Taylor Hall, Olympian

No less an authority than the TSN panel has predicted that the Edmonton Oilers best player, Taylor Hall, will be sitting at home watching the Olympic games rather than representing Canada in Sochi.

Here’s why they’re wrong.

TSN’s Roster

TSN’s left wing depth chart consists of Chris Kunitz, Rick Nash, converted centre Logan Couture, and Patrick Sharp. With all due respect to those four, there’s simply no way that Hall shouldn’t be part of that group.

The Competition

Chris Kunitz bafflingly gets the top left wing position on the team. The only possible defence of that ranking is that he has familiarity playing with Sidney Crosby, and it’s a terrible defence because presumably it isn’t difficult to look good playing on a line with the best player in the world. Kunitz has spent approximately 75% of his even-strength the last three years centered by either Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin; Taylor Hall has done it with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Sam Gagner and Shawn Horcoff, players that aren’t exactly comparable. Despite being in the prime of his career and on a line with two of hockey’s five best players, somehow Kunitz has a worse point-per-game rate over the last three seasons than Hall, who was breaking into the league and playing in a tougher conference to boot. In three previous seasons Kunitz has hovered around a 60-point pace, so this last year was likely a one-off and if his scoring drops back to his established level nobody will be talking about him as an Olympian.

Rick Nash is likely a better choice for the top left wing position than Chris Kunitz. The 29 year-old is a veteran of international play, having represented Canada at two Olympic games, four World Championships and a World Junior tournament. Interestingly, like Kunitz, his points-per-game rate is actually less than Hall’s over the last three seasons, but he is more of a goal-scorer and arguably more of a complete player at this point in time.

Logan Couture, the converted centre, is another player who finds himself falling just short of Hall’s point-per-game pace over the last three seasons. He has an advantage in that he’s perceived as a better positional defender than Hall but a disadvantage in being a lesser skater and having less experience internationally (Couture has represented Canada only at the under-18’s back in 2006-07). Couture is an exceptional player – and a Corsi monster – but he both doesn’t tilt the ice the way Hall does in terms of out-shooting the opposition and he doesn’t come close to having the same level of offensive dynamism that Hall does. On a team loaded to the gills with converted centres, Couture’s positional strengths defensively shouldn’t trump Hall’s superior ability to drive results in his natural position.

Patrick Sharp should, barring a major drop-off, be on this team. A versatile skater who can play any position, he is both a dynamic offensive player and a skilled defensive forward. He’s coming off a tough year – he really struggled on a line with Dave Bolland for half the season, though he was fine with other centres – but he’s been excellent in the past and shouldn’t be a controversial choice.

Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall is coming off a remarkable season, even by Canadian Olympic team standards. No Canadian player in the lower-scoring Western Conference put up more points than Hall; in terms of even-strength scoring per hour only Jonathan Toews (3.19 PTS/60) had a better rate than Hall (3.15 PTS/60) in the West. Hall finished eighth overall in Relative Corsi league-wide last season and was 20th overall the year before that. In his first three seasons in the league, he’s clear of every Canadian left wing other than 41 year-old Ray Whitney in terms of points-per-game, despite the fact that he’s just started his career and has played for a pretty awful team.

Hall is a special player. He’s Canada’s best scoring left wing at the age of 21 despite playing in the West and there’s a pretty decent case that no other Canadian left wing drives out-shooting the way he does when he’s on the ice. He took a leap forward last year and was the best left wing in the NHL, despite Chris Kunitz’s nod as first-team All-Star.

Hall will, barring injury, be a fixture on future Canadian Olympic teams but he’s good enough to play for them right now, and if he picks up where he left off the team’s management will have no choice but to include him.

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  • Ladd > Hall.

    Overall, Ladd is the more complete player with much more leadership qualities. If there’s a fight for the final LW spot, he is way more qualified than one of the most overrated players in the game, Taylor Hall.

    Players on teams that have been in the basement of the league for the past 7 years should not be making the Olympics to represent Canada, when there are much better, successful alternatives out there. Hall especially has no success at the international level, being benched, and that is another reason against him being on the team. So no thanks to him being an Olympian.

    • Reg Dunlop

      ~ Easy now, your team hasn’t made the playoffs since the 90’s ~

      But seriously, Hall’s as good as Ladd already and will no doubt be the better player going forward.

      • Reg Dunlop

        There hasn’t been a team since the 90’s up until 2011.. And since then, the jets have undoubtedly been better than the oilers. But that is not the point here.

