Nail Yakupov was a healthy scratch on Saturday night, and it appears some members of the family took it harder than others.

Eronko is certainly a credible source, and it’s important to know this is out there. Having said that, it’s also important to keep in mind that the player hasn’t reacted in this way and that Dads have overreacted in the past. Yakupov DID express himself yesterday (via Joanne Ireland)

  • Yakupov: “I wasn’t happy about it last night. You can say a million words about getting better but coach says I’m not playing, so I’m not playing. I’m not happy about it. I just want to play every game."
  • More Yakupov: “I’m not going to change but maybe play better without the puck, or forecheck more, but I love playing with the puck. I really don’t like skating all the time, and forechecking, and hitting somebody every shift. I don’t think it’s my game.”


This is a power struggle, youth v experience, old v young, and it will end with Yakupov playing more of a team game and working within a team structure.

How do I know this? History. History tells us that if the inmates are running the show you don’t have much. Dallas Eakins is no doubt fighting a lot of headstrong youth these days, but that’s his job and he can’t and won’t back down.

Play the system. Do the job. Nail Yakupov won’t win this battle, but he’ll come out the other side a better man.


A very good statement from the agent. Someone needs to talk to Daddy Yakupov, but I understand him. 🙂

  • Hair bag

    The one comment in this article that jumped out at me was “I am not going to change”. That alone should be a HUGE flashing red light to management. A 19 year old saying he “wont change” how he plays the game when he clearly lacks many of the skills required in the NHL?? That’s not good…

  • Yak has to be defensively responsible to play people , sitting out is ok . Don’t Panic , they are playing decent hockey . Bad goal takes away momentum , it will all come together , also enough on Eakins , 5 games does not make a season , calm down