The poor and sickly Phoenix Coyotes (6-3-2) play the Mighty Edmonton Oilers (3-7-1) today at the gentlemanly hour of 1 PM. There are only so many ways you can write about a last place Oilers team needing to pick up the pace and climb back into the thick of things. 

Here goes attempt #405,606.


Is this all there is to look forward to as an Oilers fan? Getting up at the crack of noon to cheer on a last place Western Conference team against the crappy Coyotes who are somehow or other 6th place in the West despite being 1000 fold crappier than the Oil on paper?

No. One has to keep the faith against all odds that there is more than this in store for us. One has to believe the Oilers won’t always be playing sub .500 hockey losing games they should win and forcing the perpetual witch hunt among Oilers fans trying to figure out "WHOSE FAULT IS THIS?! I WANT HEADS ROLLING DOWN STREETS DAMMIT"

The Oilers are far better and still losing than other seasons when they were frankly just bad and losing. It’s a far different matter to be cheering for the first pick overall in the 2012 entry draft to turn around a slow start than expect Ryan Potulny to forget he is Ryan Potulny and lead the team out of the darkness.

We will all watch every Oilers game for the next 50 years regardless of result and they know it. It will come around we just have to sit tight and wait. 

*taps foot expectantly*


According to our newest friends over at the Oilers lineup is as follows this afternoon:

And the defensive corps will breakdown like so:

And finally the Oilers have elected to start LaBarbera in between the pipes against his former club.


Given their brutal skill, low compete level and poor odour the Coyotes don’t even go to the trouble of announcing their lineup prior to puck drop at their website. Luckily we can go back to DailyFaceOff who somehow figures these things out with uncanny accuracy.

HAHA you call that a lineup? BizNasty is still in the league? Antoine Vermette? How old is he like 145? This is gonna be a beat down of epic proportions.

Who the hell are any of these people? If we passed David Schlemko in the street we wouldn’t cast him so much as a sideways glance. No no, these poor examples of NHL players won’t have a prayer against the Mighty Oil this afternoon nor will Mike Smith – tasked with the unenviable duty of keeping the biscuit out of the basket for Phoenix this afternoon.

Good luck with that buddy.

*spits on the ground*


GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers win 6-2 with Jordan Eberle netting two wonderous goals.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers not picking Shane Doan in the 1995 Entry Draft will not go unnoticed by the announcers who will point out the stellar career Doan has gone on to have in the desert for what must be the millionth time.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Steve Kelly, tired of the MSM calling him out year after year for not measuring up to the career of Shane Doan boycotts the NHL in its entirety for the next 30 years. No one notices.

So lets sit back and enjoy the match shall we? Win or lose lets all just sit back and take in the spectacle of it all. Hits, fights, cheers and the odd goal here and there if the Hockey Gods allow. Speaking of spectacles give the Ohio State marching band moonwalking across the field a quick look. It’s pretty sick.

  • Bucknuck

    One reason the Oilers lost: Goaltending.

    Otherwise I thought they played well. They might have done better with an empty net, though. The team cannot win when the Goalies can’t stop a puck. It’s ridiculous.

    I’m sick of watching a good team effort spoiled by one crappy goaltending performance after another. Garbage.

    • Dan 1919

      I completely agree, Oilers’ goaltending is RIDICULOUS. Labarbra lost the game. I still think Dubnyk on a good day is an average goalie, unfortunately he doesn’t have many good days.

      The worst part is Oiler fans have gotten so use to loosing that they see one of these subpar goalies have one good game, then they forget about everything else and are excited because the Oilers are, “back on track.”

      The Oilers need a good Defencemen, and a good Goalie to get on track at all.

      The NYR couldn’t build a good team by getting a bunch of veteran skilled guys in their prime together, why does everyone think the Oilers are going to be good with a bunch of skilled guys under 23 years old? It’s time they build a hockey team.

    • Slapshot

      agree totally,now thats the winnipeg game,toronto game and now pkeonix game or 6 points we could have(not to mention other crappy goaltending).Mact needs to get us a goalie now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dan 1919

        Not everyone! Remember MacT had a terrible hockey team competing for a playoff spot every year. Once he left as head coach they plummeted to dead last, then once they were there, all of a sudden it was a, “planned rebuild.”