        Ladd has two Stanley Cup titles.. Hall doesn’t even know what the playoffs are. Ladd had 46 points this last year compared to Hall’s 50, but his +/- was +10 compared to Hall’s +5. Maybe if Hall had shown he could compete at the international level at the WC, he would be more likely to get in. But he didn’t.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Andrew Ladd? Never heard of him. Thank goodness for NHL re-alignment, extra games against the lowly jets will pad Hall’s stats just like it did for #99. Gretz would have won the Art Ross if they only counted his points against the jets.

      • Reg Dunlop

        Lowly jets? Sure.. and that’s why Winnipeg has been within a few spots of making the playoffs within it’s first two years back, meanwhile Edmonton was still trying to crawl out of the basement. Doesn’t seem to be working, does it.

          • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

            There’s no bragging.. That was as a response to an Oiler fan (past four seasons placing 30th, 30th, 29th, 24th) referring to other teams as lowly.

          • Wax Man Riley

            Ya, but you forgot to mention that the Jets have the ugliest uniforms in NHL.! Hope no war breaksout, as they would have to turn the jerseys into Arms Canada.

            Great Fans in Wpg, but the city is a snore.

    • geoilersgist

      Not to sure how Hall is over-rated but ok. I wish he and Eberle could be on the team but that’s a pipe dream. If Hall doesn’t make this team something is wrong. You claim Ladd is so much better but I’m not buying what your selling. What is their age difference and years in the league. Not many other players have ever torn it up the way Hall is at his age. Also HE is the best LW in Canada if not the NHL. That is something that can’t be ignored.

  • Taylor Hall is a thoroughbred, who can dominate all by himself in the NHL.
    but, with Team Canada he needs to play more of a team game because the competition is higher. Hall will need to prove he can play a 200ft game this year and make players around him better, if he wants to make Team Canada.

  • Spydyr

    JW, you are wrong about Kunitz. If having him on the team means that Crosby is guaranteed to hit the ground running in Sochi then I want him on the team.

    Nash deserves to be on the team because he was great in Vancouver and he is still in the prime of his career.

    Sharp is too versatile to ignore, so he would have to have a horrendous October/November to not be on the team.

    As far as I’m concerned, Hall takes Coutures spot. Hall is one of the fastest players in the world and speed is may be the most important factor when picking this team due to the larger ice surface. In fact Hall might be a great fit with Crosby because they both love to play a fast-paced north/south game. Not to mention the fact that Hall finished in the top 10 in league scoring last year. If gets off to a good start, they have no choice but to pick Hall.

  • The Last Big Bear

    In the same way that chemistry between players in juniors rarely translates into chemistry at the NHL level, chemistry at the NHL doesn’t seem to contribute much at the Olympics.

    Witness Seabrook in 2010, who was half of the NHL’s best pairing, but was clearly way over his head at the Olympics even when paired with Keith. As a result, he had the least ice time of any defenceman on TC (and not just a little, IIRC he had less than half the TOI of anyone else).

    Which is to say there’s no way in heck Kunitz should be on this team.

    Especially not because “he has chemistry with Crosby”, that’s just retarded. A green rubbermaid garbage bin placed at the hashmarks (no doubt provided by CWD) would have great chemistry with Crosby.

    Hall deserves a definite look at that spot, but so do a lot of transplanted centremen. I know he’s a natural winger, but if that roster position comes down to something like Hall vs Giroux, it could be a tough call.

  • Impartial Oilers Fan

    Why does no one bring up Taylor Halls UNSUSTAINABLE 94.3% IPP when talking about his PTS/G and how he did so well last year?? For a reference point, Hall had a 75.6% the year previously.

    The best superstars in the league are around 80-85% on a consistent year to year basis, and yet Taylor Hall projections are being based on a lot of “lucky” points that he received.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s a tremendous player, but come on please, use a little perspective!! Making last season a baseline for projections and comparing to established players like Toews is absurd.

    (Individual Points Percentage – The percentage of goals scored by players team while player is on the ice that the player had a point on.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      not sure. post the exact same thing in another 7 comment sections and see what you come up with. posting it in 4 or 5 hasn’t been successful for you yet.

  • Word to the Bird

    It doesn’t matter if TSN doesn’t think Hall will make it. If he truly is as good as we say he is (which he is) then he will bully his way onto the team. He’ll make it no doubt.

