The Edmonton Oilers actual draft list is unavailable to us, but the organization does give us ‘clues’ leading up to each season’s entry draft. If you’re really interested in knowing the players Edmonton may select this summer, a little digging could go a long way.


During the period leading up to the draft, the Oilers will make the media rounds to talk about the draft and specific players–without tipping their hand. Recently, Stu MacGregor spoke to Jason Gregor and others about the draft, and one got the feeling that the club liked Sean Monahan and a couple of others at #7. Craig MacTavish followed that up with very specific center talk–MacKinnon, Barkov, Monahan–and excluded Swede C Elias Lindholm, indicating that they either don’t consider him an option or they’re running a counter trey using the media (history suggests the Oilers are in fact not considering him at #7.


During each season’s NHL combine, the Oilers interview many players (tons, really–some aren’t on the combine list) in an effort to uncover every possible piece of information before the draft. They also tip their hand (and possibly send out signals to other teams) by re-stating previous items in different forms. For instance:

  • Craig MacTavish, late April:“We’re definitely going to look at doing something with that pick. I think we’d be very receptive to moving back and picking up another pick potentially.It’s a very deep draft in my mind. There are tons of players out there who excite me. Or possibly we could pick up somebody that could help us immediately and another pick.”
  • Kevin Lowe, this week: “Because the draft is deep, as you move along, if someone offered us something we felt could fit in with our group, a different age and a certain type of positional player we need, we wouldn’t be opposed to moving the pick. Maybe where teams are positioned with the [salary] cap going down, all those sorts of moons aligning could lead to something.”

This is also the period where we begin to find out about players outside the first round that the Oilers have interest in. Their website has an interview up with young defender Mason Geertsen (former Oil King, dealt for David Musil) and his interview with the team ("I spoke with 13 teams and it was kind of overwhelming when I first got here but once I got into the groove of it and a little more comfortable in the room,  it went by really good. I spoke with the Oilers. It was a good meeting, it was kind of different knowing Kevin Lowe. It was more of a talk instead of a formal situation instead") and he may end up being an Oiler later on June 30th.


Based on what we’ve read/heard, I think there are three possibilities for the Oilers in the first round:

  • Trading up for Barkov
  • Staying at #7 and taking Monahan or Zadorov
  • Dealing down to the teens and grabbing Lazar.

Ater that, I’d bet on centers and goalies for much of the draft.

  • Crispy

    How much longer can we continue to draft players of the Six Million Dollar Man variety 3 years down the road ? We might be maxed out already in two years time . We add a marquee center (6M) and defenceman (6M) outside of draft , and you wonder what could be left to form a decent base below them ?

    • Crispy

      I think that is determined by the perceived strength of the draft. This year is considered very strong. One guy I talked to said 5 guys from this draft would have been in the running for number 1 last year and as many as 15 would have been in the running for top 4. He is involved with a team so I think his opinion has value. Long way of saying that I think Gagner would have got a higher pick last year. I don’t think packaging him with the 7th will add a lot as he seems like he is what he is as a player after spending a number of years in the league. A player with a perceived high ceiling like Klefbom and the 7th will move you up some I would think. Nashville may have interest in that.

    • Crispy

      Why would Nashville trade down to get one year of Hemsky when they won’t be contenders next year? If I were Nashville it would take a lot more to pry Barkov out of my hands.

    • Crispy

      Won’t get it done. Won’t be close either.

      If we want Barkov we would have to consider a Kessel-like trade where we give up next year’s first as well. I would put a clause in it though to stipulate that if we miss the playoffs in 2014, the first rounder gets pushed to 2015.

      I mentioned earlier to do this trade:

      7th overall and 37th overall for Boone Jenner and one of Columbus’ first rounders, preferably the 14th overall.

      Boone Jenner: gritty, big, and can score:

      this past year in the OHL: 45 goals and 82 points
      AHL (reg and playoffs): 5 goals, 9 points in 13 games.

  • Eddie Shore

    God I can’t wait until the day comes where we dont have to talk about 18 year old hockey players and what type of player we THINK they will project to be. For the love of God MacT, end the misery!

  • Crispy

    Geertsen would be a great addition to the Oilers. He was involved in a trade that in my opinion was the worst trade the Oil Kings have made to date (Geertsen & 1st rounder for Musil). The Oil Kings lost 2 years of a defenseman in that trade. When Musil came to Edmonton playing with Lowe, Reinhart and Gernat exposed his weaknesses ie. mobility, offense. However Geertsen given the oportunity to get some quality minutes in vancouver made the best of it and elevated his game a ton. By seasons end Geertsen would have to be considered the better player despite being 2 years behind in development. Either Green’s plan to stack his line up for the memorial cup run or Ownership’s plan to get a better look at a prospect and have a scouts son in town backfired and will cost the Oilkings for years to come.