        From there KLowe absolutely destroyed the team leaving only AHL players and had been NHLers with no compete or drive. Unfortunately the new young guns that came in only had these terrible, uncaring players to play and learn from. 4 or however many years later, here we are, it’s time to actually play hockey but the team doesn’t know how to compete or play every shift because KLowe absolutely hung the team out to dry in the rebuilding/developmental stages… And we have terrible goaltending, but this post was focussing on KLowe’s incompetence.

        As sad as it is, I think a real rebuild started this year when they brought in a GM that could do something, it will likely take 2 to 3 years with MacT making solid decisions before we finally see good hockey again.

        • Time Travelling Sean

          i’ll agree with you when it comes to MacT. he knows hockey.
          for one year Lowe gave him his type of players in 05-06. after that we’ve had nothing but small skill. and that is not how you line up a coach like MacT with success. if we want MacT and success we need to get bigger. we can with with small skill too don’t get me wrong. but we have way too much of that here. no balance at all.

  • Newj

    Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Oilers are supposedly one of the best teams in shots blocked? I seldom see our forwards get out to the points to get in the shooting lane.


  • Alsker

    I am totally up in arms not 1, not 1 single player took a run at Hanzul in response to the hit on Petry. Dont care what the score is, the guy killed us today, and not even an attempted cheap shot or clean hit. Maybe Im, old school, whatever, you take a run at one of us we respond!!! If we had given up 2 goals in the third on a 5 min penalty for charging/spearing/fighting/decapitating on Hanzal Id have no problem with it. If we’re not tough within the rules then we damn well better be tough outside of them!!!

  • Poolanov

    This is total garbage. We play like total crap. The third Coyotes goal there were three oilers in front screaming Labarbra. It’s no secret. Just throw the pick to the net against the oilers. If it can’t make it into the net, don’t worry thoilers will find a way to put in in them selves!

  • Crackenbury

    I’m going to waive the 24 hour rule about commenting about a game just played. I can’t take it anymore! It’s always something with this organization. Bad goaltending, poor defence, excessive injuries, whatever. Other teams have shown you don’t have to go through 7 years of absolute crap to get better. This team is seriously damaged. I’ve been an Oiler fan since the WHA, but it’s time to seriously consider giving up the Oilers as the team I follow. It’s starting to look like a lot more fun to buy Center Ice and pick a quality organization to cheer for. Coming back to this board and pointing out everything that’s wrong with the Oilers sounds good too.

    The reality is I’ll be tuned into the LA game tomorrow hoping that is the start of something better.

    There’s something wrong with me, that I continue to hope this team gets its act together and becomes an actual competent NHL franchise.

    • Bucknuck

      i hear you. it obvious the oilers don’t care about giving us a quality product anymore. its all about selling the hype. it’s so hard to stop watching. for some reason i cant stop watching games. i wish i could just give up too. i truly do.

  • Alsker

    think about it, with your offence scoring 4 goals a game (my estimate) with which other goal tending duo would we be 3-8-1? we haven’t had a great game out of either one. they haven’t won any games because of them. we need some one who can steal a game or two for us. some one who has a bad night when he let’s in three goals. bring in anyone, what’s going to happen? they’ll let in 5 goals a game? it really can’t get any worse!

  • Alsker

    Im confused. And it’s definitely not the amount of beer/rum which I was once again forced to consume due to another Oiler performance. When Gadzic arrived, he was like a pitbull trained to fight, attack anything that got in his way, now he seems like like a puppydog going thru potty training. Im not picking on him, but every tough, hardnosed, in your face kind of guy we’ve seen in the last 7 years has been trained(broken) of what got them their jobs in the first place. Eager, Hordichuck, Bigmac, changed and watched their careers end(basically), those who resisted were moved:Torres,Chimera,Brodziak. Maybe kLowe should go back and watch videos of McSorley,MacClellan,Semenko,Hunter,Jackson,etc. to remind him of WHO really were the reasons behind why 99,17,9,77 were able to do what they did. It certainly wasn’t because of #4 hooking,holding, interfering ’cause he was caught flat footed constantly that gave them the space on the ice or gave fear to the opposing forwards in front of our net.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    I don’t like this bitter taste in my mouth.