  • Word to the Bird

    The only thing that stops him from being noticed is the fact that the Oilers stink. Once the Islanders made the playoffs Tavares was being heralded as a top 5 player in the NHL for crying out loud!

  • Rob...

    I think this is the best thing that could have happened to Hall. You thought he was an intense, beast of a player before? Brace yourself for a dude who will do everything in his power to prove to the decision makers that they need him on their Olympic team. The Oilers benefit big time from Hall not being a lock for the team.

  • Spydyr

    Leaving the second best left winger in the NHL off the team is something only Canada would do. Its like leaving the NHL’s best goal scorer in Stamkos off in 10′ albeit it did not matter are decisions you hope you don’t pay for. Granted that was Stevie Y. I’m tired off the World Jr’s. constantly not taking their best players because there 17, and then paying the price.

    Hall should be just outside a lock. He should have to prove himself, but he has an element that you need which is flat out speed. Frankly a line of Hall, Tavares, Eberle would be decent but won’t happen. Put Hall in TO, are we even debating this? Hall is easily without debate or question Canada’s best dynamic left winger. On pace for 90 points of all things. Top ten scorer in the league. Second best 5×5 player that drives possession. Two time Memorial Cup MVP. WTH

    Kunitz was invited cause he plays with Crosby, Couture is a center, and you don’t need Sharpe.

    • Dan 1919

      That’s exactly why TSN panelists are panelists.

      If Hockey Canada learnt their lesson from Turin 2006’s Gretzky & Friends Team like they said they did, Hall will be one of the first 6 forwards picked no doubt about it (assuming he plays as well this season as last).

  • Wax Man Riley

    Kunitz will be a liability. Ever saw his stats while he was a Duck? Pffeeewww…
    The Toronto Sports Network (TSN) are like dinosaurs. Rick Nash should be the 3rd LW, Kunitz should not even be on the roster. Hall a definite 1st LW. WTF gives, TSN? I’m not an oil fan; I’m a Habs fan. If Hall is not on this team, look for bronze at best Yzerman & coy go with it…

  • OutDoorRink

    If Taylor can maintain his current level of defensive attention and play to his strengths he’s going to Sochi.

    His speed should be the clarion call for Stevie Y. We’ve seen what he can do on the Oly-sized rink before but that was when he was a boy.

  • OutDoorRink

    Is TSN picking based on what they think is the correct group OR the group that they think HC will pick? Big difference.

    If its the latter then they may be right. I have not been a big fan of how the cloistered and cliquey HC committee has been in the past and I suspect that they could very well not pick TH to join the club.

    TH is going to have to prove them wrong by scorching up the place from now until New Years and shame the ba$tards into picking him.

  • Spydyr

    This is another example of advance stats making an argument that shouldn’t be there. Kunitz was the highest point producing LW in the NHL last year. The fact he has chemistry with Crosby combined with his point production is why he was listed at first line centre.

    Having said that I think Zack Stortini could be the best Candian LW on a line with Crosby, but that doesn’t change the fact that the he would still be the highest point producing LW in Canada.

    Having said all of that, I still think Hall is the best Canadian LW, especially for the big ice. His speed is way more explosive than any other candidate, and that will show when it comes time to make the selection.

    If / When Hall makes the team, I don’t see him on the top line. I want to see him on a line with Giroux and Tavares. Or, if Crosby and Stamkos don’t have chemistry, imagine a Hall, Stamkos…. anyone else line? That would be incredible.

  • Spydyr

    Anyone with eyes know what Hall brings offensively.What will keep him off the team is his age,his play away from the puck,his play at both blue lines,and his defensive play.

    Hopefully for the Oilers sake he will improve these things.I believe he will he is too competitive to driven not too.

    If he does become a 200 foot player, again I would not bet against him.He will be on the Olympic team for at least the next two games ,after this one.

    • justDOit

      But they’re saying this might likely be the last Olympics with NHL participation.

      I agree with you though – I don’t see Hall being selected after what happened at the worlds last spring. Unless he goes supernova.

  • DSF

    The team Canada brass made it pretty clear what they are looking for…scoring and a 200 foot game.

    That would best be expressed by +- ON/60.

    Here are the numbers for the LW camp invitees and those TSN has pegged to make the team:

    Chris Kunitz – +2.93

    Rick Nash – +1.65

    Andrew Ladd – +0.91

    Patrick Sharp – +0.91

    Milan Lucic – +0.89

    Logan Couture – +0.84

    Taylor Hall – +0.45

    As you can see, Hall isn’t really in the conversation.

