Dustin Penner blasts hockey rumour blogger

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

On Sunday, Los Angeles Kings blogger Isaak Koenka of the website RantSports.com wrote a piece that criticized Kings forward Dustin Penner and relayed un-sourced reports that Penner and his agent were already trying to sell other teams on the pending unrestricted free agent.

On Wednesday, Penner took to Twitter to express his view of the story.


At that point, the official Twitter account of Rant Sports responded, writing: “Shouldn’t you care less what some hockey writer/fan writes”. The tweet was subsequently taken down. Koenka, meanwhile, saw an opportunity to ask for an interview:

Fun stuff.

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    • Al Davis

      Comments like that are the reason why many of us don’t even bother posting in the comments these days.

      Anyone that thinks Penner should/would be brought back is absolutely nuts. Just stop already.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        I’m a little confused by your entry here Mr. Davis. Are you trying to say you were so inspired by said entry, you rose from your cold dark grave to make a contribution here…..this weed you have, it is expensive, no?

        Oilersnation thanks you for your time and interest to stop by and bash Dustin Penner. He has over 135 goals to his credit. How many do you have, Mr. Authority on all things Dustin Penner?

        • justDOit

          Oilersnation also thanks you for coming by with your daily contribution of crying of all things oilers. You inspire no one.
          Penner is useless. No compete level. Does not assert his size.
          MacT knows him better than you, which us why penner will not be on his team

        • Al Davis

          Are you being serious? How many goals do I have is your response?

          Since you’re obviously slow, I’ll try spelling it out for you one more time. Dustin Penner has a terrible relationship with his former coach/current Oilers GM, Craig Mactavish. Putting that huge hurdle aside, he was/is renown for his lack of work ethic and lack of production. Does that sound like a good guy to place in a young dressing room?

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Not sure Al. They still trot out another guy with a so called wanting work ethic in Ales Hemsky, don’t they?

            Dustin is a professional athlete, has been an integral part of winners on two different hockey clubs. Who gives a flying puck about his relationship with his coach when he does what he’s suppose to do on the ice. Let him do whatever he wants if he’ll continue to put up 50-55pts a season/do his job.

            Where else could the Oilers find a guy like that, for under 3 a season? Who you got?

            Apologies if I touched a nerve there on that goals thing, with you having zero goals NHL goals scored an all. What makes your opinion on Penner the authority around here?

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Very eloquent and well structured post.

            I might add who gives a flying Puck about his relationship with his FORMER COACH.

            I think Dallas and Dustin would get along well. Penner can put out when he is internally motivated by a high level of team responsibility, he isnt greedy for attention for himself, but he has an excellent and deep loyalty streak in him. He will take epic punishment himself before retaliating but he will snap if a small teammate is bullyed by a Bigger man like Himself. That alone is worth the dance.

            Mac-T and Penner have both come a long way since their last dance. A lot of things have changed, when was the last time you saw an Oiler repeatedly blasting Slapshots at his teammates? Point made, but in the process a good man was martyred.. Both Mac and Pens are forgiven it was a learning curve issue .

            We once had an issue with a star d-man who stated he was pressured into returning from a shoulder injury to soon and it hurt him and the team, how many elite players have we had go through shoulder surgery in the last decade? We have now recently made serious changes, Point made. But a good man was martyered in the Process.

            These men were black-balled under the pretenses of protecting the Integrity and Reputation of the Oilers organisation, that is the causality that was projected to us via managment. Those are false pretenses and someone needs to man up and be accountable for them, these players all suffered damages and as we all know to the franchise it wasnt even a speed-bump. The list of sacrificial lambs is a lot longer but point made. Managment made the mees in the room by sticking their dam noses in and trying to be dominant, instead of trusting the men they put in positions to lead. And by not listening to the men.

            Mac-T has a LOT of work left to do, nice start but just the tip of the Iceburg in terms of regaining the pride and Integrity of an entire organisation.

            Until Mac-Ts current intervention begins to show tangible results to represent otherwise i must say that It doesnt matter whether you are standing up for yourself OR your teammates in Edmonton, you will be black-balled later if you make that integrity driven decision to speak up.

            Esprit de Corps doesnt live here right now, it has been black-balled out of us. We arent talking about troublemakers here we are talking about men who care who have been suppressed and punished. I know the managerial issue has been diagnosed, lets just see the cure already.

            If you ask me the Iron Fist we have seen liberally weilded in Edmonton needs to be buried somewhere dark and deep so it can rust away permanently.

            “Comments like that are the reason why many of us don’t even bother posting in the comments these days.”

            Please dont claim to represent anyone but yourself in your posts, its not integrity driven.

            Oilersnation has been getting better and better the last few months about discouraging the bullying tactics we see in other less respectable site in Cyber-space. It looks very good on them. Lets try to keep the ball rolling.

