Thank you MacT. Thank you for inexplicably signing Denis Grebeshkov to a one year contract and giving us all a reason to drink NationBeer by the decalitre tonight at the Pint Downtown. Speaking of which we know we need bigger tap handles with a NationBeer logo on it. But it’s a start right?

We shall toast your unique approach to General Management. Obviously the problem in 2009 is the solution in 2013. It’s so clear now.

*grinds teeth so hard the Earth is thrown off its axis*


What in the name of all that is holy is going on right now at the Oilers offices? Grebeshkov is back? Do we learn ANYTHING at all from the past? Doesn’t anyone recall that this guy gave more pucks away than Ryan Smyth in warmup? (ZING)

If we are looking at bringing back Oilers alumni for a second tour of duty there are about 2,351,559 people that should be coming back before ol Goatie McGrebeshkov. What’s Doug Weight doing? How long has Billy Guerin been retired? Bring back someone sick MacT.

It’s going to take a few hundred NationBeers to wrap our mind around this move. Fortunately this product now exists and launches tonight.


NationBeer gear arrived this morning at NationHQ. Cheers were immediate, boxes were ripped to shreds and now everyone in the office is dressed exactly the same. This must be what working at Starfleet Command is like. Everyone dressed in a uniform, spaceships departing every 15 minutes. Well ok it’s nothing like working at Starfleet Command but a guy can dream can’t he?

Speaking of dreams coming true NationBeer launches tonight at the Pint Downtown. And ticket sales have been brisk with about 75 left. A great many people claim to be "coming and buying tickets at the door" but remember that this could be a disaster in waiting.

We have enough merchandise tonight for 250 people. What if the Octomom shows up and wants ten tees for each of her kids? That’s 80 shirts right there. Don’t let your heart be broken.

You buy a ticket online for $20 and you get:

  1. A NationBeer Tee Shirt
  2. A $25 Oodle Noodle GC
  3. A $20 Pint GC
  4. A PACKAGE OF OILERS GOLF TEES (last minute swag upgrade)
  5. 200,000 elixir and a healing angel

And all the money goes to charity. Don’t live your life filled with regrets Nation. Get some tickets here.