      • DSFs point is valid – if a bit overstated. TH has some weakness in his two way play. We have all seen it. The stats cited indicate it.

        There is no denying at this point that TH has yet to demonstrate that he is capable of it.

        But he has his instructions from Crawford and yzerman on what they need to see and TH has 25 – 30 games to demonstrate that he is able to add that dimension.

        If he does then he’s going to Russia.

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          You have no clue what you are talking about.

          TH is one of the best two-way players in the game. He destroys his competition and pushes the river. All relevant stats are beyond clear on this. Beyond clear.

          Any one doubting this is buying into bias and bs narratives about “chemistry” “playoff faceoffs” etc.


          • DSF

            “All relevant stats”?

            Which ones?

            Let’s start with CorsiOn.

            Taylor Hall – +2.79.

            183rd in the league.

            124th among forwards.

            31st among left wingers.

            How about CorsiRel QofC?

            Taylor Hall – .585

            185th in the league

            124th among forwards

            36th among left wingers.

            There’s no doubt Hall can score…his P/60 5V5 is 6th best among forwards in the league behind Crosby, Staal, Kadri (hmmm), Kunitz, and Toews.

            But I’m curious what “relevant stats” you are using to support your narrative that Hall is one of the best two way players in the game?

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Hilarious that you know nothing about a stat you disdain only to trot out when it “appears” convenient to a trifling non-argument.

            Enjoy thinking Hall isn’t amazing!

          • DSF

            Suggesting I “know nothing about a stat” is nothing more than thinly veiled ad hominem attack.

            Poking holes in those stats is relatively easy

            Still waiting for your “all relevant stats” so we can move this discussion beyond a “trifling non argument”

            Fire away.

            What have you got?

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            statements of fact.

            you both don’t understand the stat, or ignore its context. And, you don’t put any stock in it when you perceive some non-hockey benefit, i.e., a weird emotional high from being silly online.


          • DSF

            Oh, I understand the stats just fine and “context” has replaced patriotism as the last refuge of the scoundrel when it comes to discussion about them.

            Now, put on your Big Boy Pants® and support your sweeping conclusion that Hall is “one of the best two way players in the game”.

            Please feel free to add all the “context” you like.


          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            If you were an honest broker all manor of conversations would be possible.

            As it stands, you are not and have never demonstrated a serious interest in understanding any facts not serving your own emotional needs.

          • Clyde Frog

            Angrily scratching a line across yet another name in his secret list of possible internet friends, DSF yells upstairs to mother, “More sandwiches! I need more Sandwiches!!! There is someone being wrong on the internet, I can’t possibly waste time making them!”

            Cursing under his breath, DSF reaches for his collage of the Minnesota Wild’s Stanley Cup celebration in 2013. He had spent the last several weeks cutting and pasting various photos from magazines he had mother bring home for him, into what he knew should have happened.

            Stroking the collage reassuringly he softly whispers to it, “I know you should have one, I painstakingly played every game last season with my Cheeto’s to verify it! You were robbed! It was rigged! I booked it for Pete’s sake!”

            Hearing the chiming sound of mother lowering his sandwiches down the laundry chute, he allows himself one last longing glance at his masterpiece before trundling over and eating second, second lunch.

            He glances at the latest comments and brushes them off quickly, he has no time for real arguments! There are sandwiches to eat!

          • Impartial Oilers Fan

            Can someone give me solid reasoning as to why Taylor Hall’s point total and specifically this point/game pace is being used a baseline, rather than what it was, simply a very good season?

            Taylor Halls had a 94.3% IPP last season. This is off the charts for any star player in the NHL. Crosby had a 80.9% last season, Ovechkin had a 73%. And furthermore, for reference sake, Hall had a 75.6% the year previously.

            Hall obviously received more lucky assists than he can predictably project to get in future seasons. Yet everyone keeps talking about how his point per game was one of the best in the NHL last year, and because of that (SKEWED) fact, he should be a lock for the Olympic team?? Really?

            That doesn’t even bare in mind that there will be centre’s playing on the wing for Team Canada.

            I’m an Oilers fan and I don’t understand how the Oil Country’s consistent role in encouraging entitlement, ESPECIALLY of Hall and Yakupov.

