GM or K-Lowe,it is a historic system requirement that the Oilers have failed to fulfill for decades because they had and currently have no ability to quantify,define or recruit this powerfull and critical Intuitive influence,they have been forced to wait for a player who exhibits this ability and they are few and far between,Nuge might be one,we will see.Gagner is the man as we speak,he is learning piecemeal because he cannot get a mainline on the data he needs in the volume he can absorb.

        If the Oilers system could be activated optimally consistantly we would see offensive explosions rivalling the 8 point night Sam enjoyed with regularity,provided we focused on individual players with systemic intent.That is what this Dynasty system was freaking designed to do manifest individuals into terminal weapons taking turns from night to night to keep opponents guessing and off guard we even used the same basic tactics over and over with incredible sucess because we rotated the offensive catalyst role from player to player in a random fashion preventing teams from shutting us down,no one has been able to pull Excaliber from the Stone and activate the system fully and do that again ,not until the NHS came along that is.

  • Wax Man Riley

    @ newage

    I hate being a naysayer, but your detractors are right. The comments section isn’t an appropriate place for 1500 word essays. Just a thought, but maybe you should start your own blog instead of appending essays to articles here.

    • GVBlackhawk

      Sometimes the Juice is worth the Squeeze,ha ha ha.

      In case you didnt notice our team is Golfing right now,it isnt exactly like there is a cyber-traffic jam at the moment.

      You must have missed the e-mail letting you know the new volume setting is 3000 words not 300,you missed a zero,ha ha ha,just kidding Grumpy.The odd long post still slips by,I dont have much time lately as you must have noticed seeing as you are so on the ball.

      Sometimes its hard to answer a good question in an abbreviated manner,and systemic issues are always complicated.

      Hope I didnt spoil anyones day,have a great weekend.

      • GVBlackhawk

        1. Nobody reads your posts because they are rambling, poorly constructed nonsense.

        2. I believe that you have all the time in the world…hint, hint. Nobody who writes the stuff you do, and has full mental capacity, would seriously ask for a job with the Los Angeles Kings.

  • GVBlackhawk

    @ Lowetide re: Hamilton – I did not care for th Hamilton pick at the time (and posted it as well) as he disappeared in the bigger games at the WJHC. It was evident then that he could not skate well enough to play against the top teams. His numbers were also boosted by his linemates (one in particular) at the tourney as well.

    Teubert was basically a throw in on the trade that many posters noted was a dropping down that LA depth chart at the time of the deal. Again, footspeed is an issue, and hockey sense as well.

    If you look at the Wings, they draft players with hockey sense and that is key. I can remember when my brother played his first year in the dub. He was a 17 year old d-man and the team he went to had just had three d-men drafted, one of them in the top 15. All you had to do was watch one game to see that they were clueless as to play the game and were drafted based athletic attributes (skating, physical and/or hard shot). None of them played in the NHL despite their draft status.

  • GVBlackhawk

    Unfortunately the Oilers in recent times have not turned any ” sows ears” into ” silk purses”.

    Would be nice to find that gem in 5/6/7/ draft position or even an undrafted player and have him graduate to the big club. And its hard to develop your farm team with youngsters, when you
    trade away picks for guys like Smithson etc.

    • GVBlackhawk

      Sam Gagner pops into mind.

      6th overall and he has definately panned out well and is still evolving upwards in his early twenties.

      There were a lot of knocks against Sammy from day one but he turned them all into echos.

      Developmentel impact is overated at the farm team level.Systemic focus is underrated.

      If you dont know your stuff by the time you are 18-25 you are in the wrong business,these men are coached intensively since they are small boys,dont be nuts.

      The farm team is the bullpen man.Players there are supposed to be primed and ready to step in at all times and the team itself is supposed to be consistantly structured to provide just that type of support.Contractual issues and entanglements have diminished the optimisation of the farm team system.we should see a consistant roll-over of players over an 82 game season,but we dont,men play injured among other things and provide the system with less than 100% performances through sometimes hundreds of man-games per year,when we should have fresh healthy and prepared bodies ready to step in on call.Excustaory dynamic template there boys,lets lose the injury cry-storys already,we pay a lot of money to have players ready to step onto the big club when we need them.I dont want to hear about hemskys dam injuries holding him back to 75% anymore,I want to see Rajala shooting the dam puck at 100% the SECOND Hemsky flage due to injury.

      The 1st line players and major contributors are supposed to be ready to play if needed,if these men arent ready then it is a managerial problem not a player problem.

      All our developmentel people have to do is indoctrinate these men into the systemic influences we use here,as soon as they are able to handle the physicality of the NHL and they are system solid they SHOULD be ready to step right in.If this isnt the dynamic template we are useing then we are setting ourselves up for failure at the core value developmenel level.