            Speaking on behalf of site members to recruit them into the conversation based on Oilersnation loyalties to defend individual posts is akin to cowardice wether done intentionally or not, stand and deliver or dont post, do not try to recruit people to fight your battles, this is not a place where gangs rule. Not even gangs of good olde posters who have defined the Status Quo for years together. Times change and everything either evolves or disappears, Oilersnation is evolving and that is a good thing. lets grow with the site.

            I see your hockey points though and appreciate your posting them, they do add to the experience in a positive way wether I agree or not, with the exception of the manipulative Boomer-style “numbers rule” Dynamic tossed in there.

          • Al Davis

            Continue to put up 50-55 points a season? Are we even talking about the same player? Penner has 76 points in his last 3 seasons combined and has only gotten more than 50 points once in his entire career.

            There are lots of guys they can find like that. And those guys don’t have a poor past history with the organization.

            And believe it or not, what his former coach/current Oilers GM thinks matters quite a bit! Penner is renowned for NOT doing what he’s supposed to do on the ice.

            My opinion on Penner is by no means the authority, but at least it’s an informed one.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            He had 52 points during his time with the Ducks as well. 52 pts and a Stanley Cup with the Ducks. 76 pts in the last 3 yrs and yet another Stanley Cup with the Los Angeles Kings. Could be a pattern there if you ask me. Are you trying to say that a winning pedigree is inappropriately applied in Penners case?

            You don’t appear to be half as informed as you think you are. Your claims appear closer to reformed, than informed if you ask me.

            Be better Mr. Davis.

          • Al Davis

            Where on earth are you getting these stats from?



            Please show us where these magical 72 points come from. Or is your basic math just that awful? Because in his two regular seasons with the Ducks he had 52 points, combined! Want to throw playoff games in too? 17 points. Giving us a grand total of 69 points over the course of two seasons.

            All you’re doing is supporting my case even further with each post you make.

            There are tons of examples of guys who ride the co-tails of a championship team, only to leave and disappoint someplace else. The guy you’re trying to defend is the perfect example since WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS SAME PLAYER DO THAT EXACT THING HERE!

          • Al Davis

            Thank you for looking those stats up for me Mr Davis. Shock and Aww is pulling a you know who and making up stats to suit his need. He’s flat out wrong but doesn’t have the balls to admit it.

            Do better shocker

          • Quicksilver ballet

            I was only quoting you. Look in post 32, where it clearly states he had a combined total of 76 pts. I totaled his Duck totals (52 pts), do I have to do everything for you….putz?

            Go play in traffic, or take another Midol, kid.

          • Al Davis

            “Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid”
            -John Wayne

            You must be having a really rough go of it, aren’t you? I’m sorry your reading comprehension is on the same level as a bar stool, but if you go back and try actually reading what you and I have posted up until this point, perhaps things will clear up and make a little more sense to you.

            Now I am done. You can go back to manifesting some Omark for Weber trade scenarios now.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            “Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid” -John Wayne _______________________________________________________________________________________

            You would know Mr. Davis, you would know.

  • Bonvie

    If we keep Gags, Penner would be a good match for his line.

    Penner’s playoff performance looked good–he popped a few big goals at critical times.

    His size will be needed in a big division.

    And the new coach may be a fit for him.

    I’d be OK with Penner v2.

  • Al Davis

    Bring him back, we dont machine gun our forwards from the point with howitzers from Souray anymore. All will be well.

    Penner has a real solid natural protective streak in him that will fit in here perfectly. He does not like it when bigger men take advantage of little men because he doesnt do that, and he can SNAP from time to time and his decision making is always very timely and solid, and once he sees red nothing stops him,nothing.

    I believe everyone will be surprised when Eakins valuates Penners fitness and workout regime if he comes here, I think for a big man Penner does alright and Dallas will shoot straight if he sees effort and improvements consistantly and defend any of his men to the last breath. Watch for the first media monkey to take a cheapshot at one of the Oilers workout habits or shape under Eakins watch, ha ha ha, he will be driving himself and them and will be reactive to say the least.

    Dustin Penner is at the point in his career where he needs to be a part of a team seriously driving for the playoffs, he is in his prime now. If we are seriously bulking up to go for it then YES he fits perfectly here, especially in the room with the kids who will love the guy. Once Eakins helps Dustin reset his self-valuation of his fitness and Dustin reacts as I think he will by setting new personal standards he will scare the kids with his mass.

    Bring him in if he is game.

    • Al Davis

      Agree that it’s a long shot, but think that cost would be the most important factor.

      Penner seemed to be disappointed when he was traded from here, so I think he does have a soft spot for Edmonton, in spite of MacT. I think he also liked being an “older” player on a young team–bigger role. I think Eakins would be smart enough to figure out what makes Penner tick, as opposed to just calling him out (like MacT or Lombardi).

      But there are 29 other choices out there, so odds are probably slim that we’ll see him back.

      His tweets seem to suggest that he’d be OK with staying in LA, so it will be interesting to see what happens with him.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Please stop…Penners battle level was always my problem- or
    Lack there of.

