We are one week away from the 2013 NHL Entry draft, and rumors are swirling around the Edmonton Oilers. One of the major trade assets–#7 overall in next Sunday’s draft–may be in play. The question right now is this: how much is that pick worth?


A reasonable guess would see the top 4 spots go like this:

  • #1 Colorado: C Nathan MacKinnon
  • #2 Florida: D Seth Jones
  • #3 Tampa Bay: L Jonathan Drouin
  • #4 Nashville: C Sasha Barkov

After that, things get interesting. Assuming the Oilers covet C Sean Monahan in a big way, there may be a window of opportunity at #5. They could jump Calgary at #6 and make a move for Carolina’s pick. We should be aware of the possibility, but for our purposes let’s assume Edmonton stays silent and waits:

  • #5 Carolina: C Elias Lindholm
  • #6 Calgary: C Sean Monahan

At this point, Edmonton would have three choices, all of them worthy:

  • select their top rated defenseman (Nurse or Ristolainen)
  • select their top rated forward (Nichushkin or Lazar?)
  • trade down if the value is there

WHY would they trade down? The Oilers may feel their player (my guess has always been Curtis Lazar) could be available later in round one. Let’s say they do in fact make a trade down to #13 and for doing so acquire Winnipeg’s 2nd round pick (#43).

  • #7 Winnipeg (from Edmonton): D Darnell Nurse
  • #8 Buffalo: D Rasmus Ristolainen
  • #9 New Jersey: L Valeri Nichushkin
  • #10 Dallas: L Hunter Shinkaruk
  • #11 Philadelphia: D Nikita Zadorov
  • #12 Phoenix: C Bo Horvat


Curtis Lazar. Oilers get an extra 2nd (which might allow them to combine it with #37 to deal back up into the first round) plus a player who may well be the name on their list at #7.

I think it could happen just that way.


After Josh Rimer sent that out there was an Interesting exchange this afternoon on twitter between Frankie Di Gioia and Darren Dreger. Di Gioia is a Toronto Red Wings AAA hockey coach and you know who Darren Dreger is:

I suspect Gagner signs in Edmonton and is part of the Oilers for years to come UNLESS the two sides can’t make the money work.


Whatever is going to happen, happens once the first 6 picks are off the board. That’s my guess.

  • YFC Prez

    Kaberle bought out. I wonder if there’s a decent gamble to be made there. Liked Kaberle when he was a leaf, he just disappeared the last 2 seasons though. Could he be a worthwhile reclamation project a la Souray?

  • Citizen David

    Yes- time to trade Gagner while he has value. He is certainly not worth the $$ his is going to command. Watching the two finalist for the cup clearly suggests the type of size a grit that’s needed to go deep in the playoffs. Simply put we have to much of the same frame. I would even dangle Eberle to Colorado for the 1st and Jamie Mcquinn. Take the big Center at number one and get your D sorted with a Gagner trade. Keep #7 and take Nurse.
    I still think Eager if played in the right role here can work. The Oil were just not using him properly. Let’s face it how affective can he be with the ice time he was given. He has size, hands and is the fastest guy on the team. It’s worth a re-look in this case.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Look at it from a different vantage point. The Oilers have been pretty much a lotto team in each of his last five yrs here.

        If he hasn’t decisively locked up that 2nd line center job by now, MacTavish has his answer. It’s been nothing but infinibuild WITH all these guys here, time to move them out.

  • Citizen David

    I am one of the people who is wary of Nichushkin. Potential, but not a lot of proof yet. Lindholm is the best option.

    For everyone who thinks Bo Horvat is great but Lazar is terrible

    Bo Horvat goals per game last season 0.49
    Curtis Lazar goals per game last season 0.52

    Bo Horvat points per game last season 0.91
    Curtis Lazar points per game last season 0.85

    Same size (both are built like tanks)
    Both are known to be defensively responsible
    I don’t know how about Horvat’s skating but Lazar is very fast.

    Lazar hits everything that moves. He has passion and drive in the same amounts of Taylor Hall. He hustles back to play defence, plays PP and PK and parks himself in front of the net on the PP.

    Whoever drafts Lazar will get a quality player. He won’t make it past 15. I hope the Oilers are the ones to scoop him up.

    • I had season tickets to the Oil Kings, I had the OHL package.

      Horvat will be in the NHL before Lazar and will be a better player.

      Lazar was surrounded by awesome talent and a stacked team, as was Horvat, but Horvat was one of the best players on the Knights, Lazar wasn’t even close to being the best on the Oil Kings.

      That should be a huge red flag, there are far better players to pick even if the Oilers trade down.

      Lazar = Pouliot

      • I am the Liquor

        I respectfully disagree, he was playing behind some pretty good hockey players that were 19-20. I see no red flags, I see a very good hockey player not a star. He plays the game nothing like Poo did.

    • GVBlackhawk

      Both are projected to be 3C with respect to offensive production. With possibility of playing some 2C minutes.

      Horvat will go before Lazar because of his size (weighed 211 lbs at combine vs. Lazar 191 lbs), his faceoff ability, and he had a better playoff run than Lazar did.

      Lazar is a much better skater, btw. Horvat has a ‘laboured’ stride (probably because he’s so damn big). Lazar seems to be a real fit ‘Dallas Eakins’ kind of guy.

    • I am the Liquor

      I have no idea why all the hate on Lazar, I have personally seen him play live about 50 times. This kid will play in the NHL, he’s everything you would want in a 2line centre/winger. I wouldn’t select him with the 7th but would trade back for a productive NHL player and somewhere around 15th pick. I wouldn’t take a 2nd rounder as compensation for dropping back it would have to be a actual NHL player.I’m not saying Lazar will be a star, but you do win championships with hockey players like him. He will be the man on the Okings this year and it wouldn’y shock me if he got 50+ goals and close to 40+ assts.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    The draft should ALWAYS be about the FUTURE…..keeping the cupboard stocked….by taking the BPA as high in the draft as you can get…

    Make today’s team better through free agency, trades, and the development of your pipeline……

    Any other approach is just LAZY BS

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Lazar is at best a 4th line player. He played on attack team and put up marginal numbers, I don’t expect him to be a standout out in nhl. Mabe an ahl/echl player at best. Kid will be in Hal in 5 years

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    All this talk about monhan, the guy is a 4th line player. That’s it. Nothing special, zardov on the thee hand may become the next chara

    • Tikkanese

      There is no next Chara. He’s 6’9″, one of the best defensive D-men for many years, 6’9″, one of the best offensive D-men for many years, 6’9″, a devastating hitter, a demon clearing the front of the net, has the hardest shot ever in the NHL, he could be the NHL heavyweight champ if he wanted to be, oh and he is 6′ freaking 9″. He’s a once in a lifetime player.

  • Spydyr

    Trading down is saying “We see something no one else does”

    If the Lowe era has shown us anything .The Oilers are NOT the smartest management team in the room.

    Take the 7th pick or trade up. Moving down hardly ever works.

  • LinkfromHyrule

    Is Hemsky worth a late first round pick,or Hemsky and a second ?I would think Vancouver would be all over that,and I would love to see him with the twins,and the oilers paying some of his salary .He only has 1 year left on his contract,so if it doesn’t work out in Van,bye bye,but it might be a great move for him,and Van.