            What does it hurt to have Hall earn a spot on Team Canada, rather than bitch and complain that he wasn’t a lock?! Especially, since its been constantly stated by Team Canada brass, that they want skills guys but not at the expense of good defensive play. If you believe Hall is always making good decisions with and without the puck, you obviously didn’t see Hall’s play at the World Championships without Oiler rose coloured glasses on.

            Bottom line, let him earn a spot on Team Canada rather than some claim he’s a lock after a short season, where he got more points while he was on the ice than will likely be sustainable.

    • DSF

      All players on all teams in hockey are “influenced by teammates”.

      Are you suggesting that Hopkins, Eberle, Dubnyk and the Oiler D are all stiffs that Hall has to rise above?

      I would argue Andrew Ladd plays for a worse team but manages to outperform Hall significantly.

      Good management would also look at how players perform at even strength. (and Hall would likely get very little PP time on the Olympic team.)

      Using those same players, here are the 5V5 goal scoring numbers:

      Nash – 17

      Ladd – 15

      Couture – 14

      Kunitz – 13

      Hall -12

      Lucic – 7

      Sharp – 5 (only played 28 games)

      Appears to me that the selection committee has this about right.

      • I just personally thought your singling out one stat and talking matter-of-factly like it proved Hall couldn’t hold a candle to the other names was an incredibly weak argument. Why don’t you go dig up Jarome Iginla’s +/- ON/60 back in 2010.. I seem to recall no regrets with the Canadian team selecting him.

          • I have no problems with you or anyone doubting that Hall is a good candidate for the Olympic team.. I personally am unsure he’ll make it on to the team (solely based on the fact that Canada has a lot of solid players to choose from). If your argument was that he was too green to the NHL to make the Canadian team, I would have accepted that, however your argument was basically “Taylor Hall has a less awesome +/- than the other guys so he won’t make the team, book it”.

            Provide a paper thin argument, and people will call you on it. Looking at +/- ON/60 is a huge waste of time.

          • Clyde Frog

            Letting out a sob of relief DSF took a moment to quietly reflect on his absolute victory!

            The last 12 hours of Googling had worked, he finally had definitive proof that Taylor Hall is a Canadian bust! It had taken a lot of work to look past and ignore all the other “stats” his “fans” kept bringing out… Such as points and a full suite of other advanced stats; but he had done it!

            Finally he had a stat that proved what he knew deep down in his heart, Taylor Hall just isn’t any good.

            Hitting refresh 17 more times, he contentedly waits for his new internet worshipers to heap praise and other accolades on his mighty shoulders.

            His eyes light up with a mad gleam, “What!?!” he bellows… Someone has dared to look at how his mighty stat factored into the past!? This will not stand!

            Writing out his well thought out response he clicks the post button and trundles off to his secret thoughts journal, where he promptly places a single bold line through the name Racki; forever removing him from friend contention… That is if he ever sees the need to leave the mighty bachelor pad he has built that is his mother’s basement.

            Cracking a new can of Dr.Pepper he savors the sweet aroma and contentedly starts planning out the parade Oilers Nation will throw him once they come to recognize his utter genius in all things Hockey.

  • Team Canada has a hard decision to make regarding many players, including Hall. And they probably won’t get everything right… (Still remembering Ray Borque in the shootout……….)

  • Hall was the best Canadian player in the West last year. On some nights this dude absolutely dominated the competition, one glaring hole I see with these Team Canada predictions is always at forward. Who here would like to see a line of three centers or three left wings and so on so forth?

    TSN has always had a major hate on for the Oil, clearly as healthy as DSF’s. Even if the Oilers don’t send one player for Canada or any other team I’m not complaining hard. Sochi is at least a ten hour flight, and the boys will be bagged when they return. The talking heads need something to talk about now, rather then picking natural positions they went for star power. Hall could easily burn any of these players on the ice, first and foremost on his to do list is to lead our team to the playoffs.

  • MOOG35

    When it comes to Kunitz vs. Hall, it’s as simple as this. If MacT phoned Ray Shero tomorrow and offered Hall straight up for Kunitz in a trade, what do you think Shero would say?

  • Cowbell_Feva

    Stats can be misleading many a time . Although most are individual stats , most sre the result of team play and system players are playing under . If team play is weak , coaching erratic , and weak support to boot , then stats can be ballooned higher than they should under normal circumstances . Such seems to be the case in defensive stats for a lot of Oiler players . Players doing what they are told , but system and lack of support letting them down .