      An able 18 year old can step in and play NHL hockey,be it forward or defensman.Age is of little consequence ,physical ability is,you can or you cannot there is no in between here.Experience is of no consequence due to uber-coaching,but systemic understanding is,you know it or you dont there is no in between here either.

      If a player doesnt have the physicality then he must be held back irregardless of skillset or talent, if he isnt policed properly and is injured that is a managerial mistake,not the trainers or the players mistake,the Oilers chronic shoulder injuries come to mind immediatly because there is a dynamic template directly and accurately illustrating how and why they are occuring but the Oilers lack the Intuitive ability to identify the template.If a player cannot grasp in a functional and consistant manner systemic responsibilitys then he cannot progress and this is a coaching responsibility.The continuity of systemic focus and direction between the developmentel team and the Pro team is again a managerial responsibility,and it is a CRITICAL one.

      These decisions are not complicated and dont require much latitude to make whatsoever just managerial acumen ,they are all or should be part of a specific dynamic template that is sequential and exact.Lets not make it seem like these managers are forced to make nail-biting decisions every day as if they were stockbrokers on wallStreet,phew.They are so protected by statistical layers of BS a Stinger missile couldnt get through their armor.

      The real issue is that the dynamic template that needs to be followed is dictated by systemic influences and direction,and if the systemic influences arent superior or being communicated and recieved adequately failure and negative results manifest.

      We have a superior system here that for several decades hasnt been properly initiated and activated,because we have lacked the Intuitive force of Wayne Gretzkys brain or Mark Messiers Gretzky imitation.Doug Weight came close and so is Gagner,but neither one nor Messier are a born Intuit like Wayne was and I am.

      Wayne taught Mark,the NHS taught Gagner and I dont know how Weight began to learn but he sure did,and the dynamic template of his development over his career shows he learned the skill.RNH looks to be a natural born Intuit and should take this team and system over immediatly if given the oopportunity and data he needs,he is a perfect fit.He hasnt been given complete and functional directions on how to activate this system,it would take me twenty minutes but the coaching staff may never get it right.If he isnt given proper directions he will flounder,and Gagner will lead the team as he is quickly learning to hone his Intuitive abilitys on the ice.

      Gagner flourished and Nuge floundered because of the way our system is being managed,Sammy learned over the last 3 years how to execute his system responsibilitys bang on and with vigor because that is the way you find extra offense from outside the systemic influences,and in the NHL you need to have this ability to be an elite player.Nuge is just learning how the system is managed here and he is doing a great job,equal to Gagners early systemic evolution but not ahead of it one bit.Judging by Sams systemic evolution prior to the NHS and its alternative method of communicating systemic intent being made available it will take Nuge two or three years to learn the system well enough to be able to lead this team if he takes a non-NHS route which he seems to be doing so far,its hard to tell because of his natural Intuition.When scouts and Hockey pros talk about on-ice vision they are blowing hot air,they refuse to use the word Intuition which is EXACTLY what they are talking about.I am an Intuit I should know,ha ha ha.They do this suppresion because they have no way to quantify or define Intuitive ability or to resource it.There is no statistical roots related to intuition and as such no protectionist measures can be taken and no NHL people will take the risk to even speak a word like Intuition when discussing managing a 200 million dollar hockey club,ha ha ha.Fortune 500 Companies openly utilise and endorse Intuits and the results they manifest but NHL cats are smarter than they are right?Ha ha ha ha.

      Right now the system isnt being activated properly,we need to utilise Intuitive Dynamic managment tactics to allow the system to fly on auto-pilot like it was designed to do,but we dont have anyone seemingly who knows the drill.We have become mired in statistical focus and set play quicksand for to long and it has eroded the teams ability to adapt and make proper and timely adjustments and changes.

      Nothing that cant be fixed by the right man,in addition to the existing organisational super-structure and its support web of course.This challenge needs to be met by ADDING an ingredient not by changing ingredients or deleting ingredients,as our braintrust has been trying to do ,thank god Mac-T showed up- to put the brakes on,we were heading for a runaway train scenario momentarily.No dam bold moves please unless they are systematic.

      Add to the organisational mix one locally grown Intuit and a blank cheque attatched to a performance bonus agreement,shake thoroughly,let sit for one week,uncover,expose to searing pressure and heat to perform an integrity test then execute consistantly over 82 games and stockpile NHL points,its that easy. all the pieces are in place there is simple a managerial imbalance in perspective,a distinct and terminal lack of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and managment tactics,and an over-load of statistical influence.Easy fix if you can find the right part.