    Dubnyk probably got us 1 win, but both these goalies have cost us 4 games. 4 GAMES. 8 points.

    3-8-1 or 8-3-1.

    Also the refs were jerks in the 3rd. 2 of those didn’t seem like penalties and cost us 1 goal and 4 minutes.

  • Alsker

    I think that I finally figured out what’s ailing our PP……….it seems that we have forced all the PP players to sign a no shoot clause.

    Just how many time do we have see the puck being toured around the perimeter before someone finally gets a shot off?

    It’s good to see that DE system working so effectively on the PP, PK, and five on five. I think we will be fine in about 20 to 30 games by that time everyone should have figured out his system.

  • Alsker

    Poor D – below average goaltending [ cannot make the big save] and

    the Crap Refs and poor calls cost us.

    This season is done before Halloween never mind Xmas.

    What a debacle this is year after tear after year, Screw the give the young

    guys theory. There are 4-5 players on this team i keep, One is Injured

    One is his roommate , one we hose St Louis on, One is a named RNH.

    The other is a D man, not a captain and still has big potential.

    The rest – done. And our russian hot shot – sorry all you I love Yak

    folks- He will never ever be what you and i hoped. Move him now.

    Time for basketball, once again.

  • Slapshot

    After 7 years of watching this garbage you would think that Katz would clue in that the problem with this organization starts with his president K Lowe and works it’s way down,how much longer does the fan base need to put up with this before there is some accountability and changes?

  • Dan 1919

    Another game, another loss. I have been cheering the Oilers since the WHA and I gotta say that even though were only 10 games in this is the most frustrated and angriest I have ever felt about this organization. I live in Calgary and always enjoy the banter I recieve when I wear my Oiler gear but to be honest I dont wear my hat outside the house because frankly its embarrassing. Its always excuses for this team. Goaltending, too small, not experienced yada yada yada. Kevin Lowe couldnt manage a pee wee team. Lowe has got to go! Also what the f&@# happened to our PP and PK. Calgary rebuild: 1 year. Edmonton rebuild: year 7 and counting. What a joke!

  • Alsker

    Oh YEAH -Eakins ? Come here son , you have potential, but for now
    i need you to go back to the minors with Yak, keep your chin up
    and work hard. You / we really do ….not have any structure and if its not so much you, GET RID of Buchburger and Smith !! they add nothing.

    Katz ? you there ? or are you squirrelled up with all your bucks
    and hugging K-lowe ? Your team sucks and i wont go to
    Rexall pharmacy until you fix it. [ Boy i sure told him didn’t i !]

    Ticked off again ….

  • Dan 1919

    The management/ownership team will take notice once the rink stops selling out every game. And if the fans that do show up take a page out of the leafs book and wear paper bags over their heads.

    To the fans who live in EDM. Stop going to the games and the right people will start to notice.

    • Alsker

      Considering what it costs me to go to a game, no I will be there, tho granted the bag thing sounds like fun but not at 7$ a beer. Thus the problem, no matter how much we bicker/bitch kLowe and friends will turn both a blind eye and a deaf ear to the true problem. Like most crown corps until they privatize(CEO..Lowe.. has directors to answer to) nothing will change and old 6 rings will flaunt his greatness for all to see on HNIC. Yuck, do every one a favor Kevin and find a new company to destroy!!!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Oilers were awesome today. If it weren’t for a hot goaltender in Smith, the Oilers would’ve mowed down the Yotes, or any other NHL team down today. Just need one more save per game to help keep us in it. Keep missing by a pubic hair, but Damn are we skilled.

    Oh so close night after night it seems. We must lead this league in moral victories. Stay the course!

  • Alsker

    My wife asks me why I continue watching oilers games when they make me so angry. Had no answer. Think I will take up a less corrosive habit like smoking crack.

  • Dan 1919

    The accomplishments of KLowe, MacT, Bucky, Smith, Acton , and the hangers on in the scouting ranks (Sammy? ) are bring tarnished, if not forgotten, with the pathetic results so far. Playoff race is over already. Let Eakins bring in his own assistants. Get a goalie in here. Target a legitimate 1or 2 D-Man and make a hockey trade. This whole thing is sinking fast.