The Edmonton Oilers recalled Phil Larsen yesterday, and he may play today (photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved). We know he came over from Dallas in the Shawn Horcoff deal, but what else do we know?


Phil Larsen has significant NHL experience (95 games) for such a young man and he does bring some nice things with him from Oklahoma City

That puck moving ability is probably what made MacT notice him and likely one of the main reasons for recall. He’s a very nice option at this point in the year, Oilers haven’t had this kind of defensive depth in forever (I’d say last century sometime).

He is currently 7, 1-6-7 for the Barons, which ranks him 3rd in team scoring.


This shows us that he played very low (easiest available) competition but did have more severe zone starts than most of the other young blue (Dillon is a freak).

I’d suggest Larsen is a fringe type based on the current resume, in the range with Corey Potter as an NHL player. One other item: his last full season (non-lockout) was pretty darn good:

He was playing easy opps but he was in the blue bubble doing it–that’s exactly where you want your young defensemen. Good enough to play the easy opponent at sea level, and then you see if they can take on more difficult competition. It would appear as though Larsen struggled and or was passed by more capable players.


Climbing the hill to NHL regular status is a tough damn deal. Phil Larsen may get a chance to resume his NHL career tonight. His back story is encouraging–he’s played the 5-6D role before in the NHL and showed well.

Can he do it for an injury riddled Oiler club? We’re about to find out.