  • Oh, gosh. How could I forget +/-ON/60, the only stat that matters!

    I guess it was premature to establish Shea Weber and Drew Doughty as locks; as you can see, they aren’t really even in the conversation:

    Jake Muzzin: +1.50

    Subban: +1.49

    Letang: +1.33

    Keith: +1.13

    Garrison: +1.10

    Seabrook: +0.85

    Staal: +0.58

    Boyle: +0.53

    Hamhuis: +0.45

    Pietrangelo: +0.07

    Weber: -0.06

    Doughty: -0.06

    Look at that gap between Doughty and Muzzin – on the same team no less! Clearly, if Canada’s looking for two-way play, they should stop fooling around with these pretenders and just bring Jake Muzzin.

    Muzzin – Subban

    Keith – Seabrook

    Garrison – Letang

    Staal – Boyle


    • DSF

      No one suggested it is the “only stat that matters” but it is likely one that the team brass are looking at.

      You used primarily scoring and Corsi Rel to make your original point while ignoring a host of other factors.

      No one disputes Hall’s scoring ability but Corsi Rel, as you know, measures how Hall stacked up against his own team mates.

      That doesn’t tell us much of anything since the rest of the team was dreadful.

      If you’re, then basing your argument merely on scoring prowess, I wonder how you feel about Corey Perry not being selected?

      Over the past 3 seasons:

      Perry: 102G 98A 300P

      Hall: 65G 80A 145P

      Clearly, team management is making their decisions based on more than pure scoring ability which is likely wise.

      The “chemistry” argument being used to support the Kunitz selection is a little weak in my opinion but I think it’ll take a little more than scoring to overcome it.

      I have no doubt that Hall can play his way onto the team if he improves his 200 foot game and I’m sure they’ve told Hall what he needs to do so now it’s up to him.

      • geoilersgist

        Where in the h e double hockey sticks did you get those stats? Perry in the last three years has scored 194 points… What do I know though I’m not an Internet genius that makes up stats on the fly…

        In all seriousness though do you ever look anything up before you start posting stats? Especially something so simple as plain points?

        • Clyde Frog

          DSf scoffs!

          Who has time to look up and verify stats! DSF Knows stats!

          He has books upon books of stats he has written, some so complicated HE can’t even remember what they measured…

          After investing so many Saturday nights in their creation how can one dare to question the veracity of his stats!

          Well they can’t… DSF safely ignores this comment, reassured that no-one could possibly hold him to it.

      • The Soup Fascist

        I know the Alberta school system has some flaws and I don’t pretend to be a rocket surgeon but I have added it up a few times and every time I am getting 102 + 98 = 200 ….. not 300.

        Is there some crazy British Columbia tax you are adding on to Perry’s point totals?

  • Zamboni Driver

    I think the ‘trashes’ addition is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    Anyone who DARES say Hall will not make (not does not belong, but will not make) the team gets trashed.

    Okay here’s what I think we should do.

    ENTIRE OILERS LINEUP, get citizenship for anyone not from Canada especially for Omark (*girlgasm*) – add in Sidney Crosby, because I hear he’s almost as good as the Nuge, and go take on the Ruskies.

    To make room, we’ll have to drop Smytty though.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    DSF drives so much traffic on this site that he should be, if he isn’t, employed by ON.

    right or wrong, you all bite. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    love it.

  • Zamboni Driver


    Hockey is played on the ice and not a computer, Hall will never get his due simply because he plays in Edmonton. He was the second most effective offensive forward in the West last year. Better then Sedin x2, Kesler and whoever else your stats can bring up. 51 points in what, 45 games?

    • DSF

      There’s more than scoring points to winning hockey games.

      For example, preventing them is just as important.

      Hall scored more than Toews last season.

      Is he a better hockey player?

      No, he isn’t.

      He also scored more than Kopitar last season.

      Is he a better hockey player?

      No, he isn’t.

      There are many other examples.

      • The Soup Fascist

        CorsiRel or ON 5×5 only tell part of a story. I think you’re just reaching now, stats? If you like stats so much go watch baseball, next you’ll be bringing up Hall vs Tavares based on play after American Thanksgiving on an EST late start in Long Island the night after a Bob Seger concert!

        I swear to god dude you gotta be Glenn Healy or Mark Lee. Hall put up a play that won’t show on any stat except his suspension record when he destroyed Clutterbuck. Since then he went from being a kid to a MAN.