    I don’t see him and Taylor Hall having much in common. Compete level is what needs to be improved. I would prefer Clutterbuck to Penner Anyday.

    • nuge2drai

      agree with this. do not care about advanced stats when it comes to Penner.

      if youre that big and youre not destroying people to score in front of the net Tim Kerr style, GTFO. if youre not fast enough – destroy. if youre not destroying – youre not using your body right. i have a feeling when Bickell gets into a situation similar to Penner’s stint with the Oilers, we’ll see similar Magic Show tricks of invisibility. hype rides hard for playoffs… but then again, why arent we trading for Dave Bolland? he was Canada’s hero a couple years ago… now no one cares that much.

      • Klima's Mullet

        So by your logic 6′ 4″ 235lb Mario Lemieux should have been out there crushing people, running around. Get a grip. Skill players play a skill game. Penner is a skilled 2nd line winger that is tough to knock off the puck. He is not Mario Lemieux and he is not Tim Kerr. He is also not Cal Clutterbuck. Big does not have to equal intimidation/physical player. Last 2 oilers to score 30 goals: Dustin Penner and Jordan Eberle.

  • paul wodehouse

    Al Davis …beware of speaking for “many of us’ bucko…please include me out of your happy little band of posters who follow your silly notions…

  • paul wodehouse

    I am not a Penner devotee and I have been known to call him a Lummox but if he came there he’d have to be taking whatever D.Sutter was feeding him in the way of inspiration…I have not seen THAT Lummox there in Etown and so if he was inspired he’d be a good fit there…


  • paul wodehouse

    I don’t see MacT signing Penner and I don’t see Penner wanting to come back to the Oil when there is a new sherriff in town who is an unabashed and self proclaimed fitnesss devotee. I don’t see these stars aligning. ….ever.

  • paul wodehouse

    pass on Penner.

    also, internet became stupid when all the people who called 70s-90s computer people “nerds” strapped Computer-Phones to their face for the rest of their life.

    i’ll DCC Doom floppy disks to anyone on IRC and maybe browse this site on LYNX later

  • Truth

    Not a chance Penner will want to come back to Edmonton, nor is there a chance MacT wants him. He’s a great player when he wants to be, fortunately he tries in the playoffs but his regular season motivation does not fit the Dallas Eakins mantra of acquiring players that compete every night.

    Great on him for calling out the “writer/fan” on an unsourced report.

  • oliveoilers

    Dear Mr Penner.

    Please watch all available material on Milan Lucic. Then emulate. FFS, Marchand plays tougher than you and fits in one of your skates. Then we’ll talk. I just wish you’d get that angry on the ice. You always played your best games when someone p155ed you off.


    Somebody who watched you mail it in most nights.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Mathieu Garon is available. Could he be the guy to push Dubnyk?

    Can’t believe the Lightning are parting ways with Lecavilier. Huge opportunity for him to start fresh somewhere else, on a more reasonable contract.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        ….ah, because Dubnyk is in the same boat?

        You literally wouldn’t be able to tell who’s the starter and who’s the backup from month to month.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          When was the last time Garon put up a better save % than Luongo? DD has done nothing but get better every yr on a piss poor defence. A young up and comer may help push DD, not a used up never has been like Garon.

  • G Money

    Penner would be a good fit on the Gag/Yak line – big, good possession player, underrated defensive play, has some chemistry with Ganye.

    However, given the bad blood between MacT and Pancakes – which subsequent events have shown MacT to be on the right side of the issue – I just can’t see MacT ever agreeing to bring that carb-addicted mofo back here.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    To put it politely, Penner, is a fraud. He is not an NHL player. Yes, he had 30 goals,one year
    on power plays and pucks bouncing off his shins in front of the net. The guy could not even carry and stick handle the puck properly.

    Big guy plays soft, and is one lazy slug. Out of condition most of his career.

    He was lucky that Lowe gave him a free ride contract which he did not deserve,then comes to camp overweight and out of shape.

    Winkler Beer League, is the place for this LAZO.

    I would take Kyle Clifford though.

  • 2004Z06

    Ahhh didn’t take long for the Penner bashing to begin again….He has 2 cups, several 20-30 goal seasons and is a good teamate/guy in the room.

    People talk about the player Penner “could” be. How do you know? Perhaps Penner is the player he is and people should stop expecting him to be more simply because of his size.

    Don’t compare him to the Milan Lucic’s of the world because he isn’t!

    Not every guy at over 6 feet and over 200 lbs is going to be Milan Lucic.

    If the cap hit is right, and you re-adjust your expectations, he is definitely still a decent player.

  • Tikkanese

    Stop it with the “Penner would be great here” stuff. I’m one of the few who actually get and like his sense of humour but I don’t want him back.

    Penner may have size but he most definately doesn’t play with size. Do you people even watch hockey? His overall game is soft. The 1/40 games where he actually plays with size doesn’t count.

    Penner may be good for short stretches but he is to inconsistent to be a top 6 guy here. We need much more consistency here. Penner isn